World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 961
After Shen Xiang crossed the Divine Soul tribulation, before these besieged his person also in abundance to return, but the complexion was very ugly, the population has also been short of the larger part, can come back, only then these Big Shot, some elders died. Let alone they, practice Divine Soul Shen Xiang, if not Long Xueyi reminds him to use in Nine Turn Dragon God Technique one technique promptly, he so will not be perhaps relaxed. These fellows are very intelligent, unexpectedly understood that immediately returns, was worried that I sneak attack them! It seems like their present situations are not very good.” Shen Xiang face-to-face disputes with these Big Shot, does not have the strength of counter-attack, does not come darkly, he can make these fellows die without the burial ground. Shen Xiang is far away from here, because in that crowd of expert, many want to start to him, his present strength is also not these Big Shot matches. Hehe, died much!” Gu Dongchen to rejoice in other people's misfortune, these elders of dying, regarding these influences were very important, that was in these influences the quite strong person. Mo Clan Patriarch wishes one could to give a Gu Dongchen palm of the hand, but his present Divine Sense caused heavy losses, at is not the Gu Dongchen match, let alone their Mo Clan also in Ancient Spirit Earth, that are also the Ancient Spirit Clan domains, but Ancient Spirit Clan stands aloof from the world, otherwise their Mo Clan now already with the Ancient Spirit Clan bar on. Demon Empress, if you must with my Young Martial Uncle meeting, look my that's it.” Gu Dongchen smiled to Demon Empress, then flies from here. Audiences expert diverges, today they to Shen Xiang some deeper understanding, some people have wanted to kill Shen Xiang, but some people actually want to become friends with Shen Xiang, in order to avoid the future by the Shen Xiang inexhaustible retaliation. Although day Devil Monarch king by Shen Xiang devour, but this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory is unsafe! White Tiger has said that in the past here was mysterious strength to the trap that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens and his subordinate set up, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also here was seriously injured, his imperial undertaking started to ruin from here. Now Shen Xiang must do found the Duan Sanchang grandfather in this inside, his grandfather knows many matters, definitely also knows that here has danger(ous) to the Duan Family person, but if he comes, perhaps this inside is hiding any secret.

dragon brat, how my will Divine Soul be wrapped by a bead?” Shen Xiang is very puzzled, although said that this does not have what fault to him, but he always thinks strange. Snort, that is Sea Suppressing Bead, so long as protects your Divine Soul, your Divine sea will be very stable, this is the good thing, this Dragon Emperor does not have now!” The Long Xueyi's sound is full of the envy: Did not say is I, many Imperial Dragon Clan do not have, when this wants transcends tribulation can practice, our Imperial Dragon Clan tribulation has not known that must arrive at anything lord knows.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Small stupid dragon, did you come out with my together transcends tribulation not that's alright at that time?” I early know that can build up Sea Suppressing Bead, did not need you saying that I will also come out, wasn't my this worry can affect you? However not next!” Long Xueyi shakes the head sighs. Is uncertain, humanity and dragon are different, we have Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, do you have? Perhaps waits for me next time the Divine Dao breakthrough time, will also bring in the Divine Soul tribulation!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: When the time comes you came out with my together transcends tribulation that's alright, but there is your this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor side me, I worried that Divine Soul tribulation will be frightened does not dare to attack!” Next time will say again that I first pass to you now Divine Ability, must be able to use in Perfection.” Although Long Xueyi all day and Shen Xiang bickers, their sentiments are good, like that type all day the brother and sister who likes bickering mutually. Shen Xiang suddenly stops the footsteps, somewhat excitedly asked: Is any Divine Ability, a bit faster teaches me!” Is called Form Displacement Shadow, this is very amusing Divine Ability, after for example you display, you can with the stone instantaneous exchange position of distant place, even is a tree! If integrates Transformation Technique again, when exchange position, but can also carry on the change!” Long Xueyi said with a smile mischievously: For example you and others fight, happen to the son of this fellow in side, you can you exchange a position with this move his son, then his son maliciously was punched by him!” Or you and a big stone exchange position, then you turn into that stone, that stone turns into your appearance, others attack your time, but has destroyed a stone!”

On the Shen Xiang face reveals the color of anticipation, said with a smile slightly: Very is truly interesting, then, this Divine Ability is really cloudy!” Long Xueyi passes to Shen Xiang the law of this Divine Ability practice immediately. Studies this Divine Ability not to be difficult to Shen Xiang, let alone through this to pass on merit laws way, making Shen Xiang think that probably will be same. More than three double-hour, Shen Xiang almost grasped, he and in a forest section of blockhead transformation position, then also turn into that section of blockhead, but consumes Divine Power to be very many. Was extremely astonishing like this Divine Ability, Shen Xiang will not use before many people. This Heavenly Thunder Purgatory inside Spirit Qi is very rich, very very steady is pasting in the upper air, but Shen Xiang just went out of the forest, actually the Spirit Qi suddenly of induction to upper air fluctuated, although is only slight fluctuation, but has actually alarmed Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi. Shen Xiang enters into Perfection Realm now, but with some Long Xueyi disparities, he perceived that has the sound, but where Long Xueyi can actually see to have anything. Is a great hawk, and has very excellent concealment ability, but this hawk antique strange species, is called Illusory Ghost Eagle probably!” Long Xueyi said: When this fellow does not know with you, but a moment ago his not careful exposed own whereabouts!” Shen Xiang emits invisible Divine Power, spies on a moment ago that position, really the discovery thing there, this Illusory Ghost Eagle is really fierce, Shen Xiang could not see how now it goes into hiding, cannot see its main body.

This fellow becomes by own body transparent, therefore you cannot see it, moreover its concealment ability is very strong, if were not it did not make a moment ago carefully airborne Spirit Qi fluctuated, we were also very difficult to discover it!” Long Xueyi said. You can see that its strength is what kind of?” The Shen Xiang comparison cares about this, if not very strong, he extinguished this fellow. „It is not strong, you are victorious! However I guessed that this fellow some people tame, will otherwise not be staring at the person, if kills this rare and precious strange species, it is estimated that some people will think one were sheared a meat.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. unexpectedly is others sends! Shen Xiang wants to know that which influence is raising this type of thing, he thought that certainly is that ancient influence, because this Illusory Ghost Eagle is antique strange species. Shen Xiang continues to dash, has not used Earth Shrinking Step, he has locked that Illusory Ghost Eagle with Divine Power, but Illusory Ghost Eagle had not discovered that he can perceive that Illusory Ghost Eagle now with him, moreover condense strength, is preparing to throw to strike from the upper air at any time! „The speed of this fellow is quick, it can fly to shoot instantaneously from the upper air, the claw is very fierce, can grasp the broken iron slab with ease!”