World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 938
Duan Sanchang brings the place that Shen Xiang is arriving at him to stop over, that is a very inexpensive house, Duan Sanchang also tells Shen Xiang, he comes nearby Flying Immortal Sect to investigate frequently, clarifies the Flying Immortal Sect ancestral tomb situation, is good to facilitate to start. Your does brat come to here to do? To do the destruction? I urge you not to want, Flying Immortal Sect and Blue Blood Clan collaborated, many distinguished guests who was invited presented that you did not have the opportunity. Robs a grave with me, I have investigated, that side their ancestral tomb relaxed vigilantly, defended old fellow of grave to be arranged to protect the wedding.” Duan Sanchang said that he already wants to drag into Duan Family Shen Xiang, trains outstanding Tomb Raider. I am save others! That Lan Lan is my Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, she compels to marry Flying Immortal Sect, I am Dean, cannot sit by and do nothing.” The Shen Xiang sound is serious. What? Then said that was you rescues that Nine Lives Cat Demon in King City? Has massacred that City Lord?” Duan Sanchang asked with amazement. Nine Lives Cat Demon? What you said is Yan Yanran, she is also my Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, did you say?” Duan Sanchang is not calm, said: This Nine Lives Cat Demon background is not small, many people are having her idea, it is said was kindly given the City Lord son, but concerned about the feeling of Lan Lan, the City Lord sons does not dare to be too strong.” Nine Lives Cat Demon?” Shen Xiang knows that Yan Yanran fights like a cat, movement technique is vigorous, has the fierce cat claw, moreover fleshly body anti- hits very much. She is strange beast turns into actually, it is said that has nine lives, the main body likely cat. Brother Shen, you picked the treasure! Right, are you and Lan Lan have that cat monster to do? I said person who you have wife, but also is dishonest.” Duan Sanchang envies very much. Shen Xiang white his eyes: Do not talk nonsense, Yanran is my good friend, Lan Lan quite Yu my younger sister! After they join me, I think good Subduing Dragon Sect this name.” Two days wanted the big marriage, what did you have to plan?” Duan Sanchang asked. What, had two days? Did not say also has 78 days?” Shen Xiang in great surprise.

They worried that can have the accident, therefore was ahead of time.” Shen Xiang stands up, said: I must go in now, you?” I naturally am dig their graves, if, you should better help me be noisily bigger the sound, the fellows in guard grave lead away, my easier fight.” Duan Sanchang smiled: That Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan have looked for me, this asked you to be very long to the mother and daughter flower, they must become friends with you probably...... Hehe, this is a pair of mother and daughter flower.” cough cough, do not think to be so good me evilly! If you run into them, passed on to them, I will find the time to go with them to chat.” After Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang reach an agreement, makes Long Xueyi display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, goes to Flying Immortal Sect to seek for Lan Lan, Duan Sanchang and Shen Xiang distinction, he robs a grave to make some preparations. When the dark night, Shen Xiang turns into a butterfly, flies into that deep forest. Although already night, but that deep forest still guards sternly, this Flying Immortal Sect is an ancient big influence, the hanger-on disciple, the entire Flying Immortal mountain has the massive Flying Immortal Sect disciples to protect. Spirit Qi of this mountain scene forest is rich, some small birds fly round are also very normal matter, Shen Xiang now fly on that mountain. Flying Immortal Sect establishes in the summit, looks from afar that looks like a grand heavenly palace float in the fog, seems has an immortal taste. In this giant palace, the building myriad, the garden are innumerable, in the nighttime sky, as if can select the stars at any time, the moonlight sprinkles in pavilions, the immortal taste is rich.

At this time Flying Immortal Sect's front door red, in Flying Immortal Sect has many disciples intensely to work, but also is busy the arrangement of big marriage. She in a pavilion of five story-high, but this pavilion was given to seal up by very strong barrier, is hard, is hard.” Long Xueyi said. Lan Lan has one type to be able by own stealth talent ability, if no formidable barrier, she must run away a issue not to have, but her stealth time, others are also hard to investigate her. Therefore after big marriage, she same will be imprisoned, therefore Yan Yanran will ask Shen Xiang to rescue Lan Lan. Lan Lan stands before the window, slightly honk the small mouth, she is being an appearance of 15-16 -year-old young girl, is lovable and beautiful, wears the blue women's clothing, bright and intelligent in the big eye glittering blue light glow, is seeming is similar to blue Elf, is very likable. Her present is not very happy, curls with the finger is sending the tree top, looks up that beautiful full moon, wishes one could to fly above, such Flying Immortal Sect and Lan Family could not find her for a lifetime. Shen Xiang has flown into Flying Immortal Sect, turns into an appearance of bird, on a that tower big tree, the situation in viewer tower, sees the Lan Lan appearance, he cannot help but loves dearly. To here, Shen Xiang had a plan, was found the Flying Immortal Sect Dean youngest son, Wu Jingsheng! Then turns into the Wu Jingsheng appearance, carries off Lan Lan. Doesn't see, hurries to get the hell out!” Lan Lan turns head to door yelled: Has provoked anger me, I die to you looked, if my grandfather goes out to know matter that I have, my grandfather went all out to extinguish your Flying Immortal Sect's.” On Lan Lan has the sign, her grandfather is not low in the Blue Blood Clan status, is powerful, if she has committed suicide, that old fellow closes up, definitely will go crazy. Snort, in two days must bow to Heaven and Earth, if you are more dishonest, I have killed that cat monster, you think to be clearer.” The sound conveys from that out of the door together, Shen Xiang guessed that is Wu Jingsheng.

Lan Lan does not know that Yan Yanran was rescued by Shen Xiang, she is almost here secluded from the world, but also takes this matter to coerce her Flying Immortal Sect to the present unexpectedly, Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran relationship is very good, otherwise such will not be coerced. This tower has five, Lan Lan in third layer, following two and above two many expert, the entire tower was also being covered by formidable barrier, guards in entrance also two old man of tower, is stern. Wu Jingsheng came out, this is one looks like the wine and women excessive man, a face is pale, as the Flying Immortal Sect Dean son, the face is much longer, he is only comes. Shen Xiang writes down the Wu Jingsheng appearance and words and deeds completely, after observing he arrives at the distant place, he turns into the Wu Jingsheng appearance, then walks into tall tower from that road. Small Young Master, did you come back? Is anxiously that little girl eating?” old man sees Wu Jingsheng to come back, Hehe said with a smile. Then opens barrier, making Shen Xiang go. I planned over the two days her ** good, when big marriage lose face.” Shen Xiang said that walked, steps onto the staircase, arrives at third layer, behind is also following old man in him.