World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 926
Shen Xiang is loafing in the earth core hot thick liquid, seeks for that to enter the Evil Dragon Burial Ground entrance, had some progress, he clearer feeling under this mutation place. But actually at this time, shook the dragon roar shake to come, shook seethes, making the hot thick liquid the hot thick liquid burning hotter. What's the matter? dragon brat, is this your family's Imperial Dragon? This dragon roar sound was too terrorist.” Shen Xiang now is similar to the water of fierce fluctuating, is hard to stand firm. This is not normal dragon, but this truly is the voice of dragon.” Long Xueyi also thinks has doubts, starts to seek for the related material in her vast inheritance memory. What is called is not the normal dragon?” Shen Xiang asked that he place that used Divine Power to lock confirmed a moment ago. „It is not normal dragon?” Your this is equal to had not explained.” The hot thick liquid was steady, he swims away upwardly. Normal dragon is vivid, not normal does not have the flesh and blood, but has Dragon Spirit, but Dragon Spirit has not realized! Since there is Dragon Spirit, that has Dragon Body, but Dragon Body is not vivid, can be one group of energies, can be the rivers and streams, can be the mountain range......” Dragon shape is the world breeds in various beasts one of the perfect shapes, if the condition permits, will have this not normal dragon birth, these dragons do not have the life body, will not multiply, forever will not exist, after dying, from newly will return to between Heaven and Earth.” Long Xueyi detailed explanation: Likewise, divine beast of other shapes also will have, but the dragon are quite on the other hand more.” Then said that above has a such dragon? Is mineral lode Dragon Transformation?” Shen Xiang suddenly calls out in alarm, although he does not know into Celestial Emperor that Legend, but actually knows that such mineral lode is uncommon. This has the possibility very much, if that was true, then this mineral lode will be very fearful!” Although Long Xueyi is Imperial Dragon Clan, but the dragon of this shape little has appeared, in Imperial Dragon Clan many old fellow hear.

This dragon comprehend Great Dao, evolved peerless ominous on the earth, protects itself with this method, this is certainly uncommon!” Bai Youyou said: Our Bai Family established on Immortal Qi lifeline of fierce tiger shape in the past, nobody in Heavenly Devil World can break.” The Shen Xiang tour to most place above, has hit the firm stone, these stones had been quenchinged, is stiff, but does not have the refiner value. Some many tiny hole!” Shen Xiang discovers on these stones to have the holes of many hair silk sizes, spreads very broadly, these fire Qi drain from these tiny hole. It seems like this was the primary cause that crystal stones mineral lode formed, how should come up?” Shen Xiang worried, he planned chops hole to come with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but he worried that can cause the hot thick liquid to spurt from here, when the time comes will ruin that crystal stones mineral lode. Shen Xiang looked for one all day, had finally found a quite big hole, can fill a nail. It seems like can only turn into a very small ant.” After Shen Xiang since Divine Soul arrives at perfect, has not tried excessively new Transformation Technique. In Transformation Technique, must increase is very difficult, changes small is also so, he can practice Divine Power to come luckily now, therefore this he can achieve. Shen Xiang turns into a very small ant, wormed one's way into from that hole, now he knows that turns into the ant is a how not easy matter, his Divine Power drains quickly. heat wells up from small hole, forms a thrust force, his ants common body fierce impact, making him go forward in that tiny passage rapidly. earth core is very deep, Shen Xiang goes forward to the ground now, has very long distance, he goes straight up along with that thrust force on, the speed rapidness, has used three days, arrives at one fully is hot water underground tunnel, here is flooding white multi-colored sunlight Qi mist, these warm Qi mist are attached to tunnel rock wall, turns into the water drop to fall.

This underground tunnel is natural formation, two people are high, two horse-drawn vehicles parallel do not think crowded, Shen Xiang changed the human form, soaked in these warm water, he left earth core finally, moreover turned into an ant to leave, he thinks that the beforehand experience, felt the fear. These water are Spirit Qi turns into!” Shen Xiang stands in tunnel, these tepid comfortable clear water to his waist, he carefully look at tunnel both sides rock wall, discovered that above has many small hole, these white mist overflow from these small hole, turns into the warm white fog, ascends in tunnel, turns into the water drop to drop. earth core fire Qi comes up from the holes of these round of silk sizes, transformed as rich Spirit Qi! passage that these small hole come all the way, may is together spirit pattern, making fire Qi turn into Spirit Qi, then concentrates the liquid.” Shen Xiang suspects to say. Is here more certain like tunnel, following the water escape, here Spirit Qi is not very rich, but must depute, then flows in some place to crystallize.” Su Meiyao said that if these elixir are very pure, she will certainly make the Shen Xiang multi- lanes go. However makes to be also useless, these elixir will be separated from Dragon Vein, the quality will drop slowly, only if will absorb immediately, therefore crystallized well, these will be purest Spirit Qi. Moreover this Dragon Vein also in the continuous growth, later perhaps becomes stronger! Sister Meiyao, comes out to wash together.” A Shen Xiang face badly smiles. Here is unsafe, making people relieved.” The Su Meiyao's sound is charming and intoxicant: little rascal, the elder sister also wants to wash happily with you.” Shen Xiang soaks in the water, making the current of water lead him to flutter, this feeling makes him very crisp. I arrived at Evil Dragon Burial Ground finally, does not know how must be able to mine here!” Shen Xiang does not relax completely vigilantly, because before , when earth core, here spread dragon roar.

Three double-hour pass by, Shen Xiang suddenly discovered that this tunnel inside elixir does not forward straightly, but is the screw is upward. Listens, this probably is the sound of waterfall, can the end?” Shen Xiang in great surprise, hastily with Divine Power by oneself float, then follows the current of water to go forward. Quick, he arrives at the tunnel mouth, only sees these innumerable such tunnel to gush out massive white elixir, falls to one fully is in white fog deep hole, this deep hole is very big, on circular deep hole rock wall, gathers round the tunnel mouth one after another, Shen Xiang does not know altogether many circles, because here white fog is too thick, is unable to see clearly under. Is hard to imagine this is natural formations, these elixir flow here after winding tunnel, quite in flowed in some spirit pattern, has had the change in these tunnel, now falls into this deeply not to see the bottom in deep hole, making Shen Xiang think that these tunnel are the meridians of human body, this deep hole is the dantian! Cannot see crystal stones mineral lode, isn't here also?” Shen Xiang doubts. Here also has the 1st Stage distance from the ground, if the average person must dig, must dig many years to come here, Dragon Vein not necessarily in this position. Possibly here refines the elixir place, here situation was too complex.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang float in that tunnel mouth, suddenly saw golden light to dodge together, an old man appeared before him, grasped a black iron hammer, pair of old eyes golden light sparkled, on shameless full was the surprised color. Where do you from come in? Can come here entrance only, only then we, you continuously in this?” Old man voice somewhat shivers.