World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 959
Slaughter Qi that Shen Xiang releases, making the trim day change the color, making in the heart of everyone have the sense of fear of being hard spoken language. I must kill you!” Shen Xiang back suddenly reappears a big piece of virtual image, unexpectedly is big piece of huge Lion Mountain. Innumerable huge deep green Lion Mountain, hard to tell if it's real or sham appears in Shen Xiang's behind, at the same time, a big piece of tide wells up crazily from Lion Mountain, hits on these Lion Mountain, arouses the difficult situation, the momentum is very vast, to person one type the feeling of shocking the heart. Many expert first time sees the ten Heavenly Saint mountains in this Legend, but now Shen Xiang has actually released, although does not know that he must do, but audiences expert thought that this is certainly related with Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, because Shen Xiang's Slaughter Qi integrates him completely behind in the Lion Mountain Tsunami chart. The Slaughter Qi transformation is a broad imposing manner, making people think that is similar to the ants in the face of this Lion Mountain Tsunami chart, this is earth strength, earth the strength of murdering, regardless of humanity is formidable, regardless of the quantity of humanity has many, facing strength of nature, appears not worthy of mentioning. This is Earth Slaughtering Technique that Shen Xiang comprehends, lets own simulation earth strength, this is nature Great Dao! At this moment, in entire Heavenly Devil Purgatory, is a sound of intermittent raging waves rough sea waves, strength that the sea attacks, fuses together with Lion Mountain, naturally produces strength, turns into living spirit pattern formation diagram! Shen Xiang both hands grasp the blade, between Heaven and Earth suddenly blow the intermittent strong winds, blows him to issue the dance, he lifts up high Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, that huge Lion Mountain Tsunami Fig. suddenly pushes in his body, the between Heaven and Earth strong winds were more terrorist, in the upper air also chops to hit a startling thunderclap, thunder sea of fire that suddenly Shen Xiang released before is blown off, was locked by him in inside day Devil Monarch king. Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is really formidable, turns into the nature strength of mountains and rivers strength, produces irresistible might, with naturally fuses, obtains the strength of nature!” Demon Empress beautiful eyes is bright. You were worse than Great Emperor of Ten Heavens were farther, I did not fear you!” Day Devil Monarch king severe howl gets up, although he said that the prestige of ruler but he feels the Shen Xiang accidentally overflow, the innermost feelings cannot help but shiver. „The strength of mountain sea!” Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can strengthen along with strength changes heavy, now he simulates the strength of mountain sea, making his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade release ten thousand mountain vast might and mighty waves sea tuck dive strength.

The airborne fog tumbles, lightning flash thunder cry, the below of trim earth, the giant beast is struggling probably, cuts to fall along with a Shen Xiang's blade, a surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) place, is similar to the angry sea fluctuates! dragon roar suddenly spreads, in the momentum forcing world chops is hitting the crazy thunder, sees only on the dim earth, Azure Dragon glittering the dazzling multi-colored sunlight, is dodging to go toward the day Devil Monarch king, although is only the short instance, but the people think that dragon probably really general. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens could not kill me, you not possibly...... Ah! the day Devil Monarch king was bitten by azure Dragon Swallowing, sends out fierce yelling, place azure-red cloud that he is at explodes dodges, as if Azure Dragon is fighting with the day Devil Monarch king. After several instantaneous, the world returns to normal, the grinning fiendishly sound of day Devil Monarch king transmits: Ha Ha...... I had said I am Eternal Life undying, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also can only scatter my soul in the past, but I was the rebirth!” Shen Xiang sneers: He is he, I am I, he has no alternative but to represent me unable! You must die today!” His facial expression is very tranquil, but on that day Devil Monarch king now only remaining half bodies, but he is absorbing Spirit Qi to restore to come fast, that speed very rapidness, naked eye obvious! Divine sea bites the soul!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, his top of the head suddenly projects one golden multi-colored sunlight, sees only the sky of his top of the head, presents a piece of virtual image. unexpectedly is tranquil golden sea, this was also Shen Xiang a moment ago displayed the thing that Lion Mountain Tsunami Fig. suddenly sensed! But the golden color the tranquil sea, sends out the pure and holy pale golden multi-colored sunlight, sees only Shen Xiang under foot suddenly to present Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, this Tai Chi Diagram revolves slowly, golden vast sea of his top of the head also slowly revolves. Suddenly, the speed on suddenly fast, audiences expert only thought Divine Sense suddenly that they release vanished! „Is this also Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique? Why with Legend is different?” Qin Family Patriarch surprisedly shouted.

