World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 934
At present this group of people, understood at a glance is approximately good to pick a quarrel, but Shen Xiang and Li Baojun were not worried that they see that moment of this group of people, had the means to deal. Elder Li, this is the live auction, waits for me to be able with these fellows to tender, in any event, cannot sell to them Multiplying Pill.” Shen Xiang lowers the sound: I thought that Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress will possibly buy.” Demon Empress probes Evil Dragon Burial Ground to be seriously injured, although looks like her complexion is now good, her wound is very serious, Shen Xiang can induce. Shen Xiang departs quietly, then mixes in the crowd of that crowd of watching the fun, the preparation and Li Baojun collaborate, making this Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion fame bigger. Welcome to come to support.” Of Li Baojun on the pavilion said with a smile. Person who comes has more than 200, Feng Family, White Sea Sacred Realm, Qin Family, Peach Blossom Sacred Realm and Flying Immortal Sect these ancient influence still threaten, takes the lead, but Devil Territory and Demon Territory person has not come, they have not dared to take a walk in many people of places now, they went to Netherworld Abyss. A Feng Family elder just must speak to ask about the Subduing Dragon Sect's matter, only hears Li Baojun to say with a smile: Rare everybody can come, to extend welcome, I take Multiplying Pill that a while ago just refined, how carries on a live auction?” Multiplying Pill! Hears this pill's reputation, many people first looked in storage equipment to have many crystal stones, could not attend to inquiring the Subduing Dragon Sect's time, although they do not need Multiplying Pill now, but after can actually leave used, this pill's therapy speed be much faster than Life Returning Pill, moreover contained the massive energies, after eating up , not only can rapidly restore own injury, but can also promote cultivation base. Although Pill City gets together in one crowd of Dan King, Dan King that but Multiplying Pill few appearances, can refine are not many, now Li Baojun can take, explained that this Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion has fierce Dan King to assume personal command. Can refine Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan Dan King, the gold content is very high, the alchemy level goes far beyond these only to refine Heaven Level low-grade new military recruits Dan King.

Dan King that many want to find fault slightly lowered the head now, because others here has the strength to surpass their Dan King, they come to here to smash the field, will only pound own toe. The facial expression that sees the people, in the Li Baojun heart laughs in one's heart, this effect satisfies him, Multiplying Pill where in his heart also curious Shen Xiang makes. Pavilion Master Li, what quality your this is Multiplying Pill?” Demon Empress asked that a she deep purple women's clothing was very garish in the crowd, coordinated her beautiful facial features again, female in crowd, had Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan this to the mother and daughter flower can with her side by side. Is the excellent quality!” In the Li Baojun heart, this Demon Empress strength makes him very not comfortable, although was injured, although is a delicate female, but her within the body that vigorous monster strength is very fearful. However Li Baojun knows, Shen Xiang wants pit is this comes Zitian Demon Empress, it is said in Heaven Demon World is also Big Shot of big influence, she may be gets down Mortal World only Heaven World Big Shot, the good thing to be definitely many. Although there is Demon Empress, but many ancient influence Big Shot refuse to admit being inferior, their good and bad inherits for many years, this Demon Empress contrasts their ancient inheritance, radically is little girl. Since is the excellent quality, I leave three 100 billion crystal stones.” Demon Empress indifferently said. From the beginning on three 100 billion crystal stones, in the people heart criticizes, must know, if Demon Empress went to Heaven World, these three 100 billion must purchase Multiplying Pill to have more than enough to spare. In Mortal World, pills compared with Sacred Dan World and on Heaven World expensive many, because lacks a lot compared with above in the Mortal World pills resources, therefore the people are hard to understand why this Demon Empress does not return to the Heaven World purchase directly, but snatches with them here.

I leave 310 billion!” Shen Xiang calm saying, he knows that Demon Empress must buy the Multiplying Pill reason , because this Multiplying Pill is the excellent quality, Multiplying Pill of this quality is also rarely seen in Heaven World, must know that Demon and Devil alchemy is not easy, so long as has the opportunity, they will not let off. Shen Xiang also thinks of another reason, even if by pill alchemy, especially regarding these Heaven World expert, Immortal Dan to them is best, Heaven Level pill who if they collect many grains of excellent qualities, can let pill who these Dan Immortal will melt a refined into higher equivalent, even can build up Immortal Dan. 330 billion!” old man shouted, regarding these ancient influence, several hundred billions crystal stones is a cinch radically, they inherit for many years, has mined many crystal stones mineral lode, storage crystal stones. Some person and Demon Empress struggles, Shen Xiang does not get rid with oneself, looks in Jing Jing (quietly) at the same time that but Li Baojun also arranges some people to go this news to spread, making the Pill City alchemy masters know that here is auctioning Multiplying Pill. Even if, this place is remote, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion will be lively. The scene competes very intensely, can insist also has Demon Empress, the price that she pays is high, increases price each time very savage, making many old fellow have to be repulsed. Nine 100 billion!” The Demon Empress sound is having disdaining, was filthy rich, it is said Bewitching Sound Paradise has occupied many big mineral lode in Demon Territory, the Demon Territory resources are not a lot, moreover centralized in some places, but by Bewitching Sound Paradise occupying. A scene peace, Multiplying Pill is very valuable, the words that but continues to fight, will make many influences not accept. If places Sacred Dan World or Immortal World, at most is also only 200–300 billion. In Demon Empress thinks when nobody and she fights, Shen Xiang calm shouted: 910 billion!” Demon Empress turns head to look to Shen Xiang, she remembers that first time with the person who she tenders is this fellow, then vanished, has not thought that now actually suddenly braves.

This auction is the scene is held, letting the person has to suspect that you are the request that Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion arranges especially, isn't that cheats?” The Demon Empress facial expression is tranquil, the sound is gentle, but is bringing discontented, at this time all people look at Li Baojun. Shen Xiang has changed the appearance with Transformation Technique, looks like very ordinary, likely is not an extravagant household, that since he increases price calm, should a little expect. Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Demon Empress, are you are looking down on the person? Do not think that you get down from Heaven World is very great.” I have not been looking down upon you, my this is only very normal suspicion, many people on the scene think that has this idea.” Demon Empress said: You must produce an evidence to come, otherwise a Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion casual faction person works as the request, lifts the price, even if had been bought by you, you do not need to pay crystal stones.” Shen Xiang is still with smile on the face: „Couldn't Demon Empress afford Multiplying Pill? Since you want the evidence, I show you.” Then, he puts out Longevity Fruit, lifts up high high! Sees Longevity Fruit that this lifts up high, the people of entire street were similar to the stone carving generally are shocked! This made noisy Longevity Fruit Pill City a while ago? This is Immortal Fruit of genuine goods at reasonable prices, can refine Immortal Dan to come, many people wish one could to chop Shen Xiang that hand, then robs together with that hand and Longevity Fruit.