World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 944
Nobody knows that the Shen Xiang's alchemy level is improved to any stage, because of Shen Xiang now by the character who all over the sky under chases down, will not make an appearance to participate in these Alchemy Competition, will not go to Pill Association to carry on the alchemy master rank inspection, otherwise he, as soon as appears, definitely will bring in many old fellow. Regarding the Shen Xiang's alchemy level, the people only stay, in he pretended to be Li Renshan during that time, can refine several Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, according to Pill Association alchemy Master Dengji, he was a big alchemy master, at this age, said that the first under heaven big alchemy master was not overrated. Shen Xiang must refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan now, but must the Refining Simulation Technique promotion say that 3rd level refining simulation Realm, but through studying Heaven Refining Technique, can make him strengthen Divine Soul fast, this has very big help to his alchemy. You must favor, do not blink!” Shen Xiang waved, sees only ten Building Foundation Dan herbs to fly the coming out person, under his Divine Power control, completely float in the air. Afterward ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace form, but others cannot see! Ten processed herbs enter in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, sees only Shen Xiang both hands to brandish, the innumerable hot groups sift in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. Saw this, Li Baojun to grow up the mouth, he knows that Shen Xiang was doing, unexpectedly wanted to refine ten furnace Building Foundation Dan at the same time, moreover did not use pill furnace! Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran took a deep breath, Shen Xiang does not need the pill furnace alchemy unique skill to appear again, saw each time always so will be shocking! Duan Sanchang was frightened atmosphere not to dare to breathe heavily! After Building Foundation Dan herbs by flame incinerator, quick melts, azure and golden light glow cover in the room, turns into one light seas, submerges all people in inside.

Li Baojun they have not felt uncomfortable heat, although they can see these are beating the flame, obviously Shen Xiang this is how certainly, let alone is ten furnaces, those who most make Li Baojun shock, all these were too short, after they see the beautiful multi-colored sunlight, Shen Xiang enters concentrates pill's stage! Unexpectedly is ten grains! Simultaneously refines ten furnaces, but must concentrate the pill four grains......” the Li Baojun innermost feelings to shout crazily, unbelievable. Now he understands why Shen Xiang must make him try hard, his furnace can only three grains, but Shen Xiang is actually 40 grains, the disparity is not a least bit, he believes that later Shen Xiang refines high level pill also to achieve this, even also has a more astonishing technique. Quick, 40 groups of azure golden Qi ball rapidly revolve, is searching the extrusion slowly, concentrates 40 grains of pill pellet in one light seas, but light glow in room also slowly comes up, the rich medicine floods the entire room fragrant, that 40 grains of Building Foundation Dan were received in a jade box by Shen Xiang. Li Baojun almost stared the eyeball, he received that jade box, carefully looks, these Building Foundation Dan are the excellent qualities. This was also I just learned!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Duan Sanchang swallowed the saliva fiercely, Shen Xiang is having massive herbs, alchemy time unexpectedly can also the batch refine, he saw Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion from now on the shook Pill City appearance. Elder Li, do you also want to compare with me?” Li Baojun shook the head, when the Shen Xiang alchemy control ability has far exceeded him, moreover when Shen Xiang alchemy pursues peak perfect, he is very difficult to compare favorably with.

Yanran, Lan Lan, you can rest a period of time, calm the mind to practice now, our these young people, the strength must be increased quickly, otherwise depends on our present strengths, as elder and Dean, being hard obedience.” The aspect that they practice has the Li Baojun direction or provides pills, Shen Xiang does not need too to be worried that as for Duan Sanchang, he also has own practice way. Then these days, Shen Xiang all day comprehend Spirit Slaughtering Technique, this with god attack cultivation technique is very abstruse, if he now wants to understand that insightful very strenuous, can only depend upon becomes aware little. Had the matter about Netherworld Abyss to pass to Pill City, on the same day Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang has performed in a play in Evil Dragon Burial Ground there, deceived many people to go to Netherworld Abyss to seek for that Black Tortoise Divine Weapon, but after many expert were got down, has not come up, Shen Xiang fully realized that under that fierce, not having Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor unable to get down, even if got down not to harvest, if found Ancient Fire Beast, perhaps will die there. Rare and precious pills that Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion emits each time is when other pills shops sell-out, therefore causes the Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion business to be getting better and better, many sect frequently send for guarding here, sometimes to occupy seizes the market, Li Baojun also intentionally lowers the price! This action, angers Pill City many large-scale pills shops, wished one could removing this street, these business prosperous large-scale pills shops, now become coldly are clear, because of Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion pills not only convenient, but also quantity are many, the quality was good, was appealing, has bought a time person, so long as had crystal stones on hand, second time will come to here to purchase pills. Shen Xiang's pills is not valuable, but these large-scale pills shops is valuable, was they take many pains to plant, if they lowered the price, will lose money surely! Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion disrupts the price on market condition, this makes many large-scale pills shops extremely discontented, these pills shops united in secret, plan to crusade against Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion. Shen Xiang intentionally such does, because these business good pills shops are ancient influence establish, one is that Association Master, he most dislikes this group of people, has the opportunity to deal with this group of people, he will certainly not let off.

Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion the street becomes very lively, the remote place because of lead of Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, turned into the lively area now , to continue again, here can ban the central area. What most angry is, the major part shop and street in this remote region by Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion initially by very inexpensive price purchase, here were not been lively at that time, land price convenient, if. Land broad of Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion purchase, is centered on Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion here, all around over a hundred streets are Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion! This is Shen Xiang and Li Baojun looks to plan, they do not lack crystal stones, their goals are to widen the sphere of influence, if continues like this, the Pill City lively region must change positions to set! The Pill Association headquarters are the central area, all around massive prosperous shop was being controlled by these ancient influence, if there does not live it up, these prosperous shops naturally also will turn into the ghost shop! This is many influences is not willing to see that they must prevent Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion like this from developing. alchemy of Shen Xiang in the secret room, Li Baojun stands outside the secret room, after Shen Xiang induces, opens the door of secret room. „Did that group of fellows come?” Shen Xiang asked. Li Baojun nodded: Altogether Dan King of 13 shops, Pill Association Association Master, as well as some elders of influence, behind are also following many young little rascal in them!”