World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 936
Yanran, who is this fellow?” Shen Xiang asked. Yan Yanran does not know at present the person who gets rid to save is, but she guessed correctly quickly that this is hearsay Shen Xiang of the unknown whereabouts in ten Heavenly Saint mountains! She hears the Subduing Dragon Sect's matter several days ago, and has seized Dragon Vein, at that time she suspected that Subduing Dragon Sect is that Shen Xiang establishes. Now Shen Xiang appears before her, she believes firmly that Evil Dragon Burial Ground inside Subduing Dragon Sect, is Shen Xiang establishes certainly. „A City Lord son!” Yan Yanran relaxed, she also planned to kill this fellow then to walk away. Shen Xiang Divine Power puts, quick seeks for that City Lord's Mansion in the city, then aims at City Lord's Mansion that direction, mentioned that golden robe man. Snort!” The Shen Xiang's pshaw like the thunder, has a very strong impulse, sees only that golden robe man to be struck to fly by this formidable momentum, flies to shoot straightly toward distant place that City Lord's Mansion, passes through many buildings all the way, finally the whole person hits on the City Lord's Mansion doorway tablet. Tidies up, looks for Younger Sister Lan with me!” Shen Xiang said. Yan Yanran coquettish look such as silk looks at Shen Xiang, the complexion shows a smiling face, but sinks afterward the face: Lan Lan has had an accident, now where I do not know her! I and Lan Lan matter, am a long story!” Yan Yanran cried loud and long, called many birds, received in Profound Beast Bag, then has tidied up simply, went out of the shop with Shen Xiang. Just trod shop in them, sees a troop person their all round surround, these people put on the armor, is talented, understood at a glance that is the City Lord's Mansion person.

Drives slowly along with a it luxurious carriage, Yan Yanran draws Shen Xiang's suddenly to grip tightly, her whispered: City Lord came, King City is not Human King Clan has controlled, you must be careful.” King City unexpectedly was not Human King Clan has controlled, this made Shen Xiang very accidental, but he is not worried about that City Lord now, because that City Lord also crossed the Nirvana 45 tribulations, for him a threat did not have. Is you injures my son?” That City Lord sits in the carriage light asking, the sound brings to wipe the anger, looked that such he can a palm of the hand pat probably Shen Xiang. Right, you do not need to thank me to let off a life, reason that I hit him in the City Lord's Mansion entrance, to give to direct you!” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Dissolute, takes him!” That City Lord has gotten angry, although his strength is not top, but depends upon the relationship words, many expert must give him three points of Bo Mian. Shen Xiang sneers, sees only his both arms one, low sad, these by any thing are blocked toward person suddenly that he clashes, making these people be similar to hit on a firm wall. This crowd is so small, do not hinder me, boils to me!” Shen Xiang loud voice drinks, in the mouth spout strong winds, turns into Golden Dragon, makes threatening gestures, covering of blotting out the sky these soldiers, Dragon Transformation Qi Aura is similar to the real dragon is ordinary, is twining these soldiers, bites covered with blood them. Bold, dares to work as my surface revolt!” That City Lord loud voice angrily said, sees only him to control the carriage, clashes toward Shen Xiang. I am King City City Lord, you revolt against me, but with King City many influences is the enemy, does not know the good and bad thing.” The carriage drives, that City Lord sends out one to disdain to sneer intermittently. Yan Yanran is not worried about Shen Xiang, can live the fellow from ten Heavenly Saint mountains, does not need her to be worried.

Several steed suddenly cried loud and long, these vigorous and healthy horses hit on a transparent wall, hit badly beaten, if were not that City Lord stands firm the carriage with own vigorous True Qi, that carriage looked on the powder puts up. Brings upon oneself at death's door, I was worrying that does not have the thing to build up the hand to me!” Shen Xiang forehead suddenly projects together golden light, his vigorous Divine Power suddenly emerges, afterward his body burns the raging fire, the flame flies to shoot from him, turns into Fire Dragon, shoots toward the front that horse ticket. That City Lord has a big shock, because he discovered that he is in a seal, all around is the wall that cannot see, his strength is unable to release, his suddenly consciousness this person is very at present strong, moreover there is a release strange method. The raging fire that Shen Xiang releases wraps carriage, turns into a hot group, float in the air combustion, but that City Lord is whinning in inside crazily, carefully looked that will think looks like the alchemy master inside scene of very much! Right, Heaven Refining Technique that Shen Xiang displays! Heaven Refining Technique may build up the world myriad things, naturally also includes people, Shen Xiang now naturally person refined into pill, he did not have that level, but must build up that City Lord or can achieve. Here has great war, has alarmed many people, moreover City Lord personally goes to battle, but many expert arrive, actually sees the sky the marvelous sight, one group of giant flame float in the air, flaming are burning, is similar to pill furnace burns down herbs that. Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that Shen Xiang releases now is huge, can hold a carriage! His flame is terrorist, strength with his close person, is hard Universe Fire that resists him to urge to send, is only several, that City Lord was burnt the severe wound. Horse-drawn vehicle these things were the impurity, quick are smelted. True Qi and fleshly body of that City Lord within the body separate gradually, was smelted from now on True Qi to turn into one group of white fog to ascend to pill furnace excellent, but fleshly body also turns into the implication pure energy white ash, just and these True Qi fuse. Shen Xiang has not thought of can really person refined into pill, but he thought that has lacked anything, moreover must control also is also very difficult.

Bang! Shakes crack, the ground of King City center had many cracks, Shen Xiang's huge pill furnace has blasted, this was Nirvana expert from exploding, the might was infinite, many shops were affected, if did not have Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to resist, the casualty were innumerable! King City was vibrated immediately, central area is covering rich True Qi strength, full is the white fog, large quantities of expert catch up. Walks quickly!” Shen Xiang is drawing Yan Yanran, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, vanished in the smog. Yan Yanran has witnessed all these, she has seen Shen Xiang together with Illusionary Brilliant Furnace alchemy, even if she is not skilled in Pill Dao, she can also see that a moment ago Shen Xiang regards the pills same refinement that City Lord, and has almost succeeded, but cannot control finally, causes explode pill furnace! If a Shen Xiang palm pats completely squashed sauce anything that City Lord, Yan Yanran will not be perhaps surprised, but built up to explode that City Lord while still alive, this made her innermost feelings be full of the shock, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly had the live person refined into pill's heaven defying ability, if this passed on, definitely will be chased down by from all walks of life, because this was the matter of not being tolerated by heaven or earth. Shen Xiang planned builds up that fellow, but he thought to succeed in afterward suddenly, has tried then, who knows, but he worried that will be discovered that does not have the thoughts to continue, finally caused explode pill furnace.