World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 942
Duan Sanchang looks like very distressed, change appearance becomes hair gray humpbacked Old Man, looks at that appearance, almost wanted the belch fart, although he did not understand Transformation Technique, but changed oneself appearance through the change appearance method the ability, making Shen Xiang deeply admire. little brat, what thing did you dig in Flying Immortal Sect's ancestral tomb there? It is said in that big grave departed several thousand ancient magic treasure, good thing definitely in your hands!” Li Baojun rubs hands to say with a smile, he knows the fellows who Shen Xiang understanding are not the ordinary fellow, for example present Duan Sanchang, is the same with Shen Xiang, young, actually everywhere courts disaster. Duan Sanchang has drunk tea, scolded: Wool cannot obtain, magic treasure that these fly is the trash, that grave looks is dug does not remain the fart! The father this time was killed dead, before the fellow technique of that tomb raider was too wise, to take inside good thing, but has not touched outside restriction, therefore the Flying Immortal Sect's fellows do not know that their graves were poached.” And other father went to time, did not touch that restriction carefully, result these trash magic treasure all flew, although that grave looked like a palace, but I looked for quite a while in inside, any good thing not to have! Moreover exposed the status, by Flying Immortal Sect's old fellow is known I am Duan Sanchang!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Initially you threatened that wants dig out Flying Immortal Sect all ancestral tomb, who doesn't know?” Li Baojun sighed: Really is unworthy, your Bai Bei has been unjustly discredited, now many people suspect the thing in your hands!” Duan Sanchang face upwards the deep sigh: Not? You must know that Flying Immortal Sect these graves have fierce restriction, Flying Immortal Sect's old fellow does not dare to move heedlessly, I break these restriction laboriously, the fart have not obtained, but also all over the sky under was chased down, now I do not dare to meet Duan Family, my grand-uncle will certainly expel Duan Family me. Because this time I am go it alone, moreover has not obtained the thing.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: „Are you plan hire oneself I?” Nonsense, does not hire oneself you, do I ask you to do? Shen Xiang, my decided your Subduing Dragon Sect, do not catch up with me to walk!” Duan Sanchang is thick the facial skin saying: Depending on the ability that I rob a grave, good and bad must mix elder anything!”

Li Baojun shakes the head saying: Elder is not valuable in Subduing Dragon Sect, so far, I know that joins the Subduing Dragon Sect's person, except him is Dean, other are the elders! For example Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran these two girls, one is Elder Lan, one is Elder Yan, I am Elder Li, now were also many your this Elder Duan!” My this Elder Long!” Long Xueyi was mumbling in Hidden Jade Ring. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This has anything to be quite strange, elder were many, later disciple also!” Duan Sanchang feels the chin saying: Shen Xiang, you let Wu Jingsheng and pig bow to Heaven and Earth this to play suffice certainly, although I go in vain in that grave, but also has the discovery, I suspected that grave was poached by my grandfather, so long as found my grandfather, perhaps he can lead us to find more ancient graves, digs to a better thing!” Then you do have your grandfather's clue?” Shen Xiang asked. „Did you agree that I do join Subduing Dragon Sect?” Duan Sanchang asked. Elder Li is responsible for alchemy in Subduing Dragon Sect, Elder Lan and Elder Yan is responsible for collecting the information, does the section chief come you?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile. I am responsible for robbing others' grave, the good thing that found I not to have sole possession, moreover I can also teach some change appearance techniques, method of anything to break the formation, do not suspect my Duan Family ability, my Duan Family now only then such several people, but does not have that ancient influence to dare to move us.” Duan Sanchang said very proudly.

Good, makes you join, but this matter cannot the to divulge to an outsider, wait for three territories to discuss temporarily will say from now on again!” Shen Xiang said. Duan Sanchang hastily stands, said to Li Baojun respectfully: Also asked Elder Li to look after much!” Elder Duan you were polite!” Li Baojun said with a smile, the Duan Family matter also made him be interested, especially the method of that tomb raider, must know that many ancient influence linked their ancestral tomb unable to find, but this Duan Family actually. Dean, after our Subduing Dragon Sect, can be the elders?” Duan Sanchang said with a smile. Definitely not, but a big influence has many elders is also very normal!” Duan Sanchang nodded: My grandfather, when I was very young have been missing, he had patronized Flying Immortal Sect's ancestral tomb, but went at that time, has not poached anything! Flying Immortal Sect determines this point, but in already hollowed out in fact, only leaves behind some trash magic treasure to confuse others!” My grandfather has left behind some clues in inside, that is in defends in grave restriction to stay behind! That defends grave restriction is star map, but had been modified, that technique only then my Duan Family person can! Although has modified, but that restriction has not actually expired, instead becomes stronger!” Shen Xiang and Li Baojun also thought that very has doubts: Why does he want such to do?”

I thought that my grandfather was forced to rob a grave by others at that time, he possibly intentionally modifies that restriction, leaves behind the clue to make me seek for him, after that time, my grandfather was missing! My grandfather knows that many people of that phase of history, I thought that he was missing to stare absolutely by any person!” According to that star map, I knew that a general position, in a southeastern place, it is said three territories discussed also holds there! In addition, is follows the Emperor Heaven rebirth to appear there also Danger Zone, with Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land such!” Shen Xiang and Li Baojun tightly frown, they truly know that place, that place is called Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, that is one presents the in the air giant vortex, the vortex is giant, covers the surrounding area thousand li(500 km), slow revolving simultaneously, will blow out very terrifying lightning, sometimes also will lower the terror crowded Heavenly Thunder! But in the night, qi flow of that vortex will actually shine, looked from afar looks like beautiful seven color original prices is revolving slowly. Duan Sanchang also said: I have investigated this place, in night, that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory center...... Also is the black of that vortex center ** the territory, will have very big suction, perhaps inside is hiding anything! Moreover I have asked my grand-uncle and my Duan Family some old fellow, their unexpectedly knows where that is one, but they have not told me!” I thought that three territories discussed when the time comes to be able with this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory to pull relationship, perhaps met everybody to go in together! Clue that my grandfather leaves behind, aims at this damned place!” Shen Xiang thought it is necessary to look for Ji Meixian to ask, if Ji Meixian does not know that goes to Subduing Dragon Sect to look for Zuo Zhenxuan, the goal that if three territories discussed was Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, he could change the plan.