World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 952
Lan Lan asked low voice: Uncle, can you also join Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean?” Subduing Dragon Sect? This name will offend very strong fellow, your unexpectedly did not fear.” White Tiger had not replied that he will certainly not join Subduing Dragon Sect, but he has complied with Shen Xiang, will help him participate in that three territories to discuss. lightly snorted and said of Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring: Has anything to be good to fear that this is my this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor agreed that specifically is used to suppress that crowd of Old Dragon to use.” little brat, the resentment read is not small! You know why finally one appear in Emperor Heaven?” White Tiger said with a smile, his unexpectedly can hear Hidden Jade Ring inside matter. Long Xueyi no longer makes noise, is only somewhat angry coldly snorted. Lan Lan such has not feared now, because White Tiger has not visited her again, but looks to Duan Sanchang. In the Duan Sanchang heart was whispering: I am a normal person, does not have the blue bloodlines, is not the monster, attractively what has? Is because I was too graceful? White Tiger smiled, has not said anything, looks at his facial expression, probably saw anything from Duan Sanchang. White Tiger gives Shen Xiang sound transmission in secret, other exposed his White Tiger status, then said to Yan Yanran: You can stay here now, waits for the similar time, I will make you exit.” Yan Yanran nods, then looked at Lan Lan: Senior, can she with my together?” Naturally!” White Tiger replied with a smile.

Although these two females are keeping here temporarily, but this is actually a big good deed. Then, Shen Xiang and White Tiger said simply that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory matter, sees only White Tiger to frown, said: This place too early opened a point, discovers what accident? However you cannot go, Nine Lives Cat Clan, Human King Clan and Duan Family helped Qi Shi, you should better not!” White Tiger looks to Duan Sanchang and Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran. Why?” Duan Sanchang in great surprise: Perhaps my grandfather in inside, my grand-uncle they possibly also went in!” White Tiger knows obviously Duan Sanchang is the Duan Family person, Shen Xiang is very curious he to think so. Heavenly Thunder Purgatory is not Qi Shi establishes, that is one...... Battlefield.” White Tiger said. Is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die place?” Duan Sanchang loses one's voice shouted: That is greatly ominous place, my Duan Family and that Iron Lion Divine Army were cursed in inside!” White Tiger nodded, then shook the head: That place is the paradise of rebel, was in view of a trap that Qi Shi set, Qi Shi in inside did not die in the past, was only in inside losing power severe wound, like subordinate who he took away, died in inside most probably, can run away, only then minority.” Your Duan Family Patriarch definitely knows, if they also take risk, perhaps they had a consciousness, seeks something that they must find.” Yan Yanran and Lan Lan think regrettably, then follow White Tiger to walk into the mountain forest deep place, Shen Xiang bring Duan Sanchang to leave White Tiger Mysterious Realm.

Dean, if sees my Duan Family person, but also asked you to save them!” Duan Sanchang was extremely worried that he knows his strength, if he goes in Shen Xiang, perhaps only will add to the chaos to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang planned lets White Tiger and he goes together, but that also to guarantee Duan Sanchang their safety, but now only then he goes, therefore does not need White Tiger to come out, he can only wait till three territories discussed to start makes White Tiger walk one again. Duan Sanchang looks for Li Baojun, but Shen Xiang goes to Heavenly Thunder City. Shen Xiang through King City large-scale ancient Legend, arrives at the remote east, Heavenly Thunder City! Heavenly Thunder City was one just established soon city, was eastern part many big influences jointly constructs, the eastern influence Big Shot plan used that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, built a giant lively city this Heavenly Thunder City. This city is the same with other large-scale cities, although shortly after just established, but the person are many, the brand-new construction makes the person look like is very comfortable. Shen Xiang appears in transmitting plaza, but he discovered immediately that here Legend can only transmit at present, but cannot transmit. „The entire city was blocked, cannot exit!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looks up to far spatial, above that piece of Lan Tian probably float a huge pale golden hat, this is that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, is that giant vortex, but Heavenly Thunder City distance that vortex also has very far distance, appears such small! Really is very big, the distance is so far, can see the shape, but can also see above lightning indistinctly!” Shen Xiang goes out transmits plaza, is quick he to know here something.

This city is away from Heavenly Thunder Purgatory to be recent, nearby city basically merged, to prevent the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory matter reveals, many big influences decide seal the city, only then these participate in the big influence that three territories discussed to come and go out at will, but must enter the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory words, can pay certain crystal stones, making some expert escort. Then, this news is very difficult to reveal, these big influences such do also to guarantee them can obtain in the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory good thing first. Some Shen Xiang regrets have not revealed this matter, destroys the plans of these big influences, now he does not have the opportunity, this Heavenly Thunder City large formation is powerful, to exit only to be able through the strong method, but certainly will be stopped actually, simply does not have the too much time to break this large formation. Only needs everyone ten billion crystal stone, has expert to escort that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, such does, on the one hand for some loose cultivator in peaceful Fucheng, moreover gains crystal stones, team that because is responsible for escorting from many influences, the competitive power is also very big, but the Heavenly Thunder City person are many, this can make them gain one greatly. These loose cultivator basically do not have what threat, even if goes saying that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory obtains the good thing unable to take away many, their these big influences are batches, many thousand people, little dozens people, already seized the resources richest region in inside. Shen Xiang only wants smoothly to enter Heavenly Thunder Purgatory now, he thought that will certainly run into many old friends in, but he plans to investigate first, has a look inside to have any good thing, then looked that situation if wanted and old friend meet with. He had found a convoy, pays million crystal stones, then and more than 100 people wait. After more than double-hour, convoy starts, five passed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation Immortal to escort, therefore many people felt relieved, because they heard enters that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory time, was struck by lightning very much easily, but these expert hand guards, can help to resist these lightning. Naturally, the most important reason cannot go out of town secretly, otherwise many people will not pay million crystal stones, these million crystal stones regarding many loose cultivator, is a quite big number.