World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 930
The Duan Family person is few, only then ten, but on the scene does not have any influence to dare to move Duan Family, only then Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Yao Shumei as well as Mu Jialan dare to approach, they are not the enemy are not the friends, talked several. Duan Kong wants to go to ruin Pill City that batch of ancient Teleportation Formation, because came these many people now, moreover many influences were the past rebels, their Duan Family was loyal and devoted to Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in the past, afterward was cursed by strength mystically, causing their Duan Family person to be on the wane, year to year by seal. Now be only they ten come individual, is hard to stop this group of people to rob Dragon Vein! Damn, the Devil Territory fellow came, isn't that Mo Clan? Ancient Desolate Devil Sect!” Duan Sanchang avoids the line of sight of Ancient Desolate Devil Sect that group of people, hides in a robust man behind, because many people know that now the grave of child of Devil God is his dig out. The major influences here, respectively have the thoughts, they are waiting for the Evil Dragon Burial Ground black fog has lifted to go, they think that these dragon roar sounds possibly are the signals that Dragon Vein is born. Although the goal is the same, but these facial expression solemn Big Shot, are planning the opposite party now, wishes one could to choke to death other people of influence completely, quite makes them have sole possession of Dragon Vein. A light delicate fragrance raids with light breeze, is swaying each mountain top, this type intoxicant fragrant will make people feel happy, can make this tension-filled atmosphere relax now. However, after many old fellow smell this fragrance, changes countenance all, making Evil Dragon Burial Ground outside atmosphere cloudier. „The Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit came!” Duan Sanchang scolded lowly: This crowd of spirits usually bet very low-key, has not thought that must rob Dragon Vein.” Mu Jialan indifferently said: What's wrong? Are you frivolous the Bewitching Sound Paradise's person to be inadequate?” Duan Sanchang curls the lip saying: All over the world, perhaps only then Shen Xiang this fellow dares to sexually harass that crowd of spirits, if I have to be frivolous really they, I the ash does not remain now.”

Bewitching Sound Paradise, is a Demon Territory big ancient influence, inside member is the beautiful seductive spirits, overall is powerful, also evilly, ancient influence of Human, Devil and Demon three territories keep at a respectful distance to this seductively attractive girl group, who annoys them, who lives is about three days, even if the spoken language has the frivolous meaning, light was abandoned, heavy lives to might as well die. Demon Territory in the winter the person are many, is one crowd of stature tall, the tender body is graceful, female who the appearance bewitches charmingly, they wear various types of color different women's clothing, although obstructs very solid the body, but actually does not lose the aesthetic sense, the air/Qi of that spirit rhyme, is very difficult to believe that they are the monsters. Although this lets the influence that the person is panic at the news, but many people on the scene are some men, at this time cannot bear has a liking for several. This crowd of spirits arrive, making each influence enhance vigilance, Bewitching Sound Paradise most lets the place that the person fears, is their toxins, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and Bewitching Sound Paradise's one generation of Demon Empress fought, because was poisoned, was almost defeated. Now in each individual heart uneasy, because they smelled an intoxicant fragrance a moment ago, was worried that is acute poison! Everybody please return, this Dragon Vein was our Bewitching Sound Paradise's, you do not want to suffer the physical suffering, on fast departed.” Wears the purple skirt, has a beautiful face, the appearance delicate beautiful female smiled faintly wear a look, said gently. This seems like 20 over outstandingly beautiful beautiful women, unexpectedly is Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress, how strength nobody knows, moreover she gets down from Heaven Demon World. Major influence these expert that gets down from Heaven World have many to return to Heaven World, if other spaces had reinforced, when the time comes is hard to return. Grand-uncle, how can Dragon Vein fall into the hand of this woman?” Duan Sanchang said. Relax, is impossible, Dragon Vein is not easy to rob.” Duan Kong is self-poise at this time, looks at that Demon Empress.

Many people hear Demon Empress to make them depart, in the heart is not feeling well. I thought do not meddle, this that got down from Heaven World was the new emperor day matter.” What speech is White Sea Sacred Realm old man, should be a strength very strong elder. Your Bewitching Sound Paradise poison art unparalleled, but you did not have always to be besieged by dozens ancient influence probably.” The Qin Family person said. Also there are does not fear the Bewitching Sound Paradise's person, at present such big Dragon Vein, cannot make the Bewitching Sound Paradise spirit have sole possession. Duan Kong said with a smile: I said that you said that many bullshits did do, have the type to go to occupy oneself that now, this Evil Dragon Burial Ground was big , everyone place can dig out many crystal stones to come.” Duan Family, has not thought that you for many years were still loyal and devoted, was only a pity that your Great Emperor of Ten Heavens forever did not come back, is your this must strive for Dragon Vein for later Great Emperor of Ten Heavens?” old man said that also does not know that is which influence. This does not use but actually, person who if has emperor destiny, this Dragon Vein certainly is his, moreover he can certainly monopolize, your this group of rebels this time did not have the opportunity to use new Celestial Emperor to expand itself again.” Duan Kong sneers. Demon Empress looks the black big dragon that has not diverged, both eyes project two purple light, penetrates, sees only her complexion suddenly becomes pallid, the corners of the mouth also overflow the blood thread. We walk!” Demon Empress said gently. People in great surprise, this powerful Demon Empress, unexpectedly such injured, but in people heart actually to rejoice in other people's misfortune, because that Black Dragon has not diverged, rashly attacks, that is asks for trouble.

Yo, isn't this Demon Empress? We just came you to walk, what's all this about?” A tall and strong guy said with a smile, the sound like the thunder, in a big way frightened the people one to jump. This tall and strong guy whole face is beard, the whole body is the wool, but seems very strong, moreover in him that group of big fellows, each is after death scary, big overwhelming power, swollen with arrogance, in the hand also takes the sharp knife blade that cold light is sparkling. unexpectedly is this black bear!” Duan Kong coldly snorted and said: One of Demon Territory ancient Demon Clan, Black Fiend Mountain.” That Dragon Vein misses with our Bewitching Sound Paradise, therefore we have to go back.” Demon Empress smiles, her jade face does not have blood-colored, but actually does not lose beautifully. At this time, dragon roar began, the people were all startled, huge Black Dragon that because that black Qi turned into a moment ago moved! Looks above quickly!” The people look up to the upper air, sees only the Evil Dragon Burial Ground center to project white light glow, is similar to a white line in the deep blue sky. But the eyesight good person, can see to have a sunspot really in that white light, that is a person! Some unexpectedly people came out from Evil Dragon Burial Ground, the people have a big shock, but who nobody can see clearly the person who flies to shoot is, because that person whole body was being wrapped by one group of golden mist, in the air dances in the air to struggle. This ejection from Evil Dragon Burial Ground to person Shen Xiang of upper air!