World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 931
Shen Xiang has fallen asleep in that Dragon Pearl, bewilderedly and that Dragon Pearl perfect fusion, when he wakes up, only discovered one appear in Longzui, moreover dragon head also moved, to sky. When he realized when not the good matter must occur, strength from that Dragon Vein with welling up, passes through the earth, forms white light beam, Shen Xiang by that strength to flying airborne. „Did his mother, how come these many people?” Shen Xiang arrives in the upper air, sees distant place is the dense and numerous people, cannot help but scolded, he wants to occupy low-key seizes Dragon Vein, but is actually surrounded by these many people now. First got down to say again!” Shen Xiang following attaining the white light beam drops slowly, enters from one zhang (3.33 m) wide hole deeply, stands in dragon head that two huge dragon horn. dragon head has squared at this time, Shen Xiang stands in dragon horn still thought that two dragon horn are two shape strange great mountains, he leaps gently, runs Tie Li that to graze toward distant place that. Dragon Vein was born truly, that was Dragon Vein informed the signal of world a moment ago!” Tie Li is very excited, Shen Xiang is their obligation people, now they can dig at will take the crystal stones ore. The Shen Xiang nod said: „This following strength of prohibiting has relieved, but above must remain, otherwise some quick people will come.” Said that above you can control that fiercer barrier?” Tie Li asked. Now can only cause a road reluctantly, that Evil Dragon barrier center is spatial, if you stayed below greasily, can come up to ventilate at any time, if you want to migrate, after outside waiting for that group of people to walk, moved again.” Tie Li shakes the head saying: We do not migrate, you can obtain the approval of Dragon Vein, has saved us, after our Earth's Core Clan, only works for with you!” Here has massive crystal stones, enough Earth's Core Clan ate here many years, they migrated very danger(ous) each time, all the way casualty many clansmen, here was their places of yearning.

Shen Xiang sighed, said: Good, I also really need your help now, later we are the friends, mutual help!” Tie Li nods with a smile: Now we establish Teleportation Formation to ground, making the clansman have a look to above.” Shen Xiang said: Patriarch Tie, can you help me construct some houses above.” Does not have the issue, this gives us, we most are an expert these matters! Our Earth's Core Clan wants crystal stones to be used to eat, crystal stones that we mine will give you, we take part that we need.” Tie Li said. Although is the oral agreement, but Shen Xiang actually trusts them. Now what makes Shen Xiang depressed is, this Evil Dragon Burial Ground stared by one group of people. I exited first, may come after a period of time again.” Shen Xiang from was held the putting on hole to fly a moment ago by the energy. After arriving at the ground, Shen Xiang knows that Dragon Vein buries deeply, he stands in Evil Dragon Burial Ground that big piece open area, here enough establishes a city, looked from outside and upper air that here is circled by a Black Dragon body, but the sunlight can actually shine, can see the deep blue sky. All around has black Qi to surround, Shen Xiang closes the eye, and underground that Dragon Vein has the induction by oneself, then controls the black fog mask sunlight, because Earth's Core Clan fears the sunlight, when the time comes they can only the evening come out to construct the house. Shen Xiang is treading Earth Shrinking Step, crashes in these black fog, he is opens access here, if other people, so long as will move the black fog city to be shot to come back, if will move from outside, undying also severe wound.

Came these many people also good, I make them know that now this place was occupied by Subduing Dragon Sect!” In the Shen Xiang heart is calculating, he and other must let defend outside these people knows that Subduing Dragon Sect's exists. Even if when the time comes he top the Subduing Dragon Sect's given name to participate in three territories to discuss does not need to fear that has White Tiger this true Slaughter God accompaniment, even if the powerful dragon will come to be destroyed completely, he was also expecting when the time comes some people to White Tiger fight, when the time comes he can see a play. Demon Empress that must leave does not walk, she does not dare again to have the idea of Dragon Vein now, that almost wanted her life a moment ago. Some people appear in Evil Dragon Burial Ground, Big Shot of many big influences do not have the good complexion, what they are worried is the new Great Emperor of Ten Heavens birth. Who is this fellow? unexpectedly obtained Dragon Vein. Shen Xiang is a pity really! Blames White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family, chases down him to ten Heavenly Saint mountains, now is missing.” Duan Sanchang was whispering low voice. „Don't some people figure out him also to live with secret method? Can go on living in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, this makes these rebels be worried.” Duan Kong said with a smile. Ten Heavenly Saint mountains are the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens graves, this is many people thinks that if Shen Xiang can obtain the true inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in inside, then with obtaining Dragon Vein is the same. These hear Duan Kong these words old fellow, looks angrily, wished one could extinguishing Duan Family these people. Shen Xiang was infiltrated ten Heavenly Saint mountains, this truly is not the good matter, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that he grasps threatens to us very in a big way, hoping him not to slaughter innocents to such that Extreme Martial Sect will say.” Demon Empress indifferently said, so long as is Demon and Devil, nobody does not fear that cutting monster slaughter demon Divine Blade. Demon Empress may feel relieved greatly that I and Shen Xiang have contacted, he is not an evil person, but is the evil person provokes the matter that he letting he will make looks like does all kinds of evil. Moreover some fellows are attentive, discredits the Shen Xiang's image intentionally, justifiablily kills him well.” Duan Kong sneered looked at that crowd of old man.

In any event, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade cannot fall into his hand!” Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Dean, Jiang Tianlu said with clenched jaws. This fellow lucky transcend, but to look for Shen Xiang revenges, the choice remains. This matter three territories discussed said again.” Mo Clan Patriarch said. Snort, did three territories discuss? Participates in majority is to the Shen Xiang disadvantageous influence, in brief I warned that these have not provoked the Shen Xiang's influence temporarily, be not towed to launch, by this little rascal retaliation is out you are not does not know that Ancient Desolate Devil Sect and Blood Wolf Demon Clan are very good examples.” Duan Kong sneers. Blood Wolf Demon Clan is most miserable, entire clan bloodlines purest complete dying , because chases down Shen Xiang, astrays ten Heavenly Saint mountains to be killed. Shen Xiang can hear outside talk in, said again the voice of these great people are very loud, looking forward makes the world people hear to be the same. This Demon Empress what background? Has been injured probably evidently, young beautiful woman appearance is strange, wants to love her really well.” Shen Xiang by the black fog, pair of shifty eyes is taking a fast look around the Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit, he stands in the Evil Dragon Burial Ground edge now. Your good brothers not in that side? With your Divine Power asks that he knew.” Long Xueyi said.