World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 940
Shen Xiang cannot certainly tell these person of him to rescue Lan Lan specially, otherwise his plan is unable to implement. Rubbish, otherwise I kill this little girl, when the time comes Blue Blood Clan blames, humph, humph!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said: You hurry to be far away from here!” Lan Lan coordinates Shen Xiang, tenderly shouted: Bastard, do not count on that coerces my grandfather with me, I will die will not make the grandfather give you his Blue Blood Pearl!” Blue Blood Pearl! Only the familiar Blue Blood Clan person knows that this is anything, this has the great significance to Blue Blood Clan, it is said in this grain of bead is sealing the Blue Blood Clan protector, is powerful, only then Patriarch can have. In addition a view, said is in Blue Blood Pearl has the Blue Blood Clan most legitimate blue bloodlines, so long as builds up this grain of bead, can obtain the most legitimate blue blood, can become by own fleshly body stronger, but can also obtain the Blue Blood Clan unique talent ability. Coerces with Lan Lan, really has in a big way possibly obtains that Blue Blood Pearl! Especially now this situation, because Lan Lan, once marries into Flying Immortal Sect, perhaps later is Flying Immortal Sect coerces Blue Blood Clan with Lan Lan. Younger Sister Lan, waits for me to put in a place you, you must wait for in inside patiently!” Shen Xiang gives Lan Lan sound transmission with Divine Sense. Lan Lan nodded. In room that they are, is raising several big wild boar, Shen Xiang with Grasping Soul Devil Curse a consciousness of wild boar cancels, afterward projects together golden light glow from the forehead, continuous Divine Power pours into the head of that wild boar. That then Lan Lan sees, making her lifetime unforgettable, making her feel own vertigo, because the present all are extremely unthinkable, making her be hard to accept this fact Shen Xiang unexpectedly to turn into her a pig!

This is in Transformation Technique very fierce changes, Shen Xiang becomes that pig and Lan Lan is not only exactly the same, but also has simulated the Lan Lan aura, but also he can also control this pig to speak! Lan Lan grows up the small mouth, eye is staring perfectly round, Shen Xiang sees her appearance, controls the expression of that pig with Divine Power becomes is just the same as her, making Lan Lan think one seem like looking in a mirror. This is called the Lan Lan pig!” Shen Xiang sound transmission said with a smile. You are the pig!” Lan Lan has pinched Shen Xiang, she is very intelligent, naturally understands that Shen Xiang must make anything, if that Wu Jingsheng and this pig have bowed to Heaven and Earth, that certainly is in the world most greatly most real joke. You such adorable attractive, I will not turn into the pig you, should not be worried!” The Shen Xiang laughter said that is pinching her small cheek: I must hide you, then gives them this Lan Lan pig!” Lan Lan thinks that Wu Jingsheng must bow to Heaven and Earth to get married with a pig, happy, she wants to have a look at the scene to be when the time comes what kind of very much. Relax, when the time comes I will lead you to see a play!” Shen Xiang puts in Hidden Jade Ring inside Lan Lan for the room that she prepares especially, she cannot leave this room, but Shen Xiang can exchange with her. Shen Xiang „the Lan Lan pig has thrown that vigorously, but also control this pig shouted one tenderly. Sees the blue shade to fly together, Wu Xu jump gets up, to rely on this Lan Lan, but Shen Xiang was also stepping Earth Shrinking Step at this time, several sub- arrived around that Wu Jingsheng, condense intense fire True Qi, a palm patted on the chest of Wu Jingsheng, afterward trod Earth Shrinking Step to leave.

Wu Jingsheng called out pitifully, people responded that person unexpectedly that came out from inside arrived around them by very strange movement technique a moment ago, but also has hit a Wu Jingsheng palm maliciously, afterward indifferently departed, in their this crowd of expert, met no resistance, this made many people be startled, if were plotted by this person, must die without doubt! On Wu Jingsheng puts on fierce protective armor, had been hit a palm by Shen Xiang, but received the internal injury, has spat several blood, quick can be good. Shen Xiang several sub- get rid of Divine Sense of these people final, turned into bug to hide, that false Lan Lan deceived this group of people very much successfully, Shen Xiang intentionally has also made this false Lan Lan blubber and scold, but was closed into that tower finally, that tower now is stricter, has the expert protection. Bad elder brother, where is here?” Lan Lan sits on a bed, looks at the place above to say. Here is my storage equipment, can install the live person!” Shen Xiang is investigating the entire Flying Immortal Sect's structure now. Snort, you install the woman frequently here, here has the fragrances at least two women! You are really bad!” Lan Lan charmingly angry [say / way]. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao truly here have lived, now Shen Xiang has not wanted to let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's matter is known by too many people! Zhao Yixuan and Ji Meixian, because is his female slave, therefore they will not reveal in any event, even if some people tempt them with some secret method, they will not say absolutely. That false Lan Lan cannot continue too for a long time , can only support 34 days by his present Divine Power, at that time he displayed this move also to consume massive Divine Power. Good younger sister, does your Blue Blood Clan that bead look like in the rumor to be so unreliable really?” Shen Xiang is very curious, since there is a such fierce thing, why successively holds Patriarch not to use.

Does not know that in brief very fierce that's it, my grandfather had said, to me, that bead I will have seen only one time, I in that time have traced that grain of blue bead, I already looked like now the Sir!” Lan Lan mentioned this matter to be very annoying: I have traced that blue bead, therefore I am this, cannot grow into a beauty.” That has anything, I think like you young beautiful woman am very rare, the beauty can discover a big pile! Also, you had a place not to be younger than these beauties.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. Bad elder brother!” Lan Lan is in a low voice charmingly angry. Two days pass by, then big Wu Jingsheng of palm were been good to result by Shen Xiang, although there is spirit dan therapy, but Shen Xiang's Universe Fire is not good to cope, for does not make these distinguished guests wait for a long time, Wu Jingsheng also can only be wounded to bow to Heaven and Earth. The Flying Immortal Sect's great hall decorates very luxuriously, yellowish red shining, jubilant, in the great hall has 2,000-3,000 people, many Shen Xiang familiar faces, for example Pill City some Dan King, with these ancient influence Big Shot, are some famous family juniors. On each face in great hall is brimming with the smiling face, was chatting with own some old friends, waited for the new person to come. Shen Xiang already quietly submerged in this great hall, hides on hanging ornament that is hanging, moreover he also enables Lan Lan to see outside picture. Came, giggle......” Lan Lan sees to walk, by him who Wu Jingsheng smiles is that false Lan Lan, but is covering the lid.