World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 960
Shen Xiang this initiated Tribulation Force is strange, that several people can induce to this Tribulation Force at this time profoundly in view of their souls, when they have not met transcends tribulation, Tribulation Force is the situation of aiming at the soul. Practices the Divine Dao person to be few, will therefore encounter any situation not to know Long Xueyi all the way that her Imperial Dragon Clan cultivates Divine Dao and humanity has greatly is very different, for example they are not present transcends tribulation, they cross Nirvana Tribulation time also in very behind. Shen Xiang does not want to gather together to cross the Divine Soul tribulation with that group of people, after all this is his first chapter of meeting, he worried that can have the accident, now has Divine Soul him, feels the fearfulness of that Tribulation Force, that Tribulation Force not in view of his fleshly body, but in view of his Divine Soul, he only knows that now is far away from that group of people, this lets his relieved transcends tribulation. Bang! suddenly simultaneously spreads together the startling thunderclap in all directions, that approached Shen Xiang's several people a moment ago, simultaneously was hit by together golden day lightning explosion! Square distant place chops to fall together Golden Lightning, golden lightning suddenly flashes before, is similar to covers the sky golden lightning net, that arbitrary pressure, making people feel the oppression from soul. Shen Xiang thinks can shunt using Earth Shrinking Step, but has not thought that was divided, before him expects is the same, his fleshly body simply has not received an injury, instead is his Divine sea is said Golden Lightning to hit by that. Divine sea in his mind deep place very marvelous place, is almost hides, has not thought of this Golden Lightning to be able the direct hit. Shen Xiang's Divine sea is fluctuating at this moment turbulently, his Divine Soul by a moment ago that was also said Golden Lightning chops tingling pain, he very long has not tried to be received by his Divine Soul has injured like this.

This is not Nirvana Tribulation, Nirvana Tribulation is not this!” Demon Empress looks at the distant place, releases Divine Sense, investigates these Golden Lightning remaining strength: This strength specifically attacks the soul and so on thing, Shen Xiang his Divine Sense in transcends tribulation?” Demon Empress is opening the small mouth slightly, on the jade face full is the surprised color, Divine Sense can formidable to drawing on Heavenly Tribulation, this as formidable as what situation? I said Demon Empress, you knew that's alright, let alone came out, my Young Martial Uncle foundation was almost shaken by you, was equal to is stripped off the clothes to be the same by you, he wanted you to be responsible.” Gu Dongchen grins to say with a smile. The people hear Gu Dongchen these words, immediately leaves him by far, dares to sexually harass Demon Empress, that is very danger(ous), but Demon Empress does not have life Qi/angry, she asked: Shen Xiang's is Master really only Huang Jintian?” As far as I know, his Master, only then that old lunatic, does not believe you to ask him! Actually you do not need to worry that my Young Martial Uncle, he is a good person, so long as you agreed that I find an opportunity to make you chat well, can cancel you absolutely to his worry! Although your Bewitching Sound Paradise is fearful, but does not do evil, he will definitely not idle is being all right to do to kill your spirits.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile: By your appearance, entices him to hand over Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is not the difficult matter!” Demon Empress gently one: He was adding a moment ago must cut completely my Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit!” Demon Empress, you, if drops, then after also invited you, do not meddle this matter, I must snatch Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, and killed Shen Xiang! His that Suppressing Devil martial arts, like the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable rebirth, cannot let him.” Black Fiend Mountain Bear King said cold. Right, must kill him!” Devil Territory Big Shot said.

Hehe, this has a guilty conscience, others Bewitching Sound Paradise has not done all kinds of evil, but your Mo Clan and Black Fiend Mountain does Evil Demon, what matter handle who not to know? Your this fears the retaliation, considers as finished, so long as Bewitching Sound Paradise to my Young Martial Uncle fight, you cannot threaten him.” A Gu Dongchen face does not matter, Bewitching Sound Paradise truly makes the person dread, therefore he wants to help Shen Xiang eliminate the Demon Empress anxiety. Demon Empress, I know that your Demon Territory Evil Demon and spirit very much lack pills, Shen Xiang is a alchemy master, the future road will have boundless prospects, when he used an alias before is Li Renshan, will put out many high level herbs, this thinks that you have understood.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile: If you decided that good to chat with him, I will arrange the place to give you, I ensure you will not be absolutely disappointed, perhaps when the time comes can also cooperate, spirit herb that your Bewitching Sound Paradise grasps are many, but if wants refined into pill is very difficult, but you untrustworthy Pill City these old ghosts!” Demon Empress is considering, converts an enemy into a friend with Shen Xiang truly is a good matter, but Demon Empress for many years had been planned by many humanity, just started is this, therefore she does not trust humanity. Square distant place, glittering has an intermittent golden lightning, is a billowing thunder cry deafening sound comes along with it, this time is not independent Tribulation Lightning, but continuously! In the sky was said by black ink covers the person, in all directions full is under the golden lightning bang, the thunderclap continuously, shakes makes the will of the people startle. Regardless of how Shen Xiang runs, will be hit by that golden Tribulation Lightning, he only thought Divine sea in own brain soon turned generally, golden Divine Power turns into the sea water, is fluctuating fiercely. Sea Suppressing Divine Dragon!” The Long Xueyi clear spirit voice transmits. In Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, suddenly reappears the Sea Suppressing Divine Dragon length, he illuminates to revolve immediately, sees only in Divine sea, that and his exactly the same Divine Soul top of the head is loafing golden Little Dragon.

Reason that Divine sea the step is so stable, is because Divine Soul was attacked violently, Tribulation Lightning lowers, when the bang hits his Divine Soul once more, completely by that golden Little Dragon resisting. Quick, his Divine sea is tranquil, but Golden Lightning is getting more and more crowded, after that golden Little Dragon had been hit dozens times by the continual bang, was struck is defeated and dispersed. Afterward he calm and rapid and defers to Nine Turn Dragon God Technique does, top condense to leave Little Dragon in Divine Soul. So after having duplicated ten times, when Shen Xiang once more wants condense to leave Sea Suppressing Divine Dragon, was actually defeated, but presented other phenomenon, in his Divine sea Divine Soul unexpectedly was wrapped by a grain of bead, startling thunderclap knocked out time, hits on that bead, is similar to that golden bead is providing the nutrition to be ordinary, making that grain of bead more and more solid. More than double-hour passed by, black ink in sky clouds diverges, Golden Lightning has not appeared again! Shen Xiang opens the eye, at this time looks like slept comfortably, the spirit is good, the whole person is vital, likely is a living fierce dragon, he has never had this good condition. His Sea of Consciousness has evolved completely Divine sea, inside Divine Power is vigorous, now he must do unceasingly expands Divine sea, letting Divine sea can install many Divine Power. invisible Divine Power turns, all around all as if appear before him general, he can see Demon Empress that Zhang Qingli's charming face clearly, can see that same clothes of Mu Jialan on to the mother and daughter flower has what difference with Yao Shumei this.