Does not know, but looks like can devour Divine Sense or the soul and so on, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is comprehensive, is very difficult to determine!” Yao Shumei does not dare to spy on that golden Divine sea with Divine Sense again, otherwise her Divine Sense inexplicable was towed. The Mo Clan Patriarch vision is flashing killing intent, said to nearby old man: Must kill this!” The day Devil Monarch king was roaring in the hissing, after his half body spurted golden Divine sea, by the above vortex pulling a cart, Shen Xiang was in devour he. To the present, Shen Xiang displays Spirit Slaughtering Technique finally, but he regarding this is very fuzzy, because Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Earth Slaughtering Technique do not have the concrete attack concept, depends entirely on a thought between suddenly, then displayed, but the might was powerful! Shen Xiang knows that Spirit Slaughtering Technique is not only only devour, definitely also has strong attack strength, but he has not sensed at present. I just am one of Purgatory Heavenly Devil by the thousands and tens of thousands, do not think that has killed me, you can the shook wind and cloud, you not have Great Emperor of Ten Heavens strength here, you must die here without doubt......” between Heaven and Earth reverberates the voice of day Devil Monarch king, above Shen Xiang that golden Divine sea is vanishing gradually, but in Shen Xiang's soul Divine sea, is melting the day Devil Monarch king who that just devour was coming in slowly, gives to erase evil consciousness, leaves behind the pure soul strength to let his devour! Had finished, making the audiences frightened long time day Devil Monarch king unexpectedly cutting to kill by Shen Xiang, in the past cannot kill Great Emperor of Ten Heavens completely, but Shen Xiang actually achieved! In the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens may not have Suppressing Devil strength, but Shen Xiang had, this was also he can the reason of forcing day Devil Monarch king, if made him cope him are more than time of humanity, he was hard to achieve! Leaves behind Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Feng Family Patriarch drinks one coldly, then and several people fly toward Shen Xiang. Meanwhile also has Mo Clan Patriarch and Flying Immortal Sect's Dean Wu Xu and Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean, they lead some elders to come, Shen Xiang all round is the focus.

Gu Dongchen just wants to pass, actually receives Shen Xiang's sound transmission: Do not come!” Do not pass!” Gu Dongchen passed on immediately wants Yao Shumei that got rid to help. Shen Xiang receives Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, said with a smile gloomy: Troubles you to gain ground to have a look at the sky!” Does not need Shen Xiang to shout that these expert feel in the sky suddenly to present a strange aura, they look up, see only airborne golden mist to be steaming! This is...... Tribulation Force!” old man shouts. Shen Xiang laughs, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, dashes about wildly in a direction, suddenly on vanish from sight. Dodge opens, do not let Tribulation Force concentrate together!” Feng Family Patriarch anxious shouted, crazily is then running in a direction. In Shen Xiang person, by this strange Tribulation Force locking, this Tribulation Force and they run into Nirvana Tribulation had a moment ago greatly is very different, if normal Nirvana Tribulation, they did not run away! Only then Shen Xiang knows that this is his Divine Soul in transcends tribulation, after he senses Spirit Slaughtering Technique, although only studies one move, lets his Divine Soul breakthrough, enters the boundary of Perfection, draws on Heavenly Tribulation! To besiege Shen Xiang ten expert four to disperse, if the non- shunt, Tribulation Force gathers the together centralism bang to hit a person, then their danger(ous).