World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 949
After Shen Xiang leaves Evil Dragon Burial Ground, looks for Li Baojun they, and led outside them Evil Dragon Burial Ground. Dean, you determined that we do enter in Evil Dragon Burial Ground not to have the matter?” Duan Sanchang asked that because Shen Xiang said that must lead them to go to have a look at inside Subduing Dragon Sect. Lan Lan sees that scary huge Black Dragon in the distant place, cannot help but made an effort to shake the hand of Yan Yanran, but Yan Yanran was also so, the fearful evil aura that feeling that Black Dragon released, making their cannot help but back send coolly. Let alone they, Li Baojun this expert, stared by both eyes of that Black Dragon are scared, therefore heard that must go in this terrifying place, they somewhat are disturbed, they are not do not trust Shen Xiang, but was this Evil Dragon Burial Ground is too terrifying. Relax, I, although was unable to control this Evil Dragon Burial Ground strength completely, but leads you to go in a issue not to have safely!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, traces Lan Lan that to be frightened frightened delicate and gentle features the somewhat. Then, four people follow in Shen Xiang behind, to move toward Evil Dragon Burial Ground fearful and apprehensive, they have had very big courage, steps into these black rooms, but after treading, in the discovery these were black and thick evil aura suddenly sliding door open likely, presented a spacious bright road, this made four people more relieved. When they go out of strip passage, immediately sees the city wall that has shocked, two huge Black Dragon crawl in the place regarding a city, two reach as high as 20-30 zhang (3.33 m) huge dragon head to the front, is growing up the mouth, reveals is similar to the small hill common canine, four are similar to the blood Yang Ban giant eyes, glittering evil looking red light, is looking makes the will of the people tremble. The front door opens automatically, Li Baojun their four people were startled unable to speak, moves the footsteps stiffly, follows close on Shen Xiang behind, arrives in front of that leaf of front door. The front door opens automatically, after Yan Yanran and Lan Lan see inside that innumerable construction, simultaneously covers up the small mouth, has expressed an exclamation. Duan Sanchang yelled one!

This is actually has, do you construct these days?” Duan Sanchang asked that also thought some are impossible, how these days possibly to construct such a city, although this city is big, but many places are not used for the person, for example is used to train, teach and contends in martial arts anything. Hehe, this was just completed, initially I also had a scare! Here is Dragon Vein place above, in our deep places, is the big dragon that crystal stones turns into, because under some friends too have not wanted to accept too many strangers temporarily, will therefore introduce you to them next time again.” Shen Xiang said. Duan Sanchang both eyes suddenly stares perfectly round, calls out in alarm: Is that Iron Lion Divine Army?” Iron Lion Divine Army? Shen Xiang slightly thinks that can guess correctly what Duan Sanchang said is Earth's Core Clan, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was a lion, Earth's Core Clan is called at that time such is not extraordinary, this truly was a very aggressive name! Has not thought that they inherited, but also under this! If they do, then this point is not extraordinary!” Duan Sanchang understands that Earth's Core Clan matter obviously very much. Shen Xiang nodded: They were cursed, cannot be shone by the sunlight!” Oh!” Duan Sanchang heaved a deep sigh, has not said anything. What is Iron Lion Divine Army?” Lan Lan asked curiously. In the past can make the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens army turn into the iron to hit same Divine Army with various main cities, is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens goes on an expedition Nine Heavens and Ten Earths main force in secret.” Duan Sanchang said that the complexion full is worship, he has heard these Legend since childhood.

Evil Dragon Burial Ground central Subduing Dragon Sect bathes in sunlight, appears full of vigor and vitality, grand grand, but lacks some vitalities, later some will certainly have. Such big place, on several of us elder? Must make here live it up, we must spend a time.” Yan Yanran is treading the lithe step, walks on clean smooth stone brick Great Dao, she is the Subduing Dragon Sect elder, she must try hard, otherwise later is unable to follow the Shen Xiang's step. At this time all people have this mood, this makes them firmly decide, must try hard to promote itself, otherwise cannot be joined to the status of this Subduing Dragon Sect elder! I will make them construct a city in, that is Subduing Dragon City, then we gather the disciple using Subduing Dragon City again, this need for a long time, takes your time is not anxious! Later here surely becomes the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths most prosperous place!” The Shen Xiang's sound is self-confident. Goes out of Evil Dragon Burial Ground, Li Baojun they looks that Shen Xiang controls Evil Dragon Burial Ground some black Qi to overflow, covers a big region, although these black Qi reveal from Evil Dragon Burial Ground, but is still fearful, is similar to Devil Decaying Death Qi is ordinary, touching must die. We must before three territories discussed made entire Subduing Dragon City live it up, then participated in three territories to discuss, showed our strengths! Yanran and Lan Lan you must grasp the time promotion strength, has the idle time to investigate Pill Association to have these influence alliances, investigates to the Pill Association very discontented influence, investigates these ancient influence hostile forces, investigates the Feng Family important character......” Chang Zi, if possible...... You contact with your grand-uncle, looked whether they have the idea to join us!” Elder Li, gathers to be many as far as possible some good alchemy masters, the condition is higher is all right, I will let the Danxiang Taoyuan's person and you contact, let them and you exchange to manage the experience of pills industry.” Shen Xiang looked at the distant place , to continue saying: I will return to Chenwu Mainland, our people were really too few!”

Afterward, the people are busy respectively their, but Shen Xiang went to under Dragon Vein, told Tie Li them, the region he has delimited, told their detailed positions, but also the black fog in Evil Dragon Burial Ground started out a road, making them go to probably establish the Subduing Dragon City place. Pill City has had many important matters, majority are related with Shen Xiang, the Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion matter is also, but many people do not know. Pill Association controls the Pill City business once more, controlled has profited steadily . Moreover the pills price also generally rose, this to make up that 10 trillion crystal stones, although the Pill City complaint was unceasing, but did not have the means that the Pill City pills shop joined up to rise in prices, many small pills shops do not want to rise, but was also being compelled rising by Pill Association, causing the business to be worse! The similar high price, the small pills shop is very difficult to put together these big influences, but the big influence to fish that 10 trillion fast, makes many small pills shops raise the price, many business centralized in their these big influence hands. Shen Xiang walks in Pill City, seeing here complaint to be unceasing, in the heart is secretly happy, this is his opportunity, if Subduing Dragon City constructs, he has the confidence to attract many people, even can let join the Pill Association small influence to draw back the pledge! He uses Pill City Teleportation Formation, arrives at Extreme Martial Sect! Yun Xiaodao they may be good seedlings, after they join Subduing Dragon Sect, there are pills lifting scheme that Li Baojun provides, in addition some difficult practice, they can the fast stable promotion strength. What is most important is Yun Xiaodao they are worth Shen Xiang trusting, by his present situation, was very difficult to find the trustworthy person, therefore he has to brave to undermine a wall by danger(ous) that Gu Dongchen scolded.