World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 939
Shen Xiang has knocked door gently, only hears Lan Lan tenderly shouted: Hurries to get the hell out, I think quietly quiet!” Shen Xiang smiled, hints old man that follows to open the gate, this sliding door Shen Xiang cannot open, because above has barrier strength. Sees the gate to be opened, but also sees she most repugnant Wu Jingsheng, Lan Lan yelled: Do not come, otherwise I...... I......” Lan Lan wants to commit suicide very much, but she is worried about Yan Yanran, therefore she can only endure now. Younger Sister Lan, is I! I turned into the appearance of that fellow!” Shen Xiang expression is motionless, to Lan Lan sound transmission, then waved to old man, hints him to get down. That old man draws back, then has closed visit. Lan Lan silly standing there, the whole face does not believe. „Did you forget? We have made the transaction in that Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, moreover you are my Subduing Dragon Sect's elder.” Shen Xiang gives Lan Lan sound transmission, complexion is having the smile. Bad elder brother, is really you!” Lan Lan almost threw, but sees is that repugnant Wu Jingsheng, cannot help but low snort|hum said: You turn into the appearance of this fellow, is really repugnant, wants to pull out you really maliciously!” Shen Xiang laughed, changes the actually appearance. Lan Lan saw Shen Xiang to be younger than before is handsomer, tenderly said with a smile: Bad elder brother, I knows that you will come to save me, you compare that repugnant fellow attractive 100 times.” Lan Lan throws to the Shen Xiang's bosom, is very rubbing gently Shen Xiang with oneself that with the abundant chest that her semblance does not tally: No wonder the beautiful elegant elder sister once for a while mentioned you to come, this cat monster was charmed by you.” Dead girl, the back said that her malicious remarks, was careful that I told her.” Shen Xiang is pinching her adorable cheek, said with a smile. Was right, is she now what kind of? I for a long time have not seen her very much.” The Lan Lan complexion worried completely. She came out by me several days ago, entire King City knows that she was rescued, but that Wu Jingsheng is still actually deceiving you.”

The Shen Xiang's words make Lan Lan fly into a rage. This fellow was too hateful!” Lan Lan saw Shen Xiang, the mood became is much better: Bad elder brother, here is tightly guarded, do you have the means to lead me to exit?” Naturally has, my means are many are......” suddenly, Long Xueyi said: True Wu Jingsheng came back, this fellow unexpectedly will come back!” The Shen Xiang complexion changes, this will certainly put on the gang, he must a bit faster bring Lan Lan to leave. You coordinate some, follows me! Wu Jingsheng that fellow must come back!” Shen Xiang anxiously said, then turns into the Wu Jingsheng appearance. You install to faint, I will hug you to exit, making these old fellow take for me to your anything!” Shen Xiang smiled awkwardly. Lan Lan cracks into a chuckle, then immediately to pour in Shen Xiang's suspected, tender sound track: Bad elder brother, you do not play a dirty trick Oh! to say to me that then fainted. Shen Xiang holds Lan Lan, opens door, then hurriedly goes down the staircase, when to front door, old man sees this anxious appearance, cannot help but surprised, but on the face has actually piled up with the ambiguous smiling face. I walked first, I before dawn will deliver this little girl.” Shen Xiang badly smiles several intentionally, then held Lan Lan to clash. After determining nobody monitors, Shen Xiang Lan Lan puts, relaxed. Bad elder brother, you are really fierce! This Flying Immortal Sect is so stern, your unexpectedly was so relaxed has come, also took away me with ease!” Lan Lan is pinching the Shen Xiang's handsome face, like pinching child, must know that Lan Lan be much older than Shen Xiang, but she cannot grow up, looks like a young girl, her a lot of clever trick also will sometimes let the Shen Xiang headache.

Now we have not left Flying Immortal Sect!” When the Shen Xiang plan brings Lan Lan is flying away, only hears the direction of that tower to transmit the anger of that Wu Jingsheng to shout. Was discovered!” Lan Lan spits the tongue, she does not have an appearance of worry, she thought that has Shen Xiang here, the multi- important matters can solve, after all before Shen Xiang, these matters that does, is Heaven-shaking indescribably tragic. „It is not good, they opened large formation, the movement was really quick!” Shen Xiang looks at the sky, entire Flying Immortal Sect was covered by strong large formation, this came from ancient times large formation, that strength was hard to resist, must exit not to be easy. Along with it, is intermittent clear bell sound remembers, Shen Xiang emits Divine Power to investigate the four directions, discovered that the Flying Immortal Sect's disciples in all directions dash, are seeking for him and Lan Lan. Short in a minute, entire Flying Immortal Sect covers in very tension-filled atmosphere, because Lan Lan was rescued. Flying Immortal Sect's Dean, named Wu Xu, is a delicate youth, his face is angry, he had known that Lan Lan by a change appearance technique strong person saving, that person turned into the Wu Jingsheng appearance, but can also simulate the Wu Jingsheng aura, therefore enters in that tower very much with ease, carries off Lan Lan. Those who most make Wu Xu angry is, some unexpectedly people can be quietly sneak Flying Immortal Sect, although Flying Immortal Sect's large formation has not opened, but must come not to be easy. Bad elder brother, my stealth time can also let your stealth, like this they could not find us.” Lan Lan is holding Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang shakes the head, said: „It is not good, here has large formation, if they do not look for us, we are hard, my suddenly thinks of means!” Saying, Shen Xiang was bringing flowering shrubs China , North Korea direction of Lan Lan in courtyard to dive. Shen Xiang goes to a Flying Immortal Sect quite remote place, here is raising some Demon Beast, specifically is used to eat. This fellow is the Flying Immortal Sect's new chief big disciple, named Chen Chong, a very repugnant fellow, was he frequently looked for my trouble with Wu Jingsheng before!” Lan Lan to Shen Xiang sound transmission, she wishes one could to flush away this fellow now beats savagely. They are hiding in flowering shrubs. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Good, I on repair this fellow maliciously, you am waiting tonight here!”

Careful!” Lan Lan just said that Shen Xiang appears in that Chen Chong behind, but also has patted the shoulder of Chen Chong gently, in a big way frightens Chen Chong one to jump. Small Young Master? You how in this......” The pā! Chen Chong words have not asked that Shen Xiang on a Palestinian long-handled fan in the past, in taking control, he also rumbled a fist, hits to the Chen Chong dantian. Yes...... Dragon Force!” The Chen Chong mouth was hit crookedly, the braving blood, he sees on Shen Xiang both hands condense these terrors Dragon Force, what he guessed correctly this to pretend to be Wu Jingsheng was. You discarded me unexpectedly!” The Chen Chong complexion is ugly, the Shen Xiang's strength is very terrifying, that fist had destroyed a moment ago his dantian. „Is that also what kind of? I was not first time get rid to the Flying Immortal Sect's chief disciple.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, worked on Chen Chong, flung toward distant place that tower vigorously, making Chen Chong hit in that above barrier, making that barrier shake. Shen Xiang holds up the hand of Lan Lan, breaks in that to rear in a pen the Demon Beast house to set up the surface, afterward shouted: You, if dares to come in one step, I have killed this little girl!” Outside has stood many expert, this house surround. Shen Xiang such does intentionally, this is part that he plans, even if the plan is not successful, he can also get rid of these expert with ease. „Do you rescue specially her?” Wu Xu asked that he was Flying Immortal Sect's Dean, he must properly handle this matter, if Lan Lan died, the big marriage cannot be held, his Flying Immortal Sect must lose face.