World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 957
The day Devil Monarch king was enraged thoroughly, turns into huge black to grasp, grasps to the upper air, the pressure to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is stepping Earth Shrinking Step, the speed is extremely fast, making him let slip again and again, presses earth huge being in charge, these are in charge brave the faint trace evil aura, is very scary. Heavenly Devil domain! You cannot run away!” Day Devil Monarch Wang shouted angrily, on the earth suddenly overflows black Qi, turned into a giant vortex, had a suction, seemed like in the devour ground, letting Shen Xiang is unable to go forward. Although Shen Xiang now is treading Earth Shrinking Step, but is actually similar to marks to be the same. You must die!” Hands down with the day Devil Monarch king gloomy and angry voice, in the upper air presents a huge black palm, strikes with force toward Shen Xiang under. Audiences expert held the breath to look at this, the strength of day Devil Monarch king has shocked them thoroughly, they did not think that Shen Xiang can live, had been a pity actually perhaps that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, will die to vanish with Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang sees a piece of shadow to depress, is bringing destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth powerful strength, an intermittent evil aura is seething, cannot withstand tyrannically, shakes the earth chap, he thought that his body must be extruded one group of meatballs to be common likely. Evil Devil, what dying is you!” Shen Xiang roared calmly, whole body golden light sparkles, strong Suppressing Devil Holy Power was urged to send completely by him, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in hand turned into the golden color, dragon roar was intermittent, brings to let the imposing manner that Demon and Devil trembled, the deafening sound world. Shen Xiang to the giant evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator who is pressing, chops a blade, golden Qi Energy dodges to shoot from Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is similar to a golden big dragon of losing one's temper, sweeps away the sky to be ordinary with that giant dragon body, the lasing leaves the intermittent fierce Yang Ban brilliance! Bang!” Sees only that to the giant evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator who Shen Xiang runs over, suddenly explode lightens one group of golden light, black Qi vanishes without a trace, but Golden Dragon that Suppressing Devil Holy Power turns into, sends out intermittent wild with rage roaring, breaks in the sky, vanish from sight.

Shen Xiang pants, shakes the hand of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to shiver, a blade, had gathered a moment ago Suppressing Devil Holy Power, Dragon Force and Universe Fire, as well as strongest Devil Subduing Energy nine layers, with body 50% strength, routs Devil Monarch king of that day finally! But his facial expression still serious incomparable, he eats up one grain to restore True Qi pills, is staring at the sky. Feng Family and Flying Immortal Sect's Dean just wants to fly to Shen Xiang, Gu Dongchen suddenly to appear before their bodies, blocks them: You honestly!” Shen Xiang that strength is very terror, especially Devil Territory and Demon Territory expert, is using Divine Sense to exchange at this time, if wanted collaborates to cope with Shen Xiang, that strength that Shen Xiang displayed a moment ago, aims at Demon and Devil all, especially Suppressing Devil Holy Power this type of terrifying thing! Suppressing Devil Holy Power after Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable is missing, is lost since, has not thought that his unexpectedly grasped!” The Demon Empress willow eyebrows are tight, expression sinks to congeal, a pair of jade fist grasps very nearly, likely will be momentarily to Shen Xiang fight. Shen Xiang unexpectedly has not run away immediately, this surprises the people actually, he looked at being ready to make trouble Demon Empress, said with a sneer: Has to plant you to come now, so long as you kill undying today I, even if ascends the sky into, I must kill off your Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit!” Looked that your appearance just crossed the Nirvana 23 tribulations, I lift the hand then to extinguish you, if I get rid, you cannot run away surely, so long as you hand over Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade......” Delusion, the blade in the person , the blade perishing person perishes. Did you come to try freely, lift hand to kill me? Had said to me the person of this words are many, I want to take a look at some people able actually to achieve really!” The Shen Xiang arm shakes, raises Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, gentle azure light winds around Divine Blade, on the knife is carving Azure Dragon, although is small, but the people in distant place thought that looks like a living big dragon. Demon Empress tight wrinkle willow eyebrows, on the face unexpectedly full is the hesitant color, but she did not plan to get rid evidently!

Shen Xiang, you and my Ancient Desolate Devil Sect cannot live under the same sky, we cannot circle you today!” Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Dean, the Jiang Tianlu whole face is fierce, puts out a great axe, from the upper air dive, at the same time, the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's five elders follow close on, but, initially them had to cross that peerless great tribulation. Shen Xiang sneers, in eyes flashes through one cunningly: I helped you to cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, transcend Heavenly Devil World, your not only step thanked me, but can also kill me? The ingratitude does not have the good end!” You issued a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree, harm the grave of child of Devil God by dig out, making my Ancient Desolate Devil Sect lose many outstanding disciples, this is the blood sea deep enmity!” Although Jiang Tianlu said that but that pair fills the greedy and wild with joy eye, stubbornly is actually staring Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Shen Xiang hand, looks at his facial expression, resembles him to obtain this Divine Blade at any time. Approaches the Shen Xiang's time in Jiang Tianlu several people, several black Qi fly to shoot from the earth, covers that Jiang Tianlu several people, only hears the scary neighing sound to pass from that several Qi ball. Jiang Tianlu several people in several instances, by these black Qi devour, afterward that several Qi ball were gathered together, fuses human form black Qi. Person who this black Qi turns into, only then a pair of blood red pupil, only hears in his body to spread the familiar sound. brat, has not thought that you know unexpectedly I must do, your unexpectedly does not have the plan to walk, do you want to fight to the death inadequately with me?” This is the voice of day Devil Monarch king. Sees Jiang Tianlu several people killed violently instantaneously, these want to the person who Shen Xiang gets rid of now the whole body to be the perspiration a moment ago, Demon Empress is secret cursed Shen Xiang, she was almost passed a moment ago by the Shen Xiang stimulation, but she thinks and thought that Shen Xiang is frightening her intentionally, makes her not pass. You were one died many years of Evil Devil Primordial Spirit, used you to gather many years of energy swindle and bluff here! If you are really competent, you do not need to be scary! You make others feel that you are very strong, but if here person collaborates to cope with you, you simply do not have the stratagem which ensures success!” Shen Xiang jokes: Otherwise you gather many years of evil strength, will not be routed by my blade!”

You a moment ago devour that several people of strength, pays many prices!” On this day the Devil Monarch king sneers: Nonsense, you disparage my strength, because you in frightened!” Has said my strength weak probably is you!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, afterward is a blade chops to the day Devil Monarch king. Day Devil Monarch Wang Suiran just rebirth, devour several people, but the strength is not weak, seeing Shen Xiang's Divine Blade to divide, he does not move aside, instead is a fist courses blade edge. Do not look that he is black Qi turns into, when fist the evil aura that releases, is containing very strong Qi Energy, shakes Shen Xiang's Divine Blade to send out intermittent dragon roar. Why does not know, Shen Xiang suddenly knew about the Devil Monarch king at present on this day very much, moreover he also feels Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to have an inexplicable excitement, he suspected that long ago, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens had coped with Devil Monarch king of this day with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, therefore Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade will have the memory, passes to him these memories again fuzzily.