World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 937
Shen Xiang and Yan Yanran still in King City, they hide in the most remote place. City Lord was killed, causes a stir in the entire city, neighbor many cities surprisedly, the City Lord strength is not too strong, but the City Lord back influence is very strong, this is equal to provoking that super influence. Yanran, exactly what happened?” Shen Xiang has caressed the Yan Yanran that maturity charming cheeks lightly. Yan Yanran and Shen Xiang hide in a very old house, sits on a stone table, she sighed gently: I was chased by Beast Martial Sect, not having Beast Martial Sect's to shelter, by my present strength , can only swallow an insult.” Doesn't have Younger Sister Lan? Depending on you and her relationship, she can make Blue Blood Clan protect you!” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that before Yan Yanran said Lan Lan has had an accident, he prayed that Lan Lan do not leave the important matter. This matter happens one year ago, Flying Immortal Sect Dean youngest son Wu Jingsheng, he comes King City time, had a liking for Lan Lan, then pesters to Lan Lan in every possible way, finally also resorts to the despicable method, prescribes medicine to Lan Lan, was discovered by Lan Lan luckily, at that time Lan Lan very angry, told Blue Blood Clan, making Blue Blood Clan old fellow act, but Blue Blood Clan has not paid attention. Then she looks for me, collaborated to give the dozen to be remnant Wu Jingsheng with me.” Shen Xiang induced the Yan Yanran aura slightly, discovered that Yan Yanran unexpectedly is Nirvana Realm, looked that the swallow or the near future crossed. Yan Yanran continues saying: Hits after Wu Jingsheng is remnant, I and Lan Lan are held, I at that time was expelled Beast Martial Sect's, Beast Martial Sect do not want to annoy Flying Immortal Sect. Blue Blood Clan old fellow acts, wanted Lan Lan, but I was also actually closed in Flying Immortal Sect.” Flying Immortal Sect's Dean compels Lan Lan to marry Wu Jingsheng, otherwise has killed me. Lan Lan thinks this matter because of her, therefore she complied. She one year ago went to Flying Immortal Sect, waits for the Wu Jingsheng wound well on the big marriage.” Shen Xiang set up the eyebrow: „Doesn't Younger Sister Lan her grandfather love very much her? Why doesn't help her probably come back you? Moreover at that time Lan Lan was prescribed medicine, doesn't her grandfather such get rid?”

Her grandfather has closed up, these old fellow usually quite repugnant Lan Lan, they look forward to Lan Lan to marry earlier, Lan Lan added that compelling the matter of marriage to be related with these old fellow. I want to look your, but you important matter......” Yan Yanran suddenly grabbed Shen Xiang's for serveral days unceasingly, in beautiful eyes is with the tears, said: Shen Xiang, you cannot certainly make Lan Lan marry that fellow, asked you......” Shen Xiang cleans the tears that on her face is falling with the thumb, the nod said: You are Subduing Dragon Sect's, my this can Dean sit by and do nothing? I will certainly rescue her, now on fight!” I and Flying Immortal Sect looked have a grudge.” Yan Yanran wipes tears, has shown the charming smiling face to Shen Xiang. King City had the important matter, this has alarmed Flying Immortal Sect, sending out many people to seek for Yan Yanran, Yan Yanran and Shen Xiang together, is safe. Yanran, I go to Flying Immortal Sect, I will lead you to go to Pill City Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, you will be very safe there.” Shen Xiang said. Yan Yanran all listens to Shen Xiang's to arrange now, before she extremely worried that Shen Xiang has an accident in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, now Shen Xiang can come back, but also makes Subduing Dragon Sect makes the person ponder over airtight big sect, in her heart is very happy. Shen Xiang brings Yan Yanran to Pill City Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, moreover arranges something to make Yan Yanran do, the pills sales figure and price that for example investigates other large-scale pills shops, he planned that defeats Pill City these business good shops completely. At this time, a bad news came, was the Lan Lanhe Flying Immortal Sect's Wu Jingsheng preparation of Blue Blood Clan holds the big marriage in Flying Immortal Sect, inviting many famous family aristocrats to come, it is said south majority of ancient influence was invited, old did not come, the year previous generation will also come.

Flying Immortal Sect hid in very ancient remote mountain, but now nearby the entire entrance full is the city, Shen Xiang with one group of people, transmits with Teleportation Formation to the Flying Immortal city, this is nearby Flying Immortal Sect a biggest city. Shen Xiang finds from Yan Yanran there that the King City palm jurisdictional control was that Divine Martial Palace sold to Flying Immortal Sect's, Wu Family and Blue Blood Clan usually pays no attention to these matters, therefore did not oppose that this also made the Flying Immortal Sect's influence bigger and bigger. He did not have a clear plan now, he must find Lan Lan to say first again that this is not for him difficult, he is worried about to be besieged by one crowd of expert in Flying Immortal Sect at the appointed time, must know that now many people attend the Flying Immortal Sect's big marriage, Immortal have, but Flying Immortal Sect itself does not permit the marriage by capture and so on matter occurrence. Let alone Yan Yanran is rescued now by expert, they know Yan Yanran and Lan Lan relationship, if Yan Yanran makes that expert rescue Lan Lan, this is also very normal matter. In order to makes Lan Lan marry smoothly, Blue Blood Clan also came many expert, now the Flying Immortal city is very strict, on the avenue can see the Flying Immortal Sect's disciple to pass through frequently. Stands on Flying Immortal Sect inside these tall tower, can see the distant place to have one by the mountain that the fog covers, Flying Immortal Sect's is established in this mountain top, moreover shortly after is newly-built. But in this mountain nearby mountain forest, is the Flying Immortal Sect's disciples, the person who not invited cannot enter that mountain scene forest, will otherwise certainly be grasped. Arrives to enter the city gate of that mountain scene forest, at this time through entrance person who has the status, they obtain Flying Immortal Sect's to invite, participates the big marriage, Shen Xiang discovers several strength very strong old fellow. Many people stand here, looks that others attend the wedding, wants to have a look at the elegant demeanor of famous family juniors, Shen Xiang suddenly to induce to a very familiar aura, if not he very careful induces, perhaps will not discover.

Shen Xiang looks immediately to a middle age in crowd, this middle age keeps two to cast aside the beard, the facial expression delay, passes on is also worn-out. Shen Xiang walks, has patted the shoulder of this middle age, then sound transmission said: Intestines, do you come to here to do?” This middle-aged Duan Sanchang change appearance, he saw the student who Shen Xiang turned into a polite scholarly, in the heart to criticize several, changed said: „Is Shen Xiang, why you first discovers me each time?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If were discovered by you, I also exactly less than today!” Previous time I had said that must dig Flying Immortal Sect's ancestral tomb, this time their big marriage, I thought that is an opportunity.” Duan Sanchang gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitched, others big marriage, this fellow must seize the chance unexpectedly dig out others ancestral tomb, is really a talented person. However this is a good deed, if on the same day, the Flying Immortal Sect's big marriage were destroyed, ancestral tomb had been dug, Flying Immortal Sect definitely will be smiled, regarding an ancient big influence, this is the huge shame.