World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 948
Continued Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion stay here, Pill Association that batch of large-scale pills paves do not want to gain again, therefore they exchange with Divine Sense now, was discussing whether must give 10 trillion Li Baojun. 10 trillion is a large sum of money number, words that but many influences collect together, to their pressures is not very big. Also not long, came a group of people, these people join the Pill Association influence representative, here many size pills shops hope that expels Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, therefore is willing to leave crystal stones. Without Li Baojun , etc. how long, hundred thousand crystal stones sufficiently collected, what surprising the people are, Li Baojun unexpectedly is very indifferent, probably was expelled is not the important matter is the same. Now Pill Association has brought back the title deed, packs the thing to leave to several days of time Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion, they did not fear that Subduing Dragon Sect establishes the city in side, because there are to stipulate, other people cannot establish the city near others' city, will otherwise encounter many big influences jointly to punish. Evil Dragon Burial Ground distance here is not far, can establish the city there, but Pill Association was not worried that they think the Subduing Dragon Sect's attraction aims at a small number, moreover they thought that Subduing Dragon Sect depending on own strength, could not only support the massive inexpensive pills supplies, sooner or later will be finished. Other influences will not certainly arrive at the Subduing Dragon Sect's city the shop, because Pill Association does not permit such matter occurrence. Pill Association was worried that Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion will change the Pill City central area, therefore anxiously recycling, because that is the matter that applies makeup very much, they think that Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion pills only suffices to support a period of time, but these days might really make Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion the Pill City liveliest place. Li Baojun packs Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion inside thing, then leaves, Duan Sanchang, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan continue to hide in Pill City. Shen Xiang already had the plan, he is returning to Evil Dragon Burial Ground now, what having a look at these Earth's Core Clan people to construct Subduing Dragon Sect.

Evil Dragon Burial Ground is covered by the big dragon that black Qi turns into, entire Dragon Vein therefore has also been protected, making other people be hard to step into one step, even to spy on with Divine Sense, will be used the mysterious and formidable strength counter-attack by this black big dragon. Shen Xiang enters across the black fog, goes to the Evil Dragon Burial Ground center, what making him be startled, the short several months, this central area has the earth-shaking change! Here established a city, city wall unexpectedly of entire city was two huge Black Dragon, dragon body reached as high as more than 20 zhang (3.33 m), the black scales shone densely, are pasting strange strength, two aggressive dragon head launched the giant mouth, to the city gate front, can see in Longzui also to have any thing, as if can condense formidable strength then spray. The city gate shuts tightly, but after Shen Xiang arrives at city gate next, the black front door opens, inside plain elegant houses introduced the view. Stands in city gate, looks following straight stone brick Great Dao to the front distant place, a broad imposing manner heads on immediately, there is a palatial giant palace, before the palace gate, sets upright two giant stone columns, Golden Dragon is coiling around on, follows a big piece of grand architectural complex in behind and two sides of this palace, looks like shocks. Shen Xiang had not said how at that time must construct, because he knows that the Earth's Core Clan ancestor is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens subordinate, specifically is responsible for mining crystal stones, constructs some houses to explain that has not thought that unexpectedly is so fierce, he guessed that was entire Earth's Core Clan sent out, and rushed a job at the same night! Shen Xiang had not found the Earth's Core Clan person here, he arrives at that piece of grand architectural complex, found the quite giant palace in inside, there spacious great hall has a hole, can lead to below that Dragon Vein. In a nearby great hall, Teleportation Formation, can transmit under! After Shen Xiang arrives at Dragon Vein below, only sees the Earth's Core Clan person to mine crystal stones leisurely and carefree, for them this is equal to playing the silt is equally simple, moreover here everywhere is crystal stones!

Tie Li saw Shen Xiang to arrive, has a smile. Dean, I remember that you mentioned sect that you must establish from now on to be called Subduing Dragon Sect, therefore we like this, here basically has completed, has been short of life Qi/angry, you must make the flowers and plants trees to come, here left leeway many positions to plant, when the time comes did not need to cover above with the black fog all day.” Shen Xiang praised: Elder Tie, your Earth's Core Clan was really fierce, in a big way frightens me one to jump!” Tie Li said with a smile: This does not have anything, we already stayed under greasily, has the matter to do rarely, therefore everybody goes all out very much! Above Subduing Dragon Sect can accommodate two three hundred thousand people, in the past the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens crack troops were almost this population.” Shen Xiang asked: „Do you such achieve? Then how long? Moreover the material that uses is very good!” Building material makes from earth core, the following rock is very firm, moreover we had for many years dug many passage, stores up the rock, makes into the brick bat, the time of therefore using is also very convenient.” Tie Li brings Shen Xiang to arrive at his residence. Shen Xiang discovered that this Earth's Core Clan is only mining is not only fierce, the construction, forging and set up formation have certain attainments, for example they understand to arrange Teleportation Formation, but also that type is very ancient, uses Dragon Vein strength, almost does not consume any thing. When this Earth's Core Clan initially with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, is very important, can say Great Emperor of Ten Heavens not this group of people, could not become the imperial undertaking, therefore Earth's Core Clan will be cursed, was the same with Duan Family.

As the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens loyal subordinate, but can also inherit now, obviously their strengths are unusual . Moreover the Earth's Core Clan population are many, must know that Duan Family now was also only more than ten individuals. Tie Li had already said that must work for in Shen Xiang, now he also calls Shen Xiang is Dean, since he also has been the Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, Earth's Core Clan is Shen Xiang's Subduing Dragon Sect establishes the first group of disciples. „Does Elder Tie, have the means to make your Earth's Core Clan get rid of the curse?” Whenever Shen Xiang thinks the curse that Earth's Core Clan for many years encountered, cannot help but sighed for them. This, only then can arrive at Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that altitude to be able, but we believe that you can certainly achieve, we live tenaciously, to wait for that!” Tie Li said. Shen Xiang nodded: „A day, I will always make you be delivered from oppression!” Afterward Shen Xiang and Tie Li were discussing establishes a Subduing Dragon City matter near Evil Dragon Burial Ground, whether after Tie Li listened, happily, because they mine crystal stones also to think all day very stuffy, moreover these crystal stones Shen Xiang do not use temporarily, they ate unable to eat these many, moreover some buildings that they for many years formed in one's mind can appear under the sunlight.