World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 928
This deeply following small world is illuminated by huge dragon head that Spirit Qi crystallizes well-illuminated, Shen Xiang sees the front your on the flat lands to appear has the house that many stone builds become, that should be the Earth's Core Clan village. In Shen Xiang has Emperor Crystal, but he fully had not known about Earth's Core Clan now, therefore he decided to have a look at the Earth's Core Clan strength to say first again. Old Mister, if takes Emperor Crystal to enter Dragon Vein from dragon mouth, what matter will come across?” Shen Xiang wants to ascertain, because he must result in enters in that Dragon Vein. Concrete inquired our Earth's Core Clan inside old man.” Tie Li said that this Earth's Core Clan is hospitable, although they now really need crystal stones, but does not have start to talk to want crystal stones to Shen Xiang. Tie Li knows that Shen Xiang can go to this place depending on oneself, definitely is the strength good person, just started his security heart is very high, but afterward he saw Shen Xiang to that Dragon Vein. Multi- youngster comes, Tie Li they were waiting for that external expert obtains Dragon Vein, such came their Earth's Core Clan to extricate, therefore Shen Xiang turned into the hope of their Earth's Core Clan now. Has the bystander to come here, this to Earth's Core Clan is the matter that causes a stir in very much, Shen Xiang enters that village the time, is looked with the curious look by many people, the Earth's Core Clan people are very polite, after seeing Shen Xiang, is with smile on the face. Clothes that here person exposes, is black clothes, named the silk of black crystal silkworm to make with one name, Shen Xiang saw a Earth's Core Clan person of small part, discovered that these people were quite simple and honorable, regardless of everybody, were very strong, making people think that their whole body has filled strength. Earth's Core Clan for many years, did not dye common custom secluded from the world, does not have too many schemes and tricks and battles in this inside, this makes in the Shen Xiang heart sigh with emotion. Shen Xiang was led into a stone building by Tie Li, after entering this stone building, Shen Xiang sees three body skinny old man, on their faces is the overlapping wrinkles, they sit cross-legged serenely in the ground. When Shen Xiang walks, they open the eye suddenly, was being stared by these six eyes, Shen Xiang felt that he was being covered by a very strong pressure.

These three old man seemed the oil completely lamp was soon dry, but actually erupted the powerful aura at this time, making Shen Xiang think that these three old man were three vitality exuberant beast of prey, Finally had the bystander to come.” old man start to talk said that although sound is low and deep, but actually passes one to make the will of the people tremble strength. In Shen Xiang heart imposing, at present these three old man were old is unable to speak, that old man can make noise to carry on the shake a moment ago to send in within the body vigorous strength completely. Younger generation Shen Xiang, has seen three Senior.” Shen Xiang gave a salute, at present these three old man are the living fossils, does not know how long to live, the strength is also powerful, making Shen Xiang very ugly thoroughly. Has the matter to ask that if can rescue Earth's Core Clan, we follow surely!” old man does not have start to talk, but the body is shivering slightly, the sound is he uses strength to shake to send. Follows?” The Shen Xiang doubts said that before he has thought after controlling Dragon Vein, can with the Earth's Core Clan cooperation, making Earth's Core Clan help him mine crystal stones, then gives them a safe living environment, meanwhile has massive food. „The Emperor Heaven rebirth, obtains the person of Dragon Vein, from now on may become Great Emperor, our Earth's Core Clan had followed Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, was therefore cursed.” old man said. Shen Xiang stares greatly the eye, long took a deep breath: This...... I really have Emperor Crystal, but I do not know how must do!” Hears Emperor Crystal, Tie Li is excited immediately, that three old man look also seems suddenly burns the flame to be the same. Emperor Crystal will direct you to go forward, can subdue Dragon Vein, look at you!” old man said.

Subdues Dragon Vein, later can become Great Emperor?” Shen Xiang asked that because that old man said a moment ago affirmed. This is natural, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens obtained Dragon Vein, at that time was our Earth's Core Clan is responsible for mining, afterward the day changed, in the past followed Great Emperor various clans to be cursed, henceforth we truly became Earth's Core Clan.” That old man said. You do not want to become Great Emperor are also impossible, you obtain Dragon Vein, will encounter the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths audiences strong influence to encircle surely, if Dragon Vein continues adolescence, crystal stones Immortal Crystal, perhaps then meets the history to repeat.” Did not say that obtained this Dragon Vein, Shen Xiang has become enemies with the ancient big influence before, but these ancient big influences were the past years betray Great Emperor of Ten Heavens these. I try now, Patriarch Tie, but also please guide.” Shen Xiang nodded, although distance three territories discussed have the time, but he wants to prepare more sufficient. Tie Li is very respectful to Shen Xiang at this time, Emperor Crystal this thing is very difficult to subdue, did not say that who obtains is whose, but must look that Emperor Crystal does recognize you, Emperor Crystal regardless in Heaven World or Mortal World, is Legend, little person has seen. Emperor Crystal besides can seek for mineral lode, unexpectedly also has to obtain the function of Dragon Vein approval, before this is Shen Xiang them, has not thought. Tie Li brings Shen Xiang to walk on Great Dao of village, many people see Tie Li to bring Shen Xiang to walk toward dragon head, puts down the work in hand, arrives on the avenue, in the mouth was reading some ancient language, does not know that they were saying anything. Quick, the Earth's Core Clan more than 20,000 people of people stand when the main road, sets out to read some ancient language, these ancient language make Shen Xiang think and displays the Heavenly Dragon Seal incantation be somewhat same. Ten thousand people were reading ancient language with one voice, although could not understand, but had the imposing manner, they have not gone all out to cry out, but was reading gently, actually appeared fills strength, making the person one's blood bubbles up to the brim.

Patriarch Tie, what were they reading?” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice. They are seeing off to you, this is a battle song, in the clan has the brave warrior goes to battle, the clansman can like this.” Tie Li said. Has been far away from the village, more and more close that huge dragon head, is similar to a great mountain stands erect there, Dragon Shou is spirited, that threatening imposing manner, making the person have trembling from soul. „......” Tie Li suddenly shouted, the whole person shaking flies by formidable strength. But Shen Xiang does not have the matter, but he can actually feel that here has fierce invisible barrier. Seeing Shen Xiang can surmount that barrier, Tie Li, although falls falls on the ground, but actually the whole face rouses, because he knows that Earth's Core Clan could be saved! All looked your!” Tie Li heavily said. Shen Xiang nodded, treadons Earth Shrinking Step, 2-3 enter in the light fog that dragon head releases. If can control this Dragon Vein, then I must construct Subduing Dragon Sect on this.” Shen Xiang stands under dragon head, fierce leaps, jumps that was opening in dragon mouth, stands in a gigantic tooth.