World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 965
Elder Yan...... exactly what happened!” Yao Shumei just asked that listens to teach Demon Empress that light and lively voice: Is Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang's Earth Shrinking Step arrives at peak, just stopped in that red robe old man shortly, he pursued, he unemotionally, lifts up high the arm, has been patting to that red robe old man of not far away, sees only a huge azure dragon to sparkle dazzling azure light, falls to the upper air racket, covers that red robe old man. Shen Xiang feels several very formidable resistance now, has Demon Empress, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan, after they in great surprise, hastily gets rid the stop. Snort!” Shen Xiang roars, is not willing to submit to these three formidable strength, the great mountain that he behind suddenly reappears ten thousand reaching to the sky, under the dark night, these ten thousand mountains was covered by the silver-white multi-colored sunlight, such suddenly appears, not only gives the person to bring a fierce impact feeling, but also has might to compel. „The strength of ten thousand mountain!” Shen Xiang's dragon claw suddenly increases, the imposing manner and strength that behind him ten thousand mountain chart has break in his body fiercely, helping him obtain very strong strength. Death!” Shen Xiang roaring hiss like the dragon, that azure dragon claw murderous aura is only dreadful, the murderous aura camouflage star moon/month of produces, lets a world darkness. Bang! dragon claw is bringing sweeping away all obstacles strength, breaks through that three to stop his strength, dragon claw to gather, Qing splendor illuminates the dark night, huge dragon claw is splattering a cyanogen, such as Dragon Luanwu, daring, in dragon claw red robe old man by strength fierce extrusion together, turned into one group of meat dregs! Snort, what meaning are you? Dares to stop me to kill people!” Shen Xiang angrily said, does not fear Demon Empress and Yao Shumei these two female Big Shot.

Shen Xiang, haven't you heard me to shout this person a moment ago are Elder Yan?” Yao Shumei micro anger, but jade face does not have the wave, she knows that Shen Xiang will not cut to kill her Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's for no reason. Has not heard, I know actually this fellow chases down me again and again, one time is to send out Illusory Ghost Eagle, after Illusory Ghost Eagle dies, he goes into action personally, but has not gone well to send, instead was chased down here by me!” Shen Xiang coldly said. What? Did Illusory Ghost Eagle die? Corpse where!” Yao Shumei calls out in alarm one, beautiful face changing colors, Mu Jialan with Demon Empress is also on the same, beautiful face full is the startled color. Was eaten by me.” Shen Xiang lightly snorted: This fellow is courts death, no wonder I!” You......” Yao Shumei that clear abundant chest is very fluctuating fiercely, Illusory Ghost Eagle is her Peach Blossom Sacred Realm trains many years of antique strange beast, has used energy many painstaking care, every year consumes many resources, eats up many spirit herb adolescence to let own body transparent situation. But now is actually eaten by Shen Xiang! The Gu Dongchen corners of the mouth are twitching, he knows certainly that Illusory Ghost Eagle is very precious, has not thought that the result was Shen Xiang light one „I am actually eaten. Hello, Duan Sanchang has told me, your Peach Blossom Sacred Realm does not want to become enemies with me, you send out the person to kill me now, what is this? If not for I heard that you and Danxiang Taoyuan and Extreme Martial Sect's relationship is good, I may not have such good speech now, I cannot hit you, but you actually cannot play!” Shen Xiang both hands hold the chest, on the face full is the anger. Yao Shumei has not spoken, is closing one's eyes to eliminate the anger in heart, but Mu Jialan with a pair of hidden bitterness, but the beautiful look visits him.

Shen Xiang looks to Demon Empress: You are Demon Empress is right, the short distance looks like is very attractive, moreover is very fragrant, is really different from these common fat vulgar powders! Why however do you want to attack me?” Peach Blossom wife is friend of mine, don't I help her good?” Demon Empress usually to the person is benign, the sound is gentle, but is icy to Shen Xiang, why this she does not understand, especially Shen Xiang uses thief clever eyes to be unscrupulous, on back feed her body. That look as if must fall to be the same her pale pink long skirt, she so is not been bold and impolite is staring. This woman estimates and my elder sister has spells, with poisonous expert!” Bai Youyou sighed gently, her suddenly thought of very much her elder sister, she never had such to miss her elder sister. Perhaps they knew that I do ask her to be able?” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, solicits the Bai Youyou's suggestions. Um, as far as possible other exposed my that's alright.” Bai Youyou wants to know her elder sister's present news very much. Yao Shumei has opened the eye, spat Youlan gently, the anger vanished, restores that solemn noble stance, said with slightly lazy and sound gently: Elder Yan carries Illusory Ghost Eagle to exit this matter I not to know that I will verify