World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 941
Side that false Lan Lan is following several strength outstanding old women, they worried that this little girl when the time comes will escape. The moment passes by, must start to bow to Heaven and Earth, so long as has done obeisance the hall, this Lan Lan was the Wu Jingsheng wife, now Shen Xiang starts to suspect that this Flying Immortal Sect married Lan Lan perhaps to that Blue Blood Pearl, otherwise solemn Flying Immortal Sect because of taking a woman, but use entire sect's strength! first bow to Heaven and Earth!” second bow to parents!” husband and wife to doing obeisance!” husband and wife after doing obeisance, Lan Lan urged: Bad elder brother, quick change, quick change......” Shen Xiang laughed, controls that false Lan Lan inside Divine Power to diverge, when the people start to joyfully celebrate, the body of that false Lan Lan increased suddenly, has broken open the clothes, saw only black big wild boar suddenly to appear before the people. Sees this, the people have tarried, but Wu Jingsheng such as was been ordinary by the thunder stroke, retreat several steps, the body has been swaying, almost must fall, afterward a blood wells up from his throat, the blood in his mouth is similar to the fountain is common, afterward then poured in underground! This...... This unexpectedly is a pig, is this Blue Blood Clan unique talent ability makes?” Main house gate misfortune, this brat unexpectedly and a pig has done obeisance the hall, evidently this pig is male!” cough cough!” Some people cancould help smiling. Black Pi Zhu who this specifically is not used to eat? The physique is very big!”

„......” Person who in the great hall in many person hearts to rejoice in other people's misfortune, these are daring the start to talk speech, is the strength is quite formidable! The Wu Xu whole body trembles, the complexion muscle spasm, the blue vein will explode presently, momentarily will explode with rage evidently was the same, feels cold and gloomy murderous aura that on him will well up, many people have closed the mouth. Lan Lan covers the belly to laugh wildly in that room, laughs at her unable to breathe heavily the air/Qi! Who presents not to know that couple of days ago Lan Lan was rescued, then very much with ease pursued, now thinks that actually that is others delivers a pig to come out intentionally, true Lan Lan looked walks. The people were guessing that rescues Lan Lan who is, unexpectedly has this fierce method, can turn into tender dī dī adorable little girl a greatly black pig, and has deceived many people! The Blue Blood Clan talent ability is truly dubious, many blue blood martial artist talent abilities are to keep secret, the people start to suspect that can be the Lan Lan grandfather closes up? Flying Immortal Sect's large formation has closed completely, Shen Xiang was very relaxed left Flying Immortal Sect, the people who came out from Flying Immortal Sect impatiently the important matter that had inside spreads. The short several double-hour, Flying Immortal Sect nearby city knows that Wu Jingsheng married a pig! Wu Xu as Flying Immortal Sect's Dean, his son, although the strength is good, but is actually domineering and tyrannical, making the person in nearby city very loathe, has this matter, is the people smells happily happily. This entire Flying Immortal Sect became the laughingstock. In Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran closely is hugging, the matter that afterward narration of Lan Lan sputtering has at the scene, making Yan Yanran chuckle probably keep.

Your brat this move was too poisonous, but I like!” Li Baojun walks, said with a laugh that this is a big pleasure. Who makes them bully my Subduing Dragon Sect, although my Subduing Dragon Sect now is not too strong, but must counter-attack.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Yan Yanran movement technique is vigorous, moreover is mysterious Nine Lives Cat Demon, the strength is not weak, coordinates to understand that again stealth ability Lan Lan, they can become assassinate absolutely the master. Naturally, must investigate the information mystically is not anything. Shen Xiang also planned that refines some fierce belt poisonous concealed or hidden weapons to them, even if they facing some formidable martial artist, there is the strength of self-preservation. These days first puts in great inconvenience you, temporarily cannot show face in public, waits for later Subduing Dragon Sect to be formidable, you can certainly feel proud and elated!” Shen Xiang earnest said to Yan Yanran and Lan Lan. No problem, everybody is all right now that's alright.” Yan Yanran strokes Lan Lan beautiful hair gently, the complexion is bringing to smile charmingly gently, could see that she and Lan Lan relationship is good, sentiment with sisters. Lan Lan also nodded, in this year, she was worried all day Yan Yanran can be bullied by Flying Immortal Sect, now sees Yan Yanran to be all right, she is also very happy. Yanran, Lan Lan, you later specifically are responsible for inquiring various types to the Subduing Dragon Sect useful news, the concrete content and direction you weigh, now you first clarify in Pill City the situation in that several pills shops, which they sell many pills to have, price many, stores goods many, the alchemy masters who the origin, refines these pill who are! You must fixed time cause a detailed statement, gives Elder Li.” Shen Xiang said. This does not have the issue, I can mix to steal their bills!” Lan Lan said with a smile: „Before this matter me, does not have little does!” Shen Xiang nodded: You need massive crystal stones to go to Elder Li there to take! You can also develop oneself personal connection, can purchase the information with crystal stones. But must remember, cannot exposed your status, unable the exposed Subduing Dragon Sect's matter!” Li Baojun said: „If cultivating above need anything pills, I will meet your request as far as possible!”

Lan Lan said with a smile: Later I was Elder Lan, the beautiful elegant elder sister was Elder Yan, Ha Ha......” The Subduing Dragon Sect's person are too few . Moreover the person who gathers is certainly trustworthy, Shen Xiang thought that now was the time goes to Extreme Martial Sect to dig the corner, although when the time comes certainly they will be scolded by Gu Dongchen. The news when Wu Jingsheng and greatly black pig bows to Heaven and Earth just spread over entire south, another Heaven-shaking news comes, Flying Immortal Sect's ancestral tomb unexpectedly by dig out, after that ancestral tomb large formation was broken, many magic treasure and gems randomly fly, sprinkle in Flying Immortal Sect nearby city, but in ancestral tomb the most precious thing has not appeared, one wants to understand that was taken by the person of tomb raider. Flying Immortal Sect was really but actually the mildew of eight lifetime, these two matters gathered together, making Flying Immortal Sect's many old fellow be almost wild with rage, because they are unable to vent their anger! The matter of tomb raider does not need to know that is the Duan Family person does, their Flying Immortal Sect's grave had already been patronized by Duan Family, but had not succeeded at that time. Those who most make Flying Immortal Sect angry is, the Flying Immortal Sect every large or small grave by dig out, such Flying Immortal Sect's Dean has to convene outside disciple comes back, prepares to crusade against Duan Family. After Shen Xiang hears this matter: Chang Zi this fellow was also too ruthless, dug does not remain the wool, this fellow obtained certainly many good things!” Dean, outside has a fellow to seek an interview, he said that he was once excellent with your pitting, he is the roll-call looks specially your, it seems like he knows you here!” Li Baojun knits the brows saying that Shen Xiang with the Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion related this matter, only then their a few knows personally. Makes him come in quickly, this brat is the Flying Immortal Sect these grave dig out fellows!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.