World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 953
After going out of Heavenly Thunder City, Shen Xiang they were looked stubbornly, so long as some people of slow points or look around, these old man loud voice that escorted scold. All the way, the people run with very even speed, slowly approaches under that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory. In hurrying along the period, escorts these expert not to allow these hundred to talk mutually, so long as they see some team inside people to make noise, lives is exchanging with the look, will be being been staring with an angry look by these expert, therefore nobody dares to speak on the road. These more than hundred people are first time go to Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, if they early know that the treatment was so bad, has paid million crystal stones, but also received this treatment, they will be will not come absolutely. Before went to the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory people not to come back, therefore they naturally do not know that will have such matter in the process of escorting, walked, they were indignant. These big influence seal the city matters annoyed the disaffection of many people, thinks this is the way that one type can go out of town, but has not thought actually like the slave. dragon brat, you use Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, looked to find other cities, passed on this matter!” Shen Xiang sees these big influences to go too far, with this method guaranteed one had sole possession of that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory not saying that now received others' crystal stones, but also such to treating people, he must make the plan of Heavenly Thunder Purgatory malinger. Team inside person strength is not too strong, Nirvana Realm few, the speed of advance is therefore slow, several days passed by, the people arrive under that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory finally. The sky is the giant vortex that golden mist forms, has ersanshi ten feets in width black hole in the vortex center, that enters the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory place. The entire vortex is giant, covers a stretch of broad earth, but the center is small, this makes people think actually very surprisedly. Stands under Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, thunderclap must transmit continuously, in pale golden Qi mist glittering [say / way] lightning, Shen Xiang carefully was observing, discovered that the center has strange strength, is absorbing all around rich Spirit Qi, time that massive Spirit Qi gather, but also was deputed to build up to melt, will therefore turn into the pale golden color! Massive Spirit Qi gather in the upper air, revolves around the center, rich Spirit Qi collides mutually, friction, will therefore stimulate unceasing lightning, sometimes also will divide to hit in the ground.

These Spirit Qi were inhaled central that hole, in that hole should be a world, through absorbing outside energy is to maintain the revolution!” Long Xueyi was guessing, she had found two cities, and Divine Power that released with her turned into an appearance of person, spread this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory matter. Has used three days of time, people go to the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory center, ten expert everyone of escorting puts out circular flying disc, can stand ten to come individual above. After the people stand separately, circular flying disc slowly float, toward that black does not see the bottom the black hole to fly. After more than half double-hour, people across that black hole, are very smooth enter in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, appears on a stretch of open area. In this stretch of open area has ten old man to guard, preventing some people to escape from this exit / to speak! After arriving here, in the people heart was angry, because came not to meet any danger(ous) all the way, they made these big influences gain million crystal stones in vain! seal the city did not say that goes out of town must pay million crystal stones, must be scolded all the way, the people wish one could to kill off expert that these escort completely, their strengths are just insufficient. Shen Xiang looked at the following that black hole, they came in a moment ago, but the flash has passed through, moreover he had not felt that this black hole absorption massive energies, he suspected that these energies should seep from other places. The people look at all around, although here is a stretch of open area, but the four directions of distant place are actually green mountain green water, in the deep blue sky, eagles are spreading the wings Gao Fei, the sound that the distant place also transmits the river water Taotao turbulent current, as well as waterfall billowing sound. Here unexpectedly is a beautiful world! Has the difference of heaven and earth with the hearsay in!

„Do you want to do? Do not wander about aimlessly everywhere, follows us quickly!” old man sees the people to disperse, immediately roars, releases a scary barometric pressure. „Can't we take a walk now freely?” A middle age is somewhat angry, he handed over million crystal stones to come here, did not work as the slave to others. Snort, you wander about aimlessly are courting death, catch up to follow close on us to come, we will arrange some work to give you!” old man sneers. The people are angry immediately, they were really deceived to work as the slave, now they understand why comes here loose cultivator not to go back, because they had been limited. „The words that you want dead, try freely!” On a old man face full is killing intent. Purple Moon Sacred Realm, but eastern part the well-known big influence, you such did bully the person!” Person of shouted. That is also what kind, you are competent, can such bully us! We here massacre you, is only and massacres hundred ants to be ordinary, what thing are you?” The people are about to explode with rage, many guys think fight, but they revolt also court death, they can only submit now first, found the opportunity to run away again. Eastern Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family are equally wicked, the special humiliation is small and weak, Shen Xiang wished one could extinguishing these influences. Purple Moon Sacred Realm, today your pit my Shen Xiang, quite became enemies and me!” Shen Xiang innermost feelings killing intent is steaming, sees on the people face the color of that anger, he has set firm resolve, eastern part this Purple Moon World is he ancient influence that comes first to start.

The people are having filled with fury, arrives in a piece of mountain with that several old man, here has many caves, some wear tattered people take storage pouch to come out, on hands over in a hand of man. Sees this, the people understand immediately that they are mine, in this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory has the rich mineral resource, the words that but must mine, these big influences do not give up with their disciple, therefore uses that despicable trick, not only deceives others million crystal stones, but also makes others come to here to work as the hard labor! Be responsible for gathering storage pouch that man to lie down in a very luxurious chair, he received storage pouch after these person of hard labor hands, to them spatial, making them continue to mine. This male purple robe, on the purple robe also the round silver purple full moon, understood at a glance that he is the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's important personage, perhaps is Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven! Comes your storage equipment turning, receives storage pouch to mine crystal stones again!” That purple robe man to Shen Xiang them shouted. Also can turn in storage equipment? The people such can allow, when the people want to revolt, more than ten guy suddenly flushed, surround these hundred people!