World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 962
Shen Xiang also thinks at this time somewhat is scared, strange beast he has to see, but has not seen has been so cloudy, if not for he and Long Xueyi can discover this fellow, perhaps already was sneak attacked, if were grasped all of a sudden, even though Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, meets the severe wound. Approached me!” Shen Xiang dashes intentionally not so fast but so slow neither on a stretch of flat land, he to intentionally tempt this Illusory Ghost Eagle attacks him. Wanted its attack range, will immediately attack, this fellow was astute, it seems like it wants to strike to kill!” Long Xueyi said with a sneer. Shen Xiang criticizes saying: Which bastard sends out this thing, do not let me find him!” More than half double-hour, that Illusory Ghost Eagle was getting more and more close he, now in his top of the head place above, if dived, can grasp instantaneously breaks to pieces his head, was only he can realize that this thing was tracking him, if were not others, perhaps arrived has at death's door one finally. This thing is truly cloudy, I have not discovered it!” Shen Xiang has been ready, so long as this Illusory Ghost Eagle gets down, he can attack immediately. Illusory Ghost Eagle could not calm down, Shen Xiang perceived that above Spirit Qi has the weak fluctuation, he also induces to qi flow, that Illusory Ghost Eagle the perpendicular incidence from his top of the head is getting down. Whole body transparent Illusory Ghost Eagle resembles stealth, and has the excellent concealment ability, is very difficult to induce to its existence, but Shen Xiang can actually adopt all around environment weak change but catch to this Illusory Ghost Eagle trend. Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade immediately, the knife point is upward, his speed rapidness, just completed all these in him, he felt that the chummy thing sprinkles on him, this is that Illusory Ghost Eagle bright red blood. This idiot, is courts death really!” Shen Xiang laughs, afterward of bang, a whole body is jet black, the body was punctured a great hawk of blade to fall to fall.

This black hawk spreads the wings to have dozens zhang (3.33 m), was held by Shen Xiang in the abdomen place maliciously a blade, pierces beast core directly, moreover Shen Xiang also pours into Ice Spirit Devil Aura, freezes to death this great hawk instantaneously. Physique is not small, beast core broke had been a pity, but can make me build up the hand!” Shen Xiang Divine Power puts, sees only this great hawk to be held by one group of pale golden Qi mist, float in the air. His took a deep breath, releases pale golden translucent pill furnace slightly, this pill furnace is huge, is similar to the hill stands erect generally in the ground, but that Illusory Ghost Eagle in this Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. Although Shen Xiang can practice Divine Power, but when releasing very strong Divine Power, actually cannot go into hiding it, can reveal the light golden color. If his future Divine Power is getting more and more formidable, when he uses massive Divine Power, will be used for all around the investigation with him such transparency, will not be discovered. He must collaborate with this Illusory Ghost Eagle now, practices Heaven Refining Technique, this Illusory Ghost Eagle refined into grain of pill pellet! Previous time he is used to build up excellently, but has not succeeded, because that is in a city, will be disturbed very much easily, but is now different, this Illusory Ghost Eagle is strange beast, flesh and blood beast core is very good alchemy material, built up compared with the person quite build up. This uses Engulfing Devil Art to be better than me, if this hawk real refined into grain of pill comes, does not know that is what rank?” Shen Xiang anticipated very that releases the produce fire flame, pours into this small mountain-like great great illusion magic treasure furnace, burns to build up the Illusory Ghost Eagle body. In brief will not lower that's it, after refined into pill, you eat up will directly not be worried about any influence, will somewhat have the influences in some danger(ous) and other aspects with Engulfing Devil Art.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. This Illusory Ghost Eagle strength is not weak, if Shen Xiang were sneak attacked successfully by it, undying also severe wound, but it has not thought that Shen Xiang will discover it, when it uses the quickest speed attack raises up Divine Blade, held to put on its beast core, moreover froze it to realize!

Perhaps this is historically only dies most aggrieved Illusory Ghost Eagle, kills toward the cutting edge on. Shen Xiang that builds up myriad things according to Heaven Refining Technique in the method, burns to build up this ghost hawk, in Heaven Refining Technique also has narrated in detail how to burn to build up the chapter of beasts, builds up the person when with the elixir differs from. Like Illusory Ghost Eagle this strange beast, including the feather was the treasure, the feather such as was just ordinary, is containing very special formidable strength, if burnt to build up well, can decompose inside special strength, such one, something can turn into the impurity! Many beasts are inborn fleshly body are formidable, this was humanity cannot compare, this majority were because in fleshly body of beasts was containing special strength, let in their adolescence process, will not need body cultivation also to make fleshly body very strong. Why when this is also alchemy sometimes will increase some beast blood and beast core strength , to add on some meat and bones, or is some beasts quite special spots. However an entire strange beast refined into pill's matter, which alchemy master but also does not have to do, they have the idea, but does not know how should build up! But Heaven Refining Technique that Shen Xiang obtains, teaches the person to refine the myriad things! Under huge Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, is burning the raging flame, at dusk, the flame appears dazzling, that Illusory Ghost Eagle was already decomposed several nature different strange energies, that gigantic body inside impurity had been arranged cleanly by Shen Xiang, after fleshly body was cremated, Shen Xiang reduced Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, but two are also high! He now is secretly excited, he can feel clearly the special energy that this Illusory Ghost Eagle decomposes is unusual, if eats up, to the practice of fleshly body and True Qi has very big help, he has must to congeal impatiently pill, eats up this grain of Illusory Ghost Eagle Dan!

After Illusory Ghost Eagle was cremated, the fleshly body majority of energies transform are the Qi mist shapes , some parts turn into the powder, these powder do not burn, now is the same with the normal alchemy step, fuses together many energy Qi mist and these powder, making many unusual energy fusions not have the repel mutually, thus transforms as more marvelous strength, condense to become pill, can take again! But Illusory Ghost Eagle many good strange beast of ancient influence recognition, in the antique strange beast list, this fellow can arrange to seventh, moreover is hard to train, the reproduction is difficult, now can have one, is considered as absolutely on is rare and precious strange beast, but actually by Shen Xiang refined into pill! If known by this Illusory Ghost Eagle master, or the suicide, either has killed Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang which tube that many, this Illusory Ghost Eagle was hits on his Divine Blade died, he thought to be a pity that was used for alchemy. The energy liberation of Illusory Ghost Eagle seven color light glow, look at Shen Xiang again and again to acclaim: Worthily is antique strange species, alchemy time so is also attractive!” I good to eat!” Long Xueyi was also evoked the appetite, is in Hidden Jade Ring mouth-watering. Good, I am concise two grains, Hehe!” So long as there is Long Xueyi, later seeks for this type of thing to come alchemy frequently, sufficed him to eat is very long.