World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 963
Shen Xiang discovered when with Heaven Refining Technique alchemy is not very difficult, now he this Illusory Ghost Eagle refined into pill, has not used Refining Simulation Technique, he defers to the Heaven Refining Technique above method to do, quite difficult the huge energy of when being reduces beast cremation has, if is very difficult to achieve regarding other people, but he has massive Divine Power, therefore this is not difficult to him. Illusionary Brilliant Furnace getting smaller, after Illusory Ghost Eagle turns into energy Qi mist, was compressed getting smaller, after the unceasing burning down of extrusion and flame, the qualities of these energies will become higher. He can definitely this refined into grain of pill, this and compares not that many art with herbs alchemy, he must branch out two grains, to give grain of Long Xueyi tastes. Sky already completely dark, in the nighttime sky the stars are densely covered, the star light is radiant, Shen Xiang in within the body the light of strength of absorption stars plant Heaven Dan, while urges a round of flame, bakes in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that two groups is being similar to the seven color cyclones of nighttime sky stars. If the beforehand eating law, roasts to eat Illusory Ghost Eagle, but is actually refined into pill eats up now, although will roast is eating will compare satisfying some, the flavor will also be very good, but must contrast the speed of energy and digestion that will obtain, will be refined into pill is quite good. Is good not to have? Others saliva must drain off!” Long Xueyi purses the lips to whisper, she waited to be very long, had asked many times. Did not have, this is Heaven Refining Technique, one step can concentrate pill!” Shen Xiang can imagine lets Long Xueyi that hope the facial expression, this made him shake the head to smile. What step?” Long Xueyi licked the lip, sound asked sweetly greasily. Introduces various strength in world, quenchings these energies, must pass through this step to be delicious.” Behind Shen Xiang is a forest, he can absorb in the forest the air/Qi of plant to pour into pill furnace, meanwhile has between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi and starry sky strength of stars. Effect that at this time he even more anticipates this grain of pill, but after all the material high grade, that Illusory Ghost Eagle and his herbs are different, this strange beast is very scarce, moreover cannot plant.

Along with the Shen Xiang revolution profound merit, the strength, plant essence air/Qi and world Spirit Qi stars, have welled up completely, through his body, integrates in Universe Fire, burns the way of building up through the flame, integrates in these energies! In this absorption world the methods of various energies, are he do according to Heaven Refining Technique, he has not thought that effect unexpectedly so will be good, can absorb these many all of a sudden, but through his body, cannot by his body absorption. If Heaven Refining Technique alchemy is very easy, his previous time in King City perhaps that City Lord refined into pill, at that time was because he knows that behind some troublesome steps, did not have to build up earnestly. Late at night, at this moment to has congealed close pill's stage, Shen Xiang very much worries now, because before him, absorbs between Heaven and Earth various energies to have very big sound, moreover this Illusionary Brilliant Furnace is transparent, more practices along with this grain of pill is better, seven color light glow that produces is also getting bigger and bigger, he will be worried to direct some people. Is quick?” Bouillon that Long Xueyi at this time like has been awfully hungry the child in looking at the pot boiled out. Shen Xiang concentrates the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards, heavily was saying: Is quick, but now is somewhat difficult, concentrates pill time does not have me to imagine that simply!” With Divine Power!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang already used, Divine Power that he releases, pure golden light glow seeps to Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, closely wraps that two groups of cyclones, so long as extrudes pill that two groups of cyclones, even if succeeds! But to here, has carried on very much not smoothly, concentrates pill to be very difficult, he releases massive Divine Power, is hard to extrude that two groups of cyclones, but he knows that sooner or later will succeed, because that two groups of cyclones are changing are slowly small, but needs to carry on for a long time.

Uses Divine Power, this is your test, your Divine Power is how formidable, must practice to be good.” What Long Xueyi said is the truth, if has vast Divine Power spatially, is actually not able to control handily, this point use does not have. Shen Xiang also wants a bit faster to congeal pill, he releases immediately many Divine Power, turns into that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace seems like similar to pill furnace of pure gold casting, golden red cloud four shoot, under the nighttime sky, is similar to a peerless treasure, making the trim sky the stars be overshadowed. But in alchemic furnace two grains of pill does not show weakness, under Shen Xiang extrudes with Divine Power, releases seven colors light crazily, vies with dazzling golden light, looks like very gorgeous. suddenly, the earth shakes slightly, Shen Xiang shouted lowly: Was too strong, that two grains of pill unexpectedly understand the revolt!” He had only used Heaven Refining Technique inside Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique alchemy before, with has not built up myriad things move oversized, therefore he has not expected to build up pill unexpectedly to be so fierce! These two grains of pill have not formed, has so powerful strength, is truly impressive! These two grains of pill are formidable and rare and precious strange beast build up, has this strength to be also natural! Evil livestock, you lives I not to fear you, let alone did you die?” Shen Xiang sneers, his suddenly felt that in that two grains of pill gushes out a dreadful resentment, Divine Power puts, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, gives the bang to be loose inside meaning completely. Snort, but also thinks that heaven defying is inadequate?” Shen Xiang relaxed, he has not thought that Illusory Ghost Eagle Divine sense is so fierce, burns to build up such long unexpectedly also, was that Illusory Ghost Eagle Divine sense in the unseemly behavior, unexpectedly grasped that two grains of pill's inside strength a moment ago, wants to be used to counter-attack. Although eliminated Illusory Ghost Eagle Divine sense, but the earth actually swings now fiercely, this is because that Illusory Ghost Eagle energy is too strong, after this degree of compression, causing that strength to become more intrepid, restraining by force that releases, is vibrating the earth.

The region that Shen Xiang is, was being covered by golden light, now will have the matter late at night, very much easily is discovered that let alone here also at earthquake. „Becoming to me!” Shen Xiang roars, golden Divine Power turns into several Golden Dragon, is twining that two groups of cyclones, stubbornly is forcing tightly. The moment passes by, the earth is tranquil, golden light and seven colors light vanish, the beautiful star light seizes this stretch of earth once more, but that two grains of Illusory Ghost Eagle Dan built up successfully! Two grains of thumb big or medium pill pellet in Shen Xiang, are similar to seven color crystal pieces together together, has not released light glow, but maps the star light to sparkle clear seven colors light. Finally was good, has not thought of that big bird physical ability refined into such attractive bead!” Long Xueyi is swallowing the saliva, rubs hands excitedly, Shen Xiang sends in Hidden Jade Ring a grain of pill immediately. Others tame many years of Illusory Ghost Eagle laboriously, now is actually rubbed two grains of meatball pill between-meal snack to eat by him! Shen Xiang swallows one grain, only felt that strong strength ripples in his body, he was similar to drinks the strong liquor to be common now, heat was rushing all the limbs and bones, this grain of pill be fiercer than of the strong liquor does not have the several fold, he can feel that the tuck dive of warm current and energy in within the body in his body were roaring.