World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 955
Shen Xiang was already called as the Son of Heaven killer, lets cut to kill Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven specially, now was one's turn eastern Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven is scared. Are been many by the person who Purple Moon Sacred Realm deceives, what Shen Xiang rescues is only few parts, but more than 3000 people, they have not dispersed now, but gathers together, this can make them safer, they according to Shen Xiang said that finding the way to find in this inside Extreme Martial Sect and Devil Subduing School such good influence! Not is only Purple Moon Sacred Realm does, east other even is the south influence also such does, the disciples who they bring are few, but here many mineral resource, they , to begin fast, only then with this means that that loose cultivator in their eyes, is similar to the pig dog not different, they simply not these loose cultivator, when the person looks. Shen Xiang very calm is treading Earth Shrinking Step, making behind that five Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elders be able to overtake him, as the matter stands, he can guarantee that 3000 people can walk are farther. Kills my Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven, Purple Moon Sacred Realm and your cannot live under the same sky!” Elder shouted, the Shen Xiang's strength is truly astonishing, unexpectedly can be broken the Son of Heaven instantaneous bang, but that is also because Purple Moon Son of Heaven is extremely arrogant, frightening not to have revolt strength by Shen Xiang that sudden explosive force, must strike to kill unexpectedly. Shen Xiang sneers: Your Purple Moon Sacred Realm did any deal wicked you to be clearest, your Purple Moon Son of Heaven must rob my storage equipment, this matter had more than 3000 people to testify! We pay million crystal stones to come to here, but was actually bullied by you, was forced to be the coolie by you, even if extinguished your Purple Moon Sacred Realm, many people will clap the hands and shout praise for me!” Your this evil factions, were Son of Heaven, does not know that many people were thanking me!” Outright nonsense!” Elder angrily said, they discovered that Shen Xiang's movement technique is very strange, Shen Xiang has not displayed peak Earth Shrinking Step, therefore they could not have seen this are Earth Shrinking Step, but thought that Shen Xiang escapes now very with ease. These Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elders could not bear, lashes out, rumbled bunch of condense wild True Qi in the Shen Xiang rear area distant place, hit to Shen Xiang!

Shen Xiang Divine Power puts, can judge these energy waves instantaneously the direction of attack, he 11 avoid, looks like very thrilling, if slower, perhaps will be wounded. You are really that Purple Moon Son of Heaven loyal old dog, that brat died, you should go back to give him to gather up dead bodies immediately, but does not chase down me here!...... Right, after that brat in their opinion is only, can flatter well, now he died, you naturally do not have what to be good to yearn, instead is my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade comparison attracts you! Hehe, it seems like your dog was inferior, the genuine good dog after the master died, the performance compares hello!” The Shen Xiang's words enrage these old fellow, making them release a more terrorist attack, each palm makes, can rumble a mountain top, chases down, a ground piece in confusion, astonishing gullies are found in a big region, here mountain forest was ruined by these five elders completely, but they at most are also only Shen Xiang's hair dishevel. suddenly, these five elders collaborate to release one move of very strong big move, condense leave a huge purple fist, hits to Shen Xiang, delivers one in the ground like the great river great ditch, explodes purple light that shoots, covers big sky! Bang the sound is unceasing, the in the air reverberation, such as lightning-like billowing rumbled sweeps across in all directions, almost entire Heavenly Thunder Purgatory people can perceive this terror the sound. These five elders just crossed Nirvana Realm Immortal, if not Shen Xiang understood that perhaps Earth Shrinking Step, looked for is captured alive by them, when that move hit a moment ago, although he shunted, but was actually shaken many meridians by that formidable Qi Energy, he turned into an interruption wood luckily, fluttered along with that qi wave to the deep forest. „Can he die?” old man float in upper air, looks at ground in confusion. Does not know that should unable dead is so quick, this brat is weird , haven't you seen him securely continuously? But I guessed that he should be seriously injured!”

In woods that Shen Xiang in piece of trees collapse, he changed the human form, hides under a chaotic wood of piece of collapse, but also took grain of Life Returning Pill, accelerates to repair own injury. Goes to that side to have a look!” old man has referred to that piece by the forest that the strength wave shakes, then flew. You are Purple Moon Sacred Realm's! You have a look at the good deed that you do!” The clear sound conveys together, is having an anger, but in the anger is also bringing a gentleness, Shen Xiang one hear of sounds know that was that Demon Empress comes. He has not thought that this Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress also stays here, has not returned to Heaven World, if other spaces were firm, she is hard, if she bogs down here, only meets life essence to dry up dead. After the Demon Empress sound passes on, then appears in Purple Moon Sacred Realm's several elders is stronger, she is also having several attractive spirits, from that several spirit aura, is the weak ones. Snort, if brings in the demon of Purgatory, we must have the trouble, your this group of idiots!” What speech is Black Fiend Mountain Bear King. Purple Moon Sacred Realm, you toss about us not to have the opinion in your regions, but you must pierce the day to harm our words, then our Qin Family is impolite!” In person who comes, some are the Shen Xiang understanding, is these Sacred Realm and Heavenspan Family being in power person, but he has not seen the Chenwu Mainland's strength, he heard that Devil Subduing School's Dean also came, but has not actually seen the person.

Shen Xiang has killed our Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven, if trades to be you, you such will also do!” Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elder angrily said: Our Purple Moon Son of Heaven had been dismembered by that brat, he escaped a moment ago was injured by us, perhaps now he ran away far!” Audiences expert has been startled being startled, the complexion of everyone slightly changes, Shen Xiang unexpectedly arrived here, this is not the good matter, because of Shen Xiang's concealment ability very outstanding, moreover there is a change appearance technique of this strange its technique, Shen Xiang arrived here, will only threaten many big influences, these that especially and Shen Xiang has a grudge! Snort, what deal that you do do not think that I don't know? You deceive a troop person to come, not only gathers million crystal stones, but also robs their storage equipment, finally forces them to mine crystal stones! If I mixes also to suffer this treatment, let alone kills your Son of Heaven, I linked you to kill together, your humanity shouted us for Demon and Devil all day, but here we were much cleaner than you!” Demon Empress said with a sneer, lets these ancient influence complexion red. Bear King said while loudly laughing: Right, on this, we are cleaner than your the fellows of humanity, no wonder your Son of Heaven were butchered, lived should!” Do not pull my Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, we do not have such to do!” Yao Shumei not cold did not say pale. My Qin Family has not done, but I know that eastern majority of ancient influence has done, Feng Family, Flying Immortal Sect and Dry Profound Mountain!” Qin Family Patriarch said.