World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 929
The dragon that this crystal stones turns into, is winding around a giant pillar, therefore dragon body inside passage circles straight under. Shen Xiang guessed, the place that he must go, should in the position of dragon heart. Although dragon mouth is huge, but Shen Xiang after a dragon mouth ray of light curtain, passage that sees is small. Quite on ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) great mountain small cave such. This passage contrasts dragon head to be too small, but was very big regarding the person, Shen Xiang thought that can suffice an elephant to pass. This place forms really naturally? Always thinks man-made.” Shen Xiang walks around that is on crystal stones passage, unbelievable. Although around here is crystal stones, but he is actually not able to absorb inside strength. Definitely is the natural formation, who can make this place? Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is not good! Perhaps later these crystal stones also will evolve, turns into Immortal Crystal or Immortal Jade, when the time comes will be fiercer.” Long Xueyi praised: No wonder Great Emperor of Ten Heavens this lion can have such big ability, actually his luck continuously good! Since a lion can become Great Emperor, I.” Always felt that the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens death, had been persecuted by more formidable strength, perhaps the White Tiger reincarnation rebirth also died in that mysterious time! That strength is very formidable, can cancel a big section including the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths history, what is this hiding?” Shen Xiang is thinking. Is very easy, so long as you become new Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, perhaps these fellows looked for you, when the time comes you can know why this was! However you do not need to worry that the fate will be the same with that lion, because there is my this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, I can with you hand in hand, kill that group of bastards completely.” Long Xueyi said while loudly laughing. I consider as finished, have your this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, where do I dare to proclaim oneself emperor?” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say with a smile. After this passage went forward carefully more than double-hour, Shen Xiang determined other here not things, then bold is stepping Earth Shrinking Step, fast advance. At this time he in the gigantic dragon body, had estimated according to Long Xueyi's that quick must go to the position that the dragon heart is.

Although this dragon is crystal stones turns into, but constructs and living dragon looks like very much, will send out that type dragon roar sound that shocks the star moon/month. Front suddenly has a very big space, Dragon Pearl of this dragon is Emperor Crystal turns into?” After Long Xueyi displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, investigates result. Did not have danger(ous) that's alright.” Shen Xiang most was worried that emits a fierce fellow in inside suddenly. Before Shen Xiang arrived at Long Xueyi, investigates the big that place, this is a very spacious place, is similar to huge mountain side, can accommodate 1 million people. In middle sky, float a grain snow white such as the bead of jade, this bead contrasts this huge incomparable Dragon Vein is not very big, a person can hug. Sees this bead, Shen Xiang to determine that is Emperor Crystal, but before him that obtains is much bigger, moreover is in adolescence. „After this Emperor Crystal, adolescence gets up, will occupy this place?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, when the time comes that Emperor Crystal can definitely have the mountain to be huge, thinks to think the terror. Puts out your Emperor Crystal quickly, will have a look to have anything to change.” Long Xueyi was urging, what advantage she wants to have a look to take this Dragon Vein very much to have. Shen Xiang puts out him to obtain that scrap Emperor Crystal, just put out in the hand, float in the air that Dragon Pearl projects a white light, is shining him. After he that white light shines, the body by gentle strength is picked up, makes his slow toward that Dragon Pearl float in the past. Meanwhile, Emperor Crystal in his hand also projects together light glow, photographs that Dragon Pearl, probably is establishing the relation. Emperor Crystal suddenly in Shen Xiang hand works loose, flies to that Dragon Pearl, integrates in Dragon Pearl, sees only Dragon Pearl that can a person hold, suddenly becomes they are high! This grain of Dragon Pearl really can evolve!

In that instantaneous, the Evil Dragon Burial Ground deep place that Dragon Pearl increases slightly sways, transmits along with it then together dragon roar, roars the mountains and rivers! Well?” After Long Xueyi hears this dragon roar, said: Probably is having a life aura!” Shen Xiang is surprised: My Emperor Crystal...... was swallowed, but fortunately, my this Dragon Pearl has established the practice, was only a pity after Dragon Pearl , can only stay here!” Lost Emperor Crystal, but can actually control this super mineral lode, Shen Xiang thinks very cost-effective, moreover , when his strength arrives at certain altitude, can take this grain of Dragon Pearl! „After Emperor Crystal, can concentrate is Dragon Pearl, making ordinary mineral lode turn into Dragon Vein?” Long Xueyi said: Your Emperor Crystal on a trivial point, but makes this Dragon Pearl increase several times!” No matter first this, made me work loose these light glow to say first again!” Shen Xiang is locked by light glow that Dragon Pearl shone now, keeping him from moving. Shen Xiang can induce to oneself now and Dragon Pearl relation, but actually did not control. suddenly, Dragon Pearl releases strength, has attracted him, this makes Shen Xiang have a big shock, but he is actually incapable of revolting, he is similar to front of that strength the insects is common. „Is this must do? Wanted my devour?” Shen Xiang startles greatly, at this time his half body integrated in that Dragon Pearl. Then, his entire body enters in Dragon Pearl, what making him compare to feel relieved, he also calculates in this Dragon Pearl quite comfortably, but the body cannot be independent, various gentle strength enter in his body, like is establishing the contract with him. This is in owner recognition, should not be flustered.” Long Xueyi said pleasantly surprised: „After perhaps you, can control this Evil Dragon Burial Ground! Strong formation that Evil Dragon Burial Ground many naturally forms, should better in this Subduing Dragon Sect reward.” Evil Dragon Burial Ground is very big, is equal to small continent's half, established sect to be enough.

The Shen Xiang's body was seeped into the body by strange strength, making him feel that the comfortable incomparable person, has probably cool wind to blow in burning hot summer suddenly. ------ Duan Kong, Duan Sanchang, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan, these four people when heard in the past few days the first dragon roar sound, has not planned to leave. Duan Kong and Yao Shumei separately put out to subpoena magic treasure, does not hesitate to consume massive True Qi, stimulates to movement magic treasure, passes on the news. Yao Shumei is makes Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's expert dare to come, because Evil Dragon Burial Ground presents the change, that dragon roar such Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, definitely will pass to Pill City, the person who when the time comes comes will be many. If Evil Dragon Burial Ground Dragon Vein appears, when the time comes definitely is one competes, even if can not arrive at Dragon Vein, can take massive crystal stones, she as Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Dean, the nature seeks the interests for Peach Blossom Sacred Realm. But Duan Kong does not hesitate all, preventing these rebels to obtain Dragon Vein, because this is new Celestial Emperor has the thing that the qualifications obtain, cannot make these rebels tarnish. After first dragon roar spreads, passed for many days, finally also had the sound, but at this time these mountain tops of Evil Dragon Burial Ground distant place have stood the person, most was these ancient influence!