World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 947
Li Baojun shoulders both hands, where ease station, looks the intersection flaming is burning five colors Heavenly Fire, he also controls this group of Heavenly Fire to turn into tall tower, ten Feng Family old man turbo-charged, burns to build up them with Heavenly Fire. This Pavilion Master, but also please show mercy, after all they practice this step not to be easy!” A black robe middle age from airborne grazes to come, to fall gently side Li Baojun. This person Pill Association Association Master, Ye Heng! Li Baojun sees Ye Heng to arrive, immediately is gripping tightly Qilin Fan, has swept his one eyes: I may, no matter, who has the mistake in first, you are well aware, you think that Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion is easy target, recklessly rubs to pinch! I will not show mercy.” Li Baojun puts out azure three foot great cauldrons, loudly shouted, float in the air great cauldron suddenly turns over, the giant cauldron mouth the buttress tower that turns into toward ground that Five Elements Heavenly Fire presses. You......” Ye Heng is greatly anxious, because that small cauldron suddenly changes is small, by Li Baojun taking away. I will not kill them, their life and death will be decided by my Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean!” Li Baojun coldly Ye Heng: You are Association Master, your how many witness this group of people bully my Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, you what is motive? Are you and their one group? As Association Master, not only has not led alliance member the person who prevents this crowd to violate the Pill City rule, instead also helps a tyrant do evil.” Saw Li Baojun to grip tightly Qilin Fan, Ye Heng retreat several steps, this added on Li Baojun Five Elements Heavenly Fire the fan again, the might can be imagined, he personally saw a moment ago, relaxed forcing ten Feng Family expert. Snort, hasn't hit your storekeeper? You kill Dan King, what thing is your storekeeper? Received a humiliation, wanted a Dan King life!” Ye Heng complexion sank, the sound is bringing killing intent. Today they think that Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion must be finished, but has not thought that Li Baojun has Qilin Fan this type of fierce thing, moreover understands Instant Spacial Step, several sub- Feng Family ten expert tidying up, not only has not suppressed the Subduing Dragon Sect's arrogance, instead made Subduing Dragon Sect have an opportunity of drumming up support, they cannot make the Subduing Dragon Sect's arrogance continue once to rise again.

The Li Baojun body shakes, swings a threatening fire intensity: I have given that fellow one almost, making him apologize to our storekeepers, he does not have to treasure well, whom has resulted in strangely? Shame my Subduing Dragon Sect's disciple, such as shame Subduing Dragon Sect, if Dean once more, will extinguish his whole families surely, hundred times present also! My this is light!” I urged Feng Family quickly to hide, when my Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean came back, when exterminated an entire family!” Li Baojun these words said murderous-looking, sound spread over Pill City, making many Feng Family people scared, their Feng Family ten expert had been burnt to build up in a cauldron the seal, the Li Baojun strength deeply has shocked them! Matter that today has, you have the share, but I do not haggle over with you, you hurry, otherwise I linked you to kill together! You dare to have this small thoughts to bully my Subduing Dragon Sect next time again, my entire Pill City burnt continually together!” Li Baojun coldly said. In the Shen Xiang heart sighed secretly: This fellow did not say one are only alchemy? Will not fight, moreover makes me not stir up trouble, now is booing, the one who hits most is fiercest is he, stirs up trouble ominously is also he, but this suits my taste very much!” Subduing Dragon Sect should have such imposing manner, otherwise can Subduing Dragon? Waits for this Dragon Emperor several years again, I went to that Feng Family crew cut, who dares to insult my Subduing Dragon Sect's disciple, extinguished his whole families!” Long Xueyi was clamoring. The Li Baojun brave words, truly frighten many people, Ye Heng are criticizing other these fellows, has not appeared to the present, making him support here, he was only one just crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation Dan King, a Li Baojun fan can pat him, he does not dare to remain at this time, Li Baojun had killed Feng Family several expert in the past few days, today has killed Dan King, detained ten Feng Family expert, did not care kills Association Master. Then, Ye Heng this Pill Association Association Master dingily walked, lets hate the Pill Association influence to think vents spleen, Duan Kong that heroic laughter also spreads over entire Pill City. You have the skill, attacks others Subduing Dragon Sect's headquarters? What heroes hits others shops is? Has not hit, tortoise was chopped by others!” Duan Kong said while loudly laughing, so long as there is an opportunity, he will not give up scoffing these rebels.

Duan Kong, your great nephew? Your Duan Family always robs a grave, but will never destroy others' grave, but your great nephew Duan Sanchang not only pulls out cleanly the graves of our founder, but also makes entire tomb destroy!” This is Flying Immortal Sect's Dean, the Wu Xu sound. Is shouting treating unjustly in Pill City inside Duan Sanchang innermost feelings, his wool has not resulted, this is his grandfather does. This brat truly broke our Duan Family rule, robs the virtue flaw, therefore we had decided that expels Duan Family him, later you can catch him, how wants to handle such handles!” Duan Kong heaved a deep sigh, although Duan Sanchang did well, but he must teach the management according to the ancestor, Duan Family for many years also like this handled many outstanding tomb raider strange, but he was not worried about Duan Sanchang, the Duan Family person who dares to come out to walk, never feared that was seized by others. Duan Kong Hehe said with a smile: Right Wu Xu, did the fellow who that plays tricks on your son find? Although your son has done obeisance the hall with the greatly black pig, but fortunately, your son also not with that greatly black pig nuptial chamber, otherwise......” Be quiet!” Wu Xu is angry, the sound like the thunder, shakes entire Pill City to shake. The matter of this Eight Diagrams, is many people most likes listening, even some people fabricated a rumor the Wu Xu son already and greatly black pig hole room anything...... Just walked shortly after Ye Heng to come back, moreover in him behind also with many Dan King. Li Baojun just received Qilin Fan, now also immediately took: You tired of living? Hasn't heard words that I spoke a moment ago?” We are recycle here land......”

Hundred times that you can be presently worth recycle, the place that we purchase, current value price many you should be clearest, do not make a show with me, I do not have the time and you play!” Li Baojun before and Shen Xiang expected that can have such matter. Here was trillion crystal stones......” Ye Heng just said that Li Baojun angrily snort|hum. Only Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion continued this, the big lands that let alone we bought, haven't you listened clearly? Must by hundred times of present value!” Li Baojun loudly said. Also is only because Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion is here expensive, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion moved out, here value wool! This land at least value 100 billion, if our Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion continues to stay here, buys, can sell this value absolutely, you recycle, at least 10 trillion, otherwise do not think!” Li Baojun is gripping tightly Qilin Fan, on the face full is anger.