World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 927
Emits a strength very strong old man in this place suddenly, Shen Xiang also had a scare, this is under that Evil Dragon Burial Ground, some unexpectedly people exist, moreover more than one! I am...... Comes up from below, how Old Mister do you come here?” The reply of Shen Xiang politeness, because he sees the place not to have the hostility. Under? Didn't that arrive at earth core? Your unexpectedly comes up from below!” The old man was more surprised. Is a long story, I enter earth core from a place, can come here is also a narrow escape.” Shen Xiang has not said too clearly. I am Earth's Core Clan Patriarch, although we are Earth's Core Clan, but has not gone to Earth's Core Clan, we year to year live deeply, cannot shine the sunlight, we migrate here many years ago, passes along with the time, here turns into this slowly, moreover forms Teleportation Formation Dragon Transformation crystal stones mineral lode!” We just started to be very happy that this helps us surviving, our Earth's Core Clan is the dependence eats crystal stones, but is formidable, but after afterward Dragon Vein formed, we know that this is not the good matter, because Dragon Vein understood that protects itself!” Here, the old man long sighed: large formation that Dragon Vein make us here, here many crystal stones, we have not needed to move Dragon Vein also to be able sleepily luckily to survive, but these crystal stones were also limited to mine now, several years later, we can only drink these drink that is difficult to have.” Earth's Core Clan, unexpectedly has such a strange race, Long Xueyi does not know such race. Shen Xiang comes to here to seek for Dragon Vein, if mining, that went in vain, moreover exited not to be easy, it is estimated that must toss about many days.

„Can Old Mister, lead me to have a look at that Dragon Vein? Turned into a dragon really?” Shen Xiang said. „The place that here distance that Dragon Vein is, is also coming with me!” The old man nods to say. Shen Xiang follows in this old man, shuttles back and forth in white Qi mist, entered in a hole, this hole that white liquid flow has not come out, the old man told him, this was their Earth's Core Clan digs. Old man named Tie Li, Earth's Core Clan actually unexpectedly is also ordinary humanity, but afterward does not know that their ancestors what happened, cannot shine the sunlight, then completely hides in the cave, only then dares to come out in the evening, only then eats to include the stone of energy to maintain livelihood. Afterward crossed many years, they said are Earth's Core Clan, hid in the place bottom mining ore specially survives, only then finished eating them at the same night to migrate mineral lode. Migration time is difficult, soon at dawn, they must hide, therefore they migrate very much repugnantly, knew that here must be born Dragon Vein, they like for several days unable to fall asleep, because this sufficed them to eat is very long. They occupied long time here, how long they did not remember, in brief them for generations when waiting for the Dragon Vein formation, was one's turn their this generation, actually had such matter. Earth's Core Clan is mining expert, digs a hole anything most has excelled, day of three meals a day, each meal, so long as crystal stones suffices to maintain livelihood, strength strong must eat 12 this, their are many, unexpectedly will have about 20,000, moreover everyone will be inborn vigorously, the life will be very long, the strength will be increased quickly, will not need to practice, so long as will eat crystal stones to be able become stronger.

Shen Xiang is very difficult to imagine this is the race that becomes from the normal human evolution, Tie Li came to here to have a look to find other crystal stones. According to the description of Tie Li, they have dug out a place bottom world under that Evil Dragon Burial Ground, several cities are so big, Dragon Vein dragon head has occupied very big place, dragon head is similar to the great mountain, is top grade crystal stones congeals, they dig out dragon head, dragon body is very long is very long, moreover they guessed that this Dragon Vein circles on heavenly pillar that in crystal stones turns into. But in Dragon Vein nearby lime soil, is crystal stones of some dependents, Earth's Core Clan has not planned going to Dragon Vein, but digs takes Dragon Vein nearby lime soil, they believe that has dug, certainly can make the entire dragon reveal, moreover later also meets condense leaves many to include the stone of pure energy. However now they cannot step into that dragon head surrounding area 50 li (0.5km) place again, dragon head produce strange strength, forms protective shield to protect all around crystal stones, but here only then nearby that Dragon Vein has crystal stones, Earth's Core Clan can only maintain with reserve some crystal stones now, they are unable to dig out passage to leave here, because above has terrifying strength. If not try to find the solution, their these 20,000 people will starve to death, therefore Tie Li very much worries now, Earth's Core Clan unites luckily very much, each Earth's Core Clan person will be very temperate, comes across such matter their not civil strife, will work with concerted efforts to dig passage in all directions, afterward dug out passage to elixir source, that deep hole that also a moment ago Shen Xiang saw. Shen Xiang goes to the place that dragon head is at with Tie Li, there quite in the underground large-scale city, in the middle is holding up the head crystal stones dragon head, seems carves with great mountain crystal, above dragon scales and wool must be exquisite! Stands under dragon head, is similar to ants, was shocked by that broad imposing manner, is very difficult to imagine this Dragon Vein in a big way. This is crystal stones Dragon Vein that forms naturally, dragon head is twining a huge crystal stones pillar, therefore this Dragon Vein not only has the part of Dragon Transformation, that big pillar.

Dragon Vein cannot move, we cannot move, therefore we only plan to mine Dragon Vein surrounding these crystal stones, but actually received very big boost now.” Tie Li sighed: In this dragon head surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) everywhere is crystal stones, but cannot move together, otherwise this dragon will get angry, yelled!” Surrounding area hundred li (0.5km)! Moreover can dig downward is very deep, this is really super big mineral lode! According to our Earth's Core Clan several old Senior deductions, mineral lode Dragon Transformation, becomes the mineral lode ruler, this is its domain, moreover Dragon Vein must continue adolescence now, therefore protects itself, so long as approaches dragon head, will be shot to come out.” Tie Li said: Only if...... Can enter from dragon mouth inside investigates, has a look to have any means and Dragon Spirit communication, making him stretch the rules.” In this dragon hollow?” Shen Xiang asked that if were such, perhaps then in the dragon body will have a fiercer thing. Yes, but is very difficult, only if has Emperor Crystal!” The Tie Li words make Shen Xiang be wild with joy, he has Emperor Crystal, before he was quite pessimistic, is worried about came in vain, but hopes that now the fire has burnt in his heart. Person who has Emperor Crystal, obtains the approval of Emperor Crystal, but in Dragon Vein definitely also bulk Emperor Crystal, will therefore not be repelled by Dragon Vein.” Tie Li said.