World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 964
Really crisp, pure incomparable energy can explode in my within the body, was too crisp!” Long Xueyi giggle said with a smile: Does not know that comes alchemy to be what kind of a dragon? Later I will certainly grasp old Imperial Dragon to build up Dragon pill to you! Ha Ha......” Although Long Xueyi boast shamelessly, but Shen Xiang also very much hopes that at this time can Imperial Dragon building up, his feeling is the same with Long Xueyi, within the body that mighty waves turbulent pure energy continuous braves, is washing out his body, making him have the crisp feeling of not being able to say! Perhaps only then this antique strange species can have this feeling!” After Shen Xiang or the first time eat up spirit dan, has this full feeling. Was a pity that Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao are unedible, but later has is the opportunity!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, she is still licking pink lips at this time, is tasting that flavor, her practice way and Shen Xiang are different, so long as she sleeps can digest these energies quickly. Shen Xiang must transport the merit to build up now, this can display Illusory Ghost Eagle Dan strength! Little Black, my was Little Black killed by you?” The being furious sound transmits, with strong winds, blows Shen Xiang behind that piece of tree spirit big tree to break off. Red robe old man falls to fall from starry sky fiercely, is similar to together the fiery red stone, two feet fall to the ground, treads earth one fiercely to tremble, around his full is the fissure. Sees that red robe above Peach Blossom, Shen Xiang is slightly surprised, this is the Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's person, he suspects many influences, but has not actually thought is Peach Blossom Sacred Realm sends, before that Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan, has wanted to become friends with him, does not have the truth to send for sneak attacking him. Shen Xiang is now bursting with energy, did not fear that some people look for his trouble: You said is that head Illusory Ghost Eagle is right? This fellow hit on my knife point has committed suicide, at that time I thought was a pity very much, therefore I ate it, not in vain its meat!” „Was Little Black...... eaten by you?” That red robe old man is angry, pair of old eyes is burning the blood red flame.

Hehe, is this fellow from the sneak air attack my, at that time I just my blade to the sky, this idiot oneself was installing, gets what one deserves!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, but that red robe old man has actually fought with the fists, fist energy was very fierce, tearing was void, shakes the earth, was similar to can rip the day together the lightning. Shen Xiang Earth Shrinking Step treads, half moves out of the way suddenly, avoids this destruction to strike. This red robe old man is the Illusory Ghost Eagle master, the strength is very worthily strong, is only a fist, burning hot fist energy that releases, rumbles that forest to become Huitan! Old man, is you make that big scoter kill my? Was eaten by me has also gotten what one deserves! Right, your is Peach Blossom Sacred Realm this type of thing, the flavor is very good!” Shen Xiang has licked the lip, was teasing saying with a smile. Red robe old man was stimulated by Shen Xiang must roar again and again, is similar to a cow of going crazy, toward Shen Xiang crazy rush over, the double fist bang is hitting carelessly, the fist engine knock leaves the burning hot fist energy, every fights with the fists, all around temperature rapidly rises. Is one understood the old man who use raging fire, this fellow sends that Illusory Ghost Eagle to kill me, does not know that is his meaning entire Peach Blossom Sacred Realm?” Although the flame of opposite party is very strong, but is just the small pain is for him small, his earth core that place supported, how to fear this rank the flame? Shen Xiang, I must drink your blood, eats your meat!” Red robe old man is wild with rage, the fist wind is tigerish, hits unceasingly to Shen Xiang, but 11 was shunted by Shen Xiang. Snort, breathless old fellow, I have eaten your Illusory Ghost Eagle, you eat me eat it.” Shen Xiang jokes: If you coordinate that domestic animal to cope with me, could take me, old fellow that but your this fears death, only dares not to dare to approach me in the distant place!” Red robe old man rave, the body explodes shoots everywhere to be prosperous, the flame turns into a leader combustion fire hawk, flies to hit toward Shen Xiang, the speed is extremely fast.

Shen Xiang waves to release together the waterwall, meanwhile leaves two quality compensation whips with Black Tortoise True Qi condense, in the hand, is brushing these hot hawks, a whip can hit to extinguish one. water vine!” The move that Shen Xiang releases, to cultivating the person of flame flame has very big lethality, after that red robe old man was twined, not only flame True Qi in within the body was irrigated to extinguish, the ice cold strength that keeps him from resisting. That Ice Spirit Devil Aura, Shen Xiang lets its being quietly seepage, the consciousness of ice cold this old man, is only several suddenly, this old man hit one to tremble. Shen Xiang just wants to draw a sword to chop, but this red robe old man actually suddenly lowly drinks one, sees only his whole body overflowing blood, the blood burns a black flame, unexpectedly can give to burn down his water vine, is very inconceivable! little bastard, I will certainly kill you!” Red robe old man suddenly becomes very calm, the body blows out black blood fog, is burning the black raging fire, afterward changes to together red light, dodges to pass in a direction. You cannot run away, I must kill you!” Shen Xiang fierce leaps, foot pedal is void, unexpectedly in the air is stepping Earth Shrinking Step, among several ta steps, on vanish from sight, the speed was not slow. That red robe old man was compelled to use secret technique to run away by him, that secret technique damages cultivation base or is braves disabled danger(ous) to display, Shen Xiang cannot make him run away successfully. The Shen Xiang's speed reached the limit, this is he first time uses to display Earth Shrinking Step fully, but that red robe old man speed is also quite terrifying, is only the short instance, ran was so far, but this type the technique of running away burning oneself life how long could not continue. dragon brat, if wanted did I build up this old fellow have eaten to you?” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Did not want, to think not to have the appetite.” Long Xueyi casts aside the small mouth to say. Shen Xiang does not want to eat, but he actually wants to try to be what kind of person refined into pill, the front that red robe old man speed lowered, he had not discovered that Shen Xiang is pursuing in behind tightly. Where does this direction go? Felt that there Spirit Qi is quite special, this situation probably is only then these large-scale crystal stones mineral lode can have!” Shen Xiang surprised saying. Front that red robe old man suddenly stopped, sees many people's rapid flight from a piece of mountain to come out in Shen Xiang of behind distant place, everyone as if controls a beam of light to fly, flies toward that red robe old man. Is Yao Shumei mother and daughter, Little Featherhead! Can Demon Empress also, how them here?” Shen Xiang is very surprised, he has not slowed the tempo. Dean...... saves me!” Red robe old man is weak at this time, he knows that he cannot hit Shen Xiang, he does not know that the Shen Xiang's strength is so terrorist, young, can restrain him stubbornly, if however he does not need secret method to run away, perhaps already died.