World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 932
Duan Sanchang listened to these big shots to be full of the dialog of murderous aura, the suddenly sound resounds in his mind together, making him fall one to stagger. Chang Zi, that Demon Empress what background? Helps me ask that she is willing to lead her behind that crowd of spirits to make my female slave?” Shen Xiang also really asked. Let Demon Empress and Bewitching Sound Paradise strength strongest spirit makes his female slave? Duan Sanchang was scared, he worried really Shen Xiang's sound transmission is known by Demon Empress a moment ago. Similarly also somewhat anticipated response that Demon Empress hears. Really attractive, wants the buttocks to have the buttocks, wants the chest to have the chest, wants the cheek to have the cheek, moreover one group of young beautiful women accompany, how does she look like like injury?” Shen Xiang also said. The Duan Sanchang deep breath the moment, can be calm. Bastard, that is Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress, gets down from Heaven World, let alone is Heaven World's Demon Empress, Demon Territory small Demon Empress was terrorist.” Duan Sanchang responded hastily. Shen Xiang thinks otherwise, happily said with a smile: What does this have? Helps me ask her, names?” Duan Sanchang snort|hum said: Must ask you to ask that presents nobody to dare to sexually harass this Demon Empress, my life you so are not tenacious, I am very vulnerable.” Was right, how your hasn't brat died?” „Am I likely that type casual died the person?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. „Did your call casually? Enters in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, Feng Family Son of Heaven and Blood Wolf Demon Clan expert is annihilated.” Duan Sanchang said ill-humoredly. That Feng Family big Son of Heaven died getting what one deserves, chases down my fellow not to have the good end.” Duan Sanchang suddenly looked at all around, following Shen Xiang in that Dao God strength that his mind leaves behind, responded with Divine Sense: You where? How I cannot see you!”

I in Evil Dragon Burial Ground, your if wanted come to stroll!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. What? In Evil Dragon Burial Ground, actually that was shot thing a moment ago is you!” Duan Sanchang in great surprise, before he still in regretting Shen Xiang has not obtained Dragon Vein, but now Shen Xiang in Evil Dragon Burial Ground, moreover is safe and sound, it seems like Dragon Vein has succeeded in obtaining. What is thing that shoots is I? Let alone that coarse, father, but future Great Emperor of Ten Heavens.” Shen Xiang smelly fart said that he discovered and Long Xueyi stays for a long time, the brain occasionally also met the convulsion, this was infected. But your point does not have the emperor.” Although Duan Sanchang said like this, but in heart was very happy, if after Shen Xiang, is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, perhaps then he can mix a senior general anything. Shen Xiang said: Rubbish with you, I must come, ha-ha they.” Duan Sanchang also wants to know how Shen Xiang enters Evil Dragon Burial Ground, but Shen Xiang appeared, but not by his original appearance, but turns into the White Tiger appearance. Shen Xiang planned that installs the person of high skill with the White Tiger appearance, if by White Tiger is known Shen Xiang comes out swindle and bluff with his appearance, does not know that what mood will have. Some people came out, a person goes all out shouted, does not need him to call, many people already saw. Everybody, does not know that you do come to my Subduing Dragon Sect's domain to do?” Shen Xiang said that the sound and appearance that he uses now are White Tiger. Subduing Dragon Sect? Here is the Subduing Dragon Sect's domain, then said that Dragon Vein is Subduing Dragon Sect's? But this Subduing Dragon Sect nobody has listened from the start, a fame does not have, is not ancient influence. Why to obtain entire Dragon Vein, this makes in many ancient influence hearts not be feeling well very much, wishes one could to come up this person to pat immediately. Hears the Subduing Dragon Sect three characters, the people you looked that my I think you, shakes the head. I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder, Dean have the matter to go out, he said Chenwu Mainland's Netherworld Abyss.” Shen Xiang said that Netherworld Abyss below has Ancient Fire Beast, Shen Xiang thought these ancient influence should know, perhaps old acquaintance.

You have any matter, waited for Dean to come back to say again!” Long Xueyi low snort|hum said: Great Elder is my, that big white cat can only be a young elder at most.” Shen Xiang to Duan Sanchang sound transmission, making Duan Sanchang coordinate him to act in a play. Acts in a play he not to have any pressure in the face of young one generation, but now in front of many old antique, but he was ready for any sacrifice. Senior, what can you know your Dean to go to Netherworld Abyss to make? But there the place of big ghost, I a few years ago passed by there, discovered that there resembles the grave, but does not dare to get down......” Duan Sanchang saying: Who I am curious that am the grave, unexpectedly make expensive send Dean to go!” Although this Subduing Dragon Sect nobody has listened, but very fierce that's it, unexpectedly can enter this Evil Dragon Burial Ground, that Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress investigated with Divine Sense a moment ago, was almost killed. Told you also to might as well, because of except for our Dean, nobody can go to Netherworld Abyss under.” Shen Xiang smiled: There really has a grave, perhaps you should know that Netherworld Abyss not far away had presented Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm!” The people were attracted by the Shen Xiang's words, initially Shen Xiang obtained Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Mysterious Realm, many people know that the Four Beast's Divine Weapons matter, has not appeared except for Vermilion Bird Mysterious Realm, other three Mysterious Realm appeared, but Shen Xiang has the participation. However until now, the people only see Shen Xiang to use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Black Tortoise Divine Weapon and White Tiger Divine Weapon have not appeared. White Tiger Divine Weapon nobody knew that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor will usually not leave the body, naturally some people do not know, moreover many people only know that Azure Dragon Divine Weapon is a blade, what nobody other three Divine Weapon are knows. Duan Sanchang holds breath cold air: In Netherworld Abyss to have Black Tortoise Divine Weapon? No wonder after initially Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm opened, Black Tortoise Divine Weapon has not been born!” These words were Shen Xiang teach Duan Sanchang saying that now Duan Sanchang is almost deceived.

Although did not confirm what now Shen Xiang said is really false, but presented many people to have the suspicion, some people had decided that after waiting for here matter solution, went to that Netherworld Abyss to have a look. Everybody, if nothing, please return.” Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to the people. Goes back? This is possible, this is Dragon Vein, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was because obtained this kind of Dragon Vein Xiong to dominate Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, now who doesn't want to occupy seizes this Dragon Vein? But this Dragon Vein had the master, is very evidently competent, the people walks now is not, does not walk is not. This Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, does not know whether we can understand the Evil Dragon Burial Ground inside scenery, we regarding this are really curious.” Feng Family old man said with a smile. Naturally does not have the issue!” This saying makes the people heart one happy, but Shen Xiang also said afterward: If everybody can resist these evil fog, that comes along with me!” In the people heart criticizes, if they are capable of going, already killed. Sees Shen Xiang to turn around to walk into the black fog, the people are greatly anxious, person of hastily yelled: Halts!”