World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 946
Feng Family Dan King after Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion was killed, making entire Pill City vibrate, these ancient influence Dan King are quite scarce, although each influence ten, but this has been for many years they carefully trained, once loses one, is very difficult to train in a short time. Subduing Dragon Sect these three characters, will sweep across entire Pill City once more, even is entire south, unexpectedly dares to kill others influence blatantly Dan King, even if many influences and Dan King have the conflict, secretly solves, therefore that influence lost Dan King, has not gone to revenge, in face also passable, because does not know that is who does. Now Subduing Dragon Sect kills Feng Family Dan King flagrantly, is similar to is looks like Feng Family to declare war! The Subduing Dragon Sect's strength is what kind, besides Shen Xiang them, knows without many people, because Subduing Dragon Sect is suddenly braves, occupies entire Dragon Vein, but also has one to compare Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion of multi- increase pills shop, moreover that Pavilion Master strength is powerful, can display Five Elements Heavenly Fire, a palm bang kills Feng Family Dan King. Subduing Dragon Sect at this time to the feeling of person is very mysterious, is very formidable, because this Subduing Dragon Sect monopolizes Dragon Vein, hides in Evil Dragon Burial Ground, what expert has in, nobody knew, but many people do not think that Evil Dragon Burial Ground is very weak. Shen Xiang and Li Baojun want others to think that Subduing Dragon Sect is very strong, now they are so strong, making many people think. Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion becomes very lonely, now dares to come to here to purchase pills, is a little strengths, in fact entire Pill City suddenly becomes very peaceful, is similar to a ghost town, is covering air/Qi of withering. That Feng Family Dan King is noon is killed, was only more than double-hour, Pill City Teleportation Formation plaza had presented ten beard and hair gray blue robe old man, these ten old man unemotionally, the body overflowed intermittent gloomy and cold cold wind, moved their blue robe to dance in the breeze, they walked, the step was slow and steady, invisible murderous aura with their cold winds, was quietly covers the chilly avenue. Must make war! Hid in the house the person who set up the surface anxiously to the extreme, some people started to run toward the city outside! Although Pill City sets up the surface to forbid to make war, but Feng Family now is also one of the Pill City words matter people, Pill Association has not come out to stop Feng Family, explained that Feng Family crusades against Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion obtains tacitly consenting to of Pill Association!

Pill Association is forms by Dan King of one crowd of big influences now, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion affects the business of many big shops, means that in challenge entire Pill Association, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion kills Feng Family Dan King now, Feng Family sends out expert to come to revenge, this is they smells the happy matter happily, since they have also looked forward to the person more, this can rumble that Dakuaide that Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion purchases completely rottenly. In Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, Li Baojun expression is solemn, the brow is wrinkling slightly, he goes out of Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, looks that ten old man that the intersection walks, the body emits a burning hot fire Qi, afterward, that fire Qi turns into faintly visible Qilin, flies toward the intersection. That icy blast that Feng Family ten expert release, encounters that fire Qi Qilin fierce hit, explodes loudly, sends out a dull thumping sound. You are bring death?” The Li Baojun sound is light, but that sound wave actually reverberates in each street, is bringing threatening might. Shen Xiang already got someone to leave Duan Sanchang and Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran, making them be far away from Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion temporarily, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion inside seeks, only then a Li Baojun person, but Shen Xiang also Jing Jing (quietly) on tall tower looks. Li Baojun had said that he can deal with comes, can fight the Feng Family outstanding heroes alone. We are deliver you dead, kills my Feng Family Dan King, your courage is big, even if you obtain Dragon Vein, our Feng Family does not fear you!” Feng Family old man yelled, stands in intersection he, is away from more than 30 zhang (3.33 m) distances, waves to divide a palm, sees only a black cyclone to make the Evil Devil roaring sound, howls to go toward Li Baojun. The violent wind filled with dust raids, whirls away the avenue two sides shop front doors completely, stone brick of ground was raised completely, after moving that terrifying black astral wind, was stirred the smashing! Li Baojun sneers, Feng Family most adept is uses various types of winds to attack, but Li Baojun most is good at coping, exactly is the attack of this wind attribute. Sees only in his hand to present one suddenly fully is the fan of red crystal scale!

Qilin Fan, this is Sacred Level spiritual tool, and Sacred Level dragon tool is equally fierce, before Shen Xiang, saw him to use this to extinguish several expert the fan instantaneously. Li Baojun grasps Qilin Fan, the entire arm overflow five colors multi-colored sunlight, understood at a glance that he in using Five Elements Heavenly Fire, saw that terrifying black astral wind must hit his time, he brandishes Qilin Fan vigorously, five colors multi-colored sunlight suddenly is exploding to dodge, brilliance soars to the heavens, only sees a gigantic five colors Qilin beast to appear before the Li Baojun body! Qilin beast big formidable, fills strength vigorously and healthily, the scales is sparkling the five colors brilliance, lifelike, seems Li Baojun suddenly summons is the same! hū! hū! hū! That black astral wind hit on the body of five colors Qilin beast, making the five colors Qilin beast roar, afterward is stepping that four vigorous and healthy powerful thigh, sends out bang the deafening sound, dashes about wildly to go toward the intersection! In some time ago, Feng Family several expert was struck to kill by a person with similar method outside the city, now hides expert that surrounds in the, immediately has thought this matter, believes firmly that is Li Baojun that several Feng Family expert killing. Qilin Fan in Li Baojun hand, making many expert both eyes that observes in secret fiery, wishes one could to snatch, even some people have recognized this are in Heaven World famous Qilin Fan! The five colors Qilin beast roars to roar, locks that ten Feng Family old man, flies crazily fiercely rush over, that ten old man have not moved aside, but revolution abundant True Qi, sends out low and deep loudly shout, ten people also take control, make one was roaring intermittently Blue Wind Dragon. Ten wind dragons fuse together, covers this avenue, fires into the five colors Qilin beast, although two strength crazy fierce, but both sides control strength ability very outstanding, has not made two strength break the avenue two sides shops.

One group of idiots!” In the Li Baojun heart laughs in one's heart, he when the fan leaves the five colors Qilin beast, on instantaneous flash to that ten old man, when that Blue Wind Dragon and five colors Qilin beast must bump into, he fan leaves Five Elements Heavenly Fire, is similar to the strong winds rough sea waves is ordinary, plunges that ten expert! Meanwhile, the five colors Qilin beast and Blue Wind Dragon bump into, but does not have the people to expect that such was stimulated the Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering energy, but is Blue Wind Dragon by five colors Qilin beast devour, making the five colors Qilin beast turn into is turbulent the five colors hot wave, toward that ten old man impacts in the past. Feng Family ten old man by both sides converging attack, were submerged by Five Elements Heavenly Fire, unknown whereabouts, but in the people can actually hear an intermittent rave that sends out! This fellow unexpectedly understands Instant Spacial Step, this is consumption huge strength, the steps crosses void mysterious movement technique, it is said that has Earth Shrinking Step in Legend to compare!” In tall tower above Demon Empress, both eyes shine, lightly smiled: This Subduing Dragon Sect, an elder so was really intrepid, fights Feng Family ten expert alone, moreover is very relaxed!” Qilin Fan, Instant Spacial Step, these things can cause not the small stir in Heaven World!” Yao Shumei whispered. Ha Ha, Feng Family kicked sheet iron! No...... Was Pill Association kicks the sheet iron!” Duan Kong unexpectedly not minces matter own laughter, enabling entire Pill City to hear.