World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 935
Li Baojun took a deep breath, he has heard Longevity Fruit slightly, but actually does not know that Longevity Fruit such grows into, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has two! Multiplying Pill and Longevity Fruit compare, radically is the grain of rice and mountain, person who has Longevity Fruit, how to afford Multiplying Pill? In the people heart definitely, this while ago issued to post a reward the command, asking others to help alchemy that person, all people asked him to find very laboriously, especially the Feng Family person, expert that because they sent at that time was massacred. Currently has many people to want Shen Xiang to take, but nobody dares fight, others dare casually comes out Longevity Fruit brightly, definitely has many skills, no one wants to work as the person who takes the lead. The Emperor Heaven rebirth, it may be said that is crouching tiger, hidden dragon, now nobody dares to say one are this day is strongest, powerful Demon Empress, suffered a loss in Evil Dragon Burial Ground. Demon Empress, here has ten grains of Halting Face Dan, is Earth Level High-Grade excellent, you if desired, I now can sell to you.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Does not need.” Halting Face Dan can buy in Heaven World. Li Baojun coughed intentionally two, said: 910 billion, but also there is a person to increase price?” Li Baojun said that also has stopped intentionally a period of time, Demon Empress clenched teeth, shouted: 950 billion!” Shen Xiang has not added again, he thought that sold a grain of Multiplying Pill unusual value by this price, this simultaneously can make Subduing Dragon Sect have on trillion crystal stones as the development resource. It seems like this Demon Empress has many personal enemies in Heaven World, she was injured here, she wants the recreation good again to come up here, so as to avoid comes up to be chased down by the personal enemy, is incapable of counterattacking.” Su Meiyao guessed, if traded to do is she, she will also find the way to recover to come up again.

In many person hearts thinks of this, exclaimed in surprise secretly that Evil Dragon Burial Ground terror, Demon Empress investigated with strength, unexpectedly is counter-attacked such seriously. Shen Xiang hastily leaves this avenue, gets rid tracks his person. He believes not long, here will become livelier, Li Baojun will have 9000 five ten billion crystal stone to take the foundation, will facilitate him to purchase massive herbs and gathers the alchemy master. Shen Xiang also in secret gives Danxiang Taoyuan to subpoena, lets Danxiang Taoyuan and Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion cooperation, provides herbs to give Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion as far as possible, the Danxiang Taoyuan pills shop business here is also in any case ordinary. Danxiang Taoyuan receives the Shen Xiang news, will comply, because pass on message way of Shen Xiang use, only then Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean has, this quite therefore Dean ordered. Shen Xiang arrives at King City, this is the King Continent most ancient city, goes to Pill City also very convenient from here, therefore here is very lively, here opens the shop not to have the pills shop like Pill City there. King City is also south one of the quite big cities, Shen Xiang comes to here is to seek for Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran, initially Shen Xiang invited them to join Subduing Dragon Sect, they also complied, now Subduing Dragon Sect has started, needs their help. Beast Martial Sect initially and Extreme Martial Sect was evenly matched, the reason that because Huang Jintian came out, causing Extreme Martial Sect to be getting more and more formidable, by far abandoned Chenwu Mainland's many sect. But the Beast Martial Sect industry here are not many, only then sells and beasts goods shop specially, Shen Xiang initially listened to Yan Yanran saying that she is the boss in this shop, moreover this shop is she uses own crystal stones to support, did not have big relationship with Beast Martial Sect. This shop is somewhat lonely, because were too many like the shop, if Yan Yanran is not a famous beauty, she already managed does not get down. So long as the potential very big person, Shen Xiang initially started to win over, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan potential is good, moreover can trust, they had been together a period of time.

Yan Yanran, your shop has expired, if you want to continue, hands over crystal stones.” Male devils shouted, the look brings to wipe immorally, making Yan Yanran very angry. Although Yan Yanran wears a simple yellow skirt, but as always charming moving, her makings slightly not by that inexpensive clothes influence. Shen Xiang stands in the entrance of shop, seeing this secretly, to knit the brows slightly. My previous time has said that this shop was I have bought, permanent was my, does not have view that what due did not expire, I also on time paid tax every year, you looked for my trouble every other day, thinks that I do not know what thoughts you were the peaceful?” Yan Yanran coldly said. Snort, you buy this place yes right, but this place top of the head the day you have not been buying, flight Demon Beast that you tame flies above frequently, was you have taken the sky, last year did not say that starts to collect fees this year! Altogether is one billion crystal stones one year.” That wear golden robe man said. one billion crystal stones one year? You such do not snatch!” Yan Yanran has gotten angry, her ten jade finger fingertip suddenly reveals the sharp claw to be sharp, is similar to the cat claw is ordinary. „Do you dare to my fight? humph, humph, you did not have a look at me to lead many people!” That golden robe man laughs, then shouted: Comes the person, catches this woman, if unexpectedly wants to attack me!” Yes, Sir!” Puts on soldier shouted of armor, then leads several people to walk toward Yan Yanran. Shen Xiang does not know why Yan Yanran mixes such badly, unexpectedly was so bullied, he guessed that Yan Yanran definitely disagrees with Beast Martial Sect, perhaps was pursued, but isn't she and Lan Lan relationship very? Depends upon Lan Lan Blue Blood Clan, does not dare to bully her in King Continent that influence. Hello, hasn't seen the City Lord's Mansion person to carry out the official business here? Hurries to roll out!” That golden robe man is very rampant, is shouting to Shen Xiang loud voice.

This shop only then a Yan Yanran person handles, other people looked walked, Shen Xiang stepped into the shop, released his Divine Power, controlled the front door closely to close. You......” that golden robe man had shouted, he looks at the Shen Xiang's complexion, knows that Shen Xiang comes to him. Shen Xiang grasps to extend, transforms several to come well, simultaneously grasps to that several approaches the Yan Yanran soldier, is similar to several sharp knives is ordinary, penetrates on them instantaneously the hard armor, makes a blood hole on them. Shen Xiang flings vigorously, has thrown from the roof these people! On that golden robe man face full is angry, the arrogance is still very rampant, when he just wants to speak, Shen Xiang breaks him. Who do not tell my your father is, that will only make you be punched ruthlessly.” During the speeches, a Shen Xiang palm lays out, although he is away from that golden robe man also several steps distances, but the palm strength separates the air attack to leave, very accurate hitting on the face of that man, the deafening sound has together the thunderclap, making the entire shop sway. The man called out pitifully, hit to fly on a cabinet, that face changed beyond all recognition, must slap a face by Shen Xiang with Devil Subduing Energy and Shocking Heaven Palm maliciously, but can also live is being his good fortune.