World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 933
Shen Xiang has not halted, walks into the black fog quickly, but he actually spreads the sound: Everybody, please come along with me.” Who goes in him, who is courts death. „Does inside have Dragon Vein?” This is the Demon Empress sound, seeing Demon Empress to speak, the people are secretly happy, because they think that Demon Empress can perhaps have the means to take this Subduing Dragon Sect. Right, do you want inadequately? This is our Subduing Dragon Sect discovery, and we establish the entrance in inside, started to mine crystal stones.” Shen Xiang does not come out in the black fog, although he turns into the White Tiger appearance, but he has the White Tiger strength, he worried that was plotted by these cruel expert. „Since this type of thing, has been first come , first served, this custom thinks as we all know! I think that everybody should come for Dragon Vein, Dragon Vein had main, everybody please return.” The Shen Xiang's sound spreads. Snort, this is the nature breeds, is the nature gracious gift to all people, usually what your can Subduing Dragon Sect occupy seizes?” The person of speech is a Feng Family elder. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Depends on us to have the strength to resist these evil thing, you have the skill also to come to mine! However according to your words, our Subduing Dragon Sect can also go to your mineral lode to mine crystal stones another day?” Our Bewitching Sound Paradise does not have the meaning of robbing, we want with expensive to send Dean to chat, does not know how expensive sends Dean to call? I will go to Netherworld Abyss to seek his.” Demon Empress said. Right, our Flying Immortal Sect wants to become friends with the expensive faction, many friend many strength, we hope him to be able when three territories discussed can appear.” Flying Immortal Sect's Dean said. Shen Xiang smiled: Weather was late, everybody please return.” He spoke these words, again has not spoken with these people.

A old man proposition makes Demon Empress poison, kills by poison inside Subduing Dragon Sect's person completely, but Demon Empress has rejected, this Subduing Dragon Sect is very mystical, when has not clarified the concrete strength, the snake she will not be silly under such violent treachery, moreover she does not want to capture the Dragon Vein thought now, because she knows that this Evil Dragon Burial Ground is fierce, she emits her Divine Sense, was seriously injured. Can control this Evil Dragon Burial Ground person, perhaps can also make Evil Dragon Burial Ground release formidable strength to come. Who this Subduing Dragon Sect's is Dean? If this Dragon Vein were said by an evil person, this is a catastrophe.” old man said. After Duan Kong hears, sneers: Was obtained Dragon Vein by your rebels, is a disaster! This Subduing Dragon Sect looked like you must have the conscience more, he can definitely tempt us to go in a moment ago, then took advantage that this attacked us, but such has not actually done!” Your this whole life possibly has not obtained Dragon Vein, your rebels sooner or later by retribution.” Shen Xiang from other slips out at the same time, goes to Pill City to seek for Li Baojun, how has a look at the progress of Li Baojun, but outside Evil Dragon Burial Ground, but also is defending many people, no matter how just they shout, nobody responded to them. Some people returned to Pill City , some people go to Chenwu Mainland, seeks for that Netherworld Abyss, under wants to have a look to have Black Tortoise Divine Weapon. Pill City opened a very big pills shop newly, it is said is Pill City occupies a land area of the biggest pills shop, the store front has only occupied two sides of street, moreover by the street is 34 pavilions, some massively plants herbs the residences of medicine garden as well as many workers behind these store fronts, this pills shop is equal to several large-scale mansion joining together together. Although this pills shop is very big, is very astonishing, but a competitive power does not have, because of no longer the Pill City center most prosperous place, therefore just started also many curious, but afterward asked about on nobody, because of here in the Pill City very remote place, the person of accumulation are not many, is hard to have the business.

This pills shop did not have the name, but suddenly had the name today, moreover this name is very astonishing, vibrates in Pill City many old fellow, this pills spreads unexpectedly to call Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion! Evil Dragon Burial Ground had been seized by Subduing Dragon Sect, this matter Pill City many people know that after all on the same day those present many, Dragon Vein this matter is known by many people now, now this pills spreads suddenly to call Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, making people have to associate it. Subduing Dragon Sect has restrained Evil Dragon Burial Ground, occupies seizes Dragon Vein, therefore this Subduing Dragon this name sounds not to be arrogant, because Subduing Dragon Sect achieved. Shen Xiang now in this Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, that is a pavilion construction in street end, Li Baojun also there, he now is Pavilion Master, moreover is the Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, here is he buys, moreover he also gathers some alchemy masters to come alchemy with oneself splendid alchemy technique, to thank Shen Xiang gives his Longevity Fruit, Li Baojun also contributes many spirit herb to come alchemy, in Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, many rare pills demonstrated that these are Li Baojun take In the Li Baojun eye, Longevity Fruit must by far be much more precious than pills that he collects, so long as he Longevity Fruit refined into Longevity Dan, he is Dan Immortal, moreover can obtain many years life essence! Hehe, I know that you have the means to make the business improve! We hope that nobody stirs up trouble, otherwise my fan dies they.” Li Baojun stands on Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion to look by the street these lively shops, smiles. Shen Xiang cannot only make Li Baojun maintain this Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, he must strive, moreover this is not for him difficult, he on precious herbs, enough makes Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion open up the perspective on hand. Elder Li, you send for investigating in Pill City Building Foundation Dan of pills shop, the price and quantity must know clearly, in my hand has many Building Foundation Dan.” Shen Xiang said that he plans to close up a period of time, lane are many some popular rare and precious pills, then attracts the massive people to come, he will not emit one time, he will have a method, sells by very high price, this can attract many people to come, simultaneously can gain greatly. Investigation...... I had not considered this matter, I find the person to do now.” Li Baojun said.

Shen Xiang thinks that said with a smile: I have the appropriate candidate, I look.” He puts out a grain of pill, gives Li Baojun, said: This is grain of quality excellent Multiplying Pill, you prepare to prepare to auction here, we must make this remote place live it up, must make the Pill City lively region lonely.” Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan, Multiplying Pill, quality is very good, and has Immortal Qi, should stems from dwelling place of celestial beings's hand! Although this Pill City Dan King are many, but can refine the person estimate of Multiplying Pill not to be many, the finger can count.” Li Baojun said with a smile: This matter wraps on me.” At this moment, Li Baojun and Shen Xiang see many old fellow to bring some young handsome teenage boys and girls suddenly to appear in this intersection, chatted, while walked toward here. It seems like did not need to prepare, this crowd of fellow estimates were to come to pick a quarrel, no one will be able to pass with pills, Hehe!” Li Baojun said with a smile cloudy. Shen Xiang already knows that Li Tianjun is a sinister fellow, his apprentice is not naturally exceptional.