World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 954
Shen Xiang is the same with other people, is gripping tightly the fist, thinks fight! That purple robe man stands up, walks slowly, he has the face of handsome and elegant face, the both eyes under that straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards are full of the color of disdaining, the facial expression arrogantly, making the person look very much wants to step on maliciously is rotten his face. Such? Words that does not coordinate, you only then at death's door, I told you, below that your feet stepped on, the flesh and blood of many idiots!” Purple robe man with one type the look that looks at the ants looks at the people. Fellow elders, you have been working hard, first rests, here gave me to be OK!” Many thanks Son of Heaven cared, then we said goodbye first!” old man said respectfully that then several old man walked. This is really Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven, strength with other Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven should almost, but in the Shen Xiang eye actually also be only. These Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven have very strong strength young, means that they have very big potential, has boundless prospects, therefore these elders respect them, if later these Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven become the hierarchs, they when the time comes also will obtain many advantage. Right, I am Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Purple Moon Son of Heaven, Zhuang Jiurong! Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean is my grandfather, you are the slave to be honored in my hands! If you try to revolt, I will make you live to might as well die!” Zhuang Jiurong is very rampant said: You are one flock of ants, without any opportunity revolt!” Shen Xiang felt that several elders have walked away, starts some martial artist that investigates all around hides, surround their ten guys, but just crossed Nirvana Realm, his palm can pat one! Hurries to hand over your storage equipment, you coordinate some, can be exempt from the physical suffering! waste, what look at to look, do you want really instead inadequate? Depending on you, my finger can pinch you!” Zhuang Jiurong sound gloomy and cold, eyes full was the cut-throat color, in the hand suddenly presented a purple long whip. Shen Xiang suddenly walked, in his hand is taking very attractive storage ring, understood at a glance that is not the simple thing, after Zhuang Jiurong sees, the complexion becomes moderate, smiles lightly: One who understands the times is outstanding, you revolt against me are only the futile efforts!”

After Zhuang Jiurong sees that attractive storage ring, two glittering greedy light, but before Shen Xiang arrives at his body, has not handed over immediately, instead closely pinches in the fist. „Do you want to revolt against me?” Zhuang Jiurong sneers, the purple long whip flings, makes light together, shoots at a distant place giant stone, sees only that giant stone to turn into the powder. The Shen Xiang sound tranquilly and said slowly: I have not thought must revolt against you, since I see your first, you in my eyes is a deceased person!” The words finish, the Shen Xiang body shakes suddenly, pure and holy golden light suddenly emerges in his body, lives the splendor shiningly, light glow four shoots, is similar to under Heavenly God. His form makes people suddenly think very big, the imposing manner of that looking disdainfully world, making people think that he looks like shows disdain for the ruler in world, making the person unable to bear want to follow him. This is...... Suppressing Devil Holy Power, who are you?” Although Zhuang Jiurong in great surprise, but gets rid not to be slow, the long whip has pulled out to the Shen Xiang's cheeks. „The person of my cut down Demons, eliminate Devils, you are the demon, I kill is you!” Shen Xiang bellows, the sound deafening sound endless mountains, why also does not know, the people thought that here each mountain probably is shivering, probably is giving Shen Xiang to provide strength. The Shen Xiang's sound, unexpectedly shakes that Purple Moon Son of Heaven whip directly succeeds in giving up several, Shen Xiang golden light is bright, the people cannot feel any fluctuation of energy at this time, but was actually revered the imposing manner to give to subdue by that gang of emperor, all around several hundred mountains unexpectedly shivers at this time. This is Earth Slaughtering Technique, with the strength of earth mountains and rivers for oneself uses, to murder the immortal to extinguish the god, cuts the monster slaughter demon! Shen Xiang puts out a hand to hold the Zhuang Jiurong nape of the neck, pinches vigorously, kā chā, sees only Zhuang Jiurong entire suddenly crooked to one side.

I was Purple Moon Son of Heaven...... you have killed me, Purple Moon Sacred Realm will chase down you to the far-away place cape!” Purple Moon Sacred Realm, this is only a start! Does not need them to chase down me, I can extinguish them, you felt relieved that dies, I later will deliver the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's disciple to look for you!” A Shen Xiang palm racket to the head of Zhuang Jiurong, the Shocking Heaven Palm strength shatters the ground, the Zhuang Jiurong whole person was also shaken several, all flew. That ten guys responded at this time, but Shen Xiang has been treading Earth Shrinking Step, several passed over gently and swiftly from these ten sides suddenly, but these ten guys had been rumbled by Shen Xiang a palm, by one type palm strength that smuggles the intense flame rumbling ashes. In the cave there are many people to run, seeing Zhuang Jiurong that was insufferably arrogant to be dismembered, in heart happy incomparable, Shen Xiang has put in storage ring many storage equipment. Accepts own thing, then takes your million crystal stones, does not permit to take!” Sees Shen Xiang this strength, people not to dare to live other thoughts, in abundance walks, these and he person, as soon as goes and comes can also take million crystal stones. Senior, many thanks you get rid to rescue, otherwise we have not known when must be stranded to!” Color of the youth face gratitude. Senior, you hurry, the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person must come quickly!” old man said. The Shen Xiang complexion slightly changes: You quickly walk, temporarily do not think leaves here, you found Extreme Martial Sect first or are the Chenwu Mainland above influence, looks for Devil Subduing School, they should here!” Then, several old man suddenly appear, the surround people, this crossed Nirvana Realm Immortal!

Sees corpse block that in the ground scatters, that several elders were shocked. Shen Xiang Rong Tamenduo did not say that puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, chops a blade fiercely, five azure blade shades flash before, is similar to five azure big dragons, hits to that five Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elders. Is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this person is Shen Xiang, holds him!” An elder is angry to bellow, but Shen Xiang has been treading Earth Shrinking Step, flees in a direction. Shen Xiang appears here, these five elder where can also attend to these by the person who they deceive to be the slave, pursues in abundance in Shen Xiang behind, the Shen Xiang value in their eyes, far exceeds these middle-and-small mineral lode, especially that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! The people look at suddenly to disappear in Shen Xiang of distant place, cannot help but hit quickly grasping the meaning of something, the Shen Xiang's matter they had heard, but majority were some fabricates the matter, specifically was used to discredit Shen Xiang's, now the people understood very much profoundly why Shen Xiang can is hostile with these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm, because these ancient influence were not the good things! They had decided that after waiting, must spread over entire Human Territory this matter, making the people join up, resists this confrontation!