World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 945
Shen Xiang already calculates that these people will visit to find fault, he said with a smile: First lets them outside and other days, if they dare to make any matter out of the ordinary, ten times present also!” They are the plan purchase our low prices evidently pills, but they will perhaps not prevail, we limit purchases, moreover these precious pill auction, or is sect scheduled, will not flow in their hands, even if they buy at the high price, loss is not we.” Li Baojun said. Duan Sanchang suddenly ran over, shouted: Our storekeepers were punched, hits the fellow of person to be rampant, it is said is Feng Family Dan King!” Li Baojun is angry immediately: Dan King is also what kind, hits my storekeeper, I strike back he! Let Elder Yan and Elder Lan goes to burn their Feng Family shop. His mother, really goes too far, walks!” The Shen Xiang complexion is tranquil, but the innermost feelings actually full are angry, he has traded an appearance, follows in Li Baojun behind, simultaneously with giving Yan Yanran sound transmission, making Lan Lan Invisibility Technique lead her to submerge the Feng Family shop, reburns one time! Because White Sea Sacred Realm has Zhao Yixuan to speak, now became is more honest, does not dare to provoke anyone again, was developing stably! Ji Meixian also sits quietly in White Sea Sacred Realm her Daughter of Heaven position, later perhaps is White Sea Sacred Realm Dean, but when the time comes Subduing Dragon Sect's attached influence! For serveral days, Feng Family and Flying Immortal Sect were most snobbish, was Dry Profound Mountain, Pill Association Association Master. In the pedestrian who comes to cause trouble, unexpectedly also has Flying Immortal Sect's, they just suffered the dual attack before, now unexpectedly so is rampant! The Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion storekeeper is an overly cautious and prudent little old man, now is hit black and blue, this makes Li Baojun get angry results in look blue, the whole body braves the burning hot the aura, making in a Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion building hall very sultry. Who has hit my Subduing Dragon Sect's person? Stands to me!” The Li Baojun angrily sound is similar to a shake wave, shakes many person vitalities to turn wells up, entire Pill City was shaken slightly to shake, could see that he got angry really! In hall many young people had been shaken by that sound wave uncomfortably, have these Dan King to release strength to protect them luckily, otherwise must spit blood completely.

Duan Sanchang accuses old man of long eyebrow, said: Is this fellow, he said that is Feng Family Dan King!” Snort, if has not punched this fellow, perhaps you will not come out!” That long eyebrow old man hit person is very rampant, originally Shen Xiang and Li Baojun think that they caused trouble are also quite temperate, looks for stubble anything at most, but has not thought that unexpectedly one hit the person. Li Baojun complexion sank, he is Pavilion Master, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion the safety of each staff he is responsible, was bullied rampantly to the end got up, can he not get angry? I give you two roads, either kneels to kowtow to admit mistakes to my storekeeper, either dies! You have no alternative!” The Li Baojun sound ice is cold, is bringing dense murderous aura, that angry face makes the will of the people startle, Shen Xiang was also frightened. Li Baojun such does, perhaps will make Pill City many influences besiege Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, but Shen Xiang supports him such to do very much, in any event, the Subduing Dragon Sect's person cannot be bullied! You...... Snort, my solemn Dan King, wants me to give this fellow to kneel down to kowtow, delusion!” That long eyebrow old man said with a sneer. Li Baojun sweeps Dan King that other followed to come, the line of sight falls on the body of that Association Master finally: You are also cause trouble?” These words, Li Baojun hair suddenly emits one group of five colors flame, sees that type of flame, many alchemy masters were shocked immediately! In Legend, that earth core fire territory deep place is the five colors flame, Li Baojun unexpectedly can control this type of flame, if burns, is hard to resist, this is Five Elements Heavenly Fire! Snort!” Li Baojun roars, waves is a palm, sees only the flame that five colors interweave become to turn into the palm blade, has been sweeping away to that long eyebrow old man!

Bang! fire palms hits on the cheeks of that long eyebrow old man, that speed must make many people unable quickly to prevent! The fire palms fan after the face of that old man, sticks out suddenly heat. Afterward, that long eyebrow old man head bang blows out white ash! Five Elements Heavenly Fire flees to the body of that old man, is only the suddenly time, that headless corpse turned into the ashes. The Li Baojun strengths and many ancient influence Big Shot quite, just passed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation shortly after Immortal, but Li Baojun grasps Five Elements Heavenly Fire this type of terrifying flame, moreover is a alchemy master, the strength naturally be much stronger than many people. I am only the alchemy master, I do not want to kill people, best not to compel my fight!” The Li Baojun sound is cloudy, that pair contains the pupil of killing intent to sweep the people the time, lets all person heart fierce beats, was worried that was patted by his palm. These people think Li Baojun is good to bully, moreover they look want to look for Li Baojun to ask about the Subduing Dragon Sect's matter, wants to obtain that Dragon Vein, the strength that but Li Baojun shows now has daunted them, is not the person who they can deal with. Does not think that the deathtrap hurries to give me get lost, was having reached adulthood expert, unexpectedly also made this type only to fall the sale price the matter, you only matched to be the weak one!” Li Baojun loathes this group of people thoroughly, he is understands why Shen Xiang will brave by danger(ous) that all over the sky under chases down , but these influences are hostile. One group of people leave Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion in a panic, these people are Dan King, or is the talented person. But compared with Li Baojun, they missed were too many, a Li Baojun palm of the hand can clap them, and Li Baojun lived up to one's words! Really insipid, this group of cowards!” The Duan Sanchang ridicule said. They also will come not long back, when the time comes they will lead a stronger fellow to come, at that time I must make them have a look at fierce of my Li Baojun!” Li Baojun of dew also made Shen Xiang be startled a moment ago, that Five Elements Heavenly Fire is absolutely fiercer than his Universe Fire.

Only if his Universe Fire can evolve Universe Heavenly Fire, otherwise is unable to defeat Li Baojun on the flame. Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran came back quickly, but sky over Pill City also covers the billowing thick smoke, Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran specifically was being responsible for work in secret, including assassinating anything! It seems like Pill City accommodated us, from their today's stances, wants to expel Pill City us!” Yan Yanran said that her present change appearance becomes a very ordinary female. We had already thought that they want to catch up with us to walk, must first receive here housing, according to the contract of then signing, they must take back, must pay the present value hundred times, here price rose, they must recycle, certainly must suffer a loss, when the time comes we gain, enough constructed a city in side.” Shen Xiang sneers. Lan Lan asked: If they don't defer to the contract to do?” Li Baojun coldly snorted, flicks the sleeve fan to leave gust gloomy, sweeps ground these white ash: Fight in which both sides perish, when the time comes I extinguished this Pill City am not the issue, but our Subduing Dragon Sect had is crystal stones, had is pills, we could play!”