World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 943
After Duan Sanchang joins Subduing Dragon Sect, becomes contented, has not exited frequently, but teaches some to break the formation skills in Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion to Yan Yanran and Lan Lan, looked that he such diligently instructs Yan Yanran and Lan Lan, Shen Xiang suspected this small Tomb Raider does want to train female Tomb Raider these two females? Shen Xiang in Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion all day is precise Soul Creation Fluid, or cultivates True Qi, he only crossed the Nirvana two tribulations now, contrasts also to miss with many Big Shot is very far. Subduing Dragon Sect stronger is big unable , only then a Li Baojun person is supporting, but must one batch of young expert take the foundation, therefore he must provide massive high level pills, making Lan Lan they a bit faster promote the strength. Two months pass by, Shen Xiang is precise many Soul Creation Fluid to come, True Qi also once rose much, after all he eats up is Five Elements Profound Dan, to speed up cultivating the speed, he has to use this pill. Shen Xiang every other a period of time will look for Li Baojun, knew that Pill City anything pills should better sell, he lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou duplicates massive herbs in inside. Should better sell the price high naturally is Building Foundation Dan, although Human Territory now becomes very greatly, but Building Foundation Dan herbs still lacks, although now can buy in the market condition, but the price is very expensive, Building Foundation Dan is Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, but the price actually surpasses Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan, and falls short of demand. Building Foundation Dan of excellent quality rose two million crystal stones one grains, if 200 five hundred thousand, some people will rush to want, several large-scale pills shops frequently are out of stock at present, only then relationship and these pills shop very good people can buy! These pills shops probably every month only then 100 grains can take to sell!” Yan Yanran said that these are she and Lan Lan investigate. herbs originates majority to purchase, because Azure Profound Fruit is not easy to plant . Moreover the maturity time is very long, will cause the Building Foundation Dan price to stay at a high level.” Lan Lan said. Quite fierce alchemy master, most also can only refine two grains of Building Foundation Dan . Moreover the quality had not guaranteed, but Shen Xiang this freak can actually furnace four grains of excellent qualities! Elder Li, my massive Building Foundation Dan herbs, if you refine, can furnace four grains?” Shen Xiang asked.

Elder Li knits the brows slightly: Furnace three grains of excellent qualities, were my limit!” Those present know that Shen Xiang's alchemy technique was wise, seeing the Li Baojun facial expression to know, Li Baojun contrasted pill quantity, felt ashamed of one's inferiority. What second sells is Five Elements True Elemental Dan, the price in also about 2.001 million grains, is Profound Level middle-grade Pure Elemental Golden Pill, four million crystal stones one grains, are Profound Level High-Grade Black Sun Fire Pill and Life Essence Dan, can sell to 7,000,000-8,000,000 crystal stones, the Earth Level pill's sales volume is not high.” Yan Yanran said. Earth Level pill sells many that is because the quantity were too few . Moreover the person who can afford are not many, Shen Xiang also plans to focus on Profound Level Dan, because pill of this rank makes the difficulty not to be high, proliferates the crowd to be very broad, Soul Creation Fluid that needs are not many, synthesizes to look that is much more cost-effective than Earth Level pill. We do not lack crystal stones now, only lacks a reputation, if hits resoundingly the Subduing Dragon Sect's given name, later will handle many matters becomes very convenient! Can make us expand the influence fast, can win over expert.” Shen Xiang said. Yan Yanran and Lan Lan they know that Shen Xiang obtained Dragon Vein, he does not certainly lack crystal stones. Here has a number of alchemy herbs, then could be busy at dead Elder Li!” Shen Xiang smiled: Naturally, I will also be responsible for refining some, but also hopes that Elder Li gathers some level high alchemy masters much!” Although Danxiang Taoyuan provides many herbs, but majority are rank is quite low, is hard to capture the market share. After Li Baojun received Shen Xiang's storage ring, sees inside these herbs, was startled has almost not held on to your hat, if refines, each pill at least crosses ten thousand grains!

I said Dean, I build up these, my this must disperse the old bones puts up!” The Li Baojun forced smile said. Relax, does not make you build up all of a sudden! This selling very good pill, emits 20 grains each type every day, if possible, is best the way that tries to tender, Elder Li you are responsible for refining this pill, other these low level pill give other alchemy masters to refine.” Shen Xiang said: Had over a hundred grains of Building Foundation Dan, 500 grains of Pure Elemental Golden Pill, 200 grains of Black Sun Fire Pill and 1000 grains of Five Elements True Elemental Dan in inside, 500 grains of Life Essence Dan, sufficed to support is very long!” herbs where Duan Sanchang and Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran very surprised Shen Xiang comes, moreover builds up that many pill to come, their conceivable Shen Xiang usually eats pills with eating meal to be the same! Before these are, Shen Xiang refine, he has also eaten, but is treats as the sugar bean to eat, these low level pill do not have what effect to him, but to low level martial artist is supreme treasure, is many big sect gives up the flowered massive crystal stones purchases the thing. Life Essence Dan quite sells, can be used to auction, because a grain can prolong life from three years to about 50 years, to leniently person completely will be Immortal Dan!” Yan Yanran said. Shen Xiang nodded, was saying to Li Baojun: Elder Li, you well consolidate the foundation here, enabling each furnace to have many pill to come!” Li Baojun is solemn Dan King, was such urged by Shen Xiang, making Lan Lan they think that some are not good, after all others are Dan King, must give a face others. Li Baojun once lost to Shen Xiang on alchemy, therefore he was sincerely convinced to Shen Xiang, he nodded again and again, Duan Sanchang that looked at they are unreadable. Shen Xiang looked at Duan Sanchang they, lightly smiled: You suspected that my alchemy technique is inadequate?”

Lan Lan honk small mouth: Others Elder Li good and bad is Dan King, definitely will not compare you to be bad are too many!” The Duan Sanchang nod said: „, Moreover others, but authentic Li Tianjun successor!” Dean, I acknowledged that I had lost to you, but these years I have the promotion, therefore I want to compare with you well again, although my cultivation base and age have occupied you very big convenient, but when the time comes the victory and loss we should very be clear.” Li Baojun is keeping thinking about this matter, he thought that now is a very good competition opportunity. Elder Li, I thought that you will lose to my, or I show one's skill, this was I just learned!” Shen Xiang laughed , he although only learns in a Heaven Refining Technique big Ten Thousand Refinement Technique superficial knowledge, can carry on ten to build up, but that is quite shocks. Yan Yanran suddenly thinks that Shen Xiang initially that City Lord refined into pill's scene, she suspected that Shen Xiang is the plan reveals this move? „Do you show one's skill can make me admit defeat? I want to take a look but actually!” Li Baojun said with a smile: That present starts, making me open mind!”