World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 951
In a Pill City old room, Duan Sanchang just and Li Baojun boasts, Shen Xiang suddenly walked. „Did Friend Dean, you such quickly come back? You were not said that drew a person to come? Such your?” Duan Sanchang asked. Chang Zi, did you look for your grand-uncle?” Shen Xiang had not replied immediately that hastily was inquiring. No, their no longer Pill City, moreover no longer the hiding point of our secret, I must wait for a period of time.” Before Duan Sanchang, has said with Shen Xiang, their Duan Family people drift about from place to place, but they will decide time to meet. Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran also received the Shen Xiang's signalling, hastily has hurried back, they collected the information in Pill City. These two beautiful women have masqueraded, appears very ordinary by oneself, otherwise depending on their statures and cheeks, can capture the attention of many people absolutely. I just returned to Extreme Martial Sect, my master told me many people to start to go to participate in three territories to discuss, moreover they have also held a competition, my small Martial Nephew Gu Dongchen led 50 disciples to go to Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, Heavenly Thunder Purgatory had the mutation......” Shen Xiang to say the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory matter fast simply. Leads the disciple to go to that informed and experienced? Otherwise not all of a sudden on belt 50 elites in the past!” Yan Yanran knits the brows: Moreover they also hide this news very well, our unexpectedly does not know!” This...... My master said that also troop loose cultivator goes, can the news pass on? Was Heavenly Thunder City controlled?” Shen Xiang is suspecting. Duan Sanchang walks back and forth in the hall: My grandfather perhaps in inside, my grandfather perhaps, but many ancient influence number one enemy, the grand-uncle they also went, this is the treasure trove that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens leaves behind, perhaps inside is hiding any good thing!” Lan Lan looks at Li Baojun, tender dī dī said: Elder Li, you lead our these juniors to open mind!”

Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean and several elders, are many ancient influence stare, Yan Yanran was mysterious Nine Lives Cat Demon, Lan Lan plays tricks on the Flying Immortal Sect Dean son, the Duan Sanchang lane does not have Flying Immortal Sect's ancestral tomb, Li Baojun has killed Feng Family Dan King, seal ten expert, Shen Xiang has been needless to say...... In these ancient influence eyes, they are one group of felons. Li Baojun looks to Shen Xiang, he must look at the Shen Xiang's meaning, other influence many expert, but their Subduing Dragon Sect only then Li Baojun this alchemy temporary supports, Dean and that several young elder in adolescence, but compares to the contemporaries, is stands out outstandingly. Goes, but Elder Li you do not use, you must stay here to wait for Subduing Dragon City to construct!” Shen Xiang puts out jade token, the blood drop above, portrays some spirit pattern fast, gives Li Baojun: So long as is taking this jade token, can arbitrarily enter Evil Dragon Burial Ground.” Li Baojun surprisedly said: How don't you need me to bring good?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I asked another fellow to lead us to go, later Elder Li your relieved alchemy, managed pills business that's alright, the goon I will look for one in addition! This fellow may have the background.” Then, Shen Xiang is bringing Duan Sanchang, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan, arrives at White Tiger Mysterious Realm! Comes here, Yan Yanran feels a mysterious and familiar aura, but makes her feel the fear, Lan Lan jumps in this vital beautiful mountain forest, Duan Sanchang walks while inquired that Shen Xiang here is any Mysterious Realm. In White Tiger Mysterious Realm is very beautiful, fine spring day, a piece is releasing the big tree of delicate fragrance air, but has Shen Xiang not any pressure now. Duan Sanchang, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan felt at this time more and more that formidable invisible pressure, especially Yan Yanran, that charming jade face slightly turns white. Shen Xiang thinks must go to the White Tiger Fighting Clan residence, can go to that big tree to find White Tiger, but makes him be what is surprised, White Tiger unexpectedly suddenly appears in their front, wear a look of temperate smiling face.

Sees this look averagely middle age, Yan Yanran immediately the whole body is the perspiration, almost cannot come to a stop! But Lan Lanhe Duan Sanchang is also the color of whole face fear, but they do not have Yan Yanran such. Senior...... they......” Shen Xiang know that White Tiger is probing Yan Yanran they. White Tiger smiles lightly, receives that invisible strength, looks to Yan Yanran, said compatible: You are Nine Lives Cat Demon, do you still remember something? Has about your parents, lives is being the matter of your tribal group!” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks that the tiger and cat have the origin, but White Tiger is rare and precious this bloodline, perhaps Yan Yanran can like Bai Zhenzhen, be able to let White Tiger director practice. Yan Yanran shakes the head: I was adopted by a grandma, after I raise, sends in sect.” Why does not know, Yan Yanran trusts at present this middle-aged man, she does not know the status of this middle-aged man, but thought that has a very kind feeling. Naturally, White Tiger formidable also makes her feel shocking, Li Baojun stronger is much bigger than she has seen. Duan Sanchang and Lan Lan in one side, including White Tiger time is very careful, is worried to anger this mysterious fierce fellow. Nine Lives Cat Clan and we have some origins, in the past could be said as, but afterward completely lost in that great war, I also think that Nine Lives Cat Clan henceforth on certainly the [lineage/vein], has not thought unexpectedly can meet here.” White Tiger looks at Shen Xiang, asked: Can make her follow in my side a period of time? She should have the inheritance of Nine Lives Cat Clan to remember, but has not awakened completely!” The Nine Lives Cat Demon matter, Long Xueyi does not know that their Imperial Dragon Clan can be said as about White Tiger knew, unexpectedly does not know White Tiger Fighting Clan unexpectedly also has a such mysterious union. Shen Xiang looked at Yan Yanran, said: This must look at her meaning.”

Yan Yanran nodded, she also wants to clarify oneself Nine Lives Cat Demon status, she always thought on one is hiding very formidable strength, she thought that at present this person can help her stimulate. „Are these your friend?” White Tiger looks to Lan Lanhe Duan Sanchang, his eye looks like very genial, but actually as if has a look at the secret that thoroughly everyone hides. Um, moreover my Subduing Dragon Sect's elder!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Subduing Dragon Sect? Is the present passes on noisy Subduing Dragon Sect? Has not thought that Dragon Vein unexpectedly falls into your hand, do you such obtain?” The White Tiger complexion reveals a startled color, he thought that depending on strength of Shen Xiang person, is hard to obtain that Dragon Vein, in the past his big disciple, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also because of the help of many people, had formidable strength to obtain with. Because I have Emperor Crystal.” White Tiger is suddenly enlighted, nodded, no longer closely examines, then looks to Lan Lan. Lan Lan looked at the non- nature by White Tiger very much, some fears, she hides Yan Yanran behind, this makes White Tiger he he smile: Relax, I will not eat you! You are the Human King Clan blue blood branch, in the past Human King once was the Qi Shi good friend, I will not injure Human King descendant.” Duan Sanchang even more thought that this person is very at present fearful, he has not thought that lives in some antique that time also people now, unexpectedly these many matters, these matters are his Duan Family rob a grave really for many years, knows something that from many antique old fellow graves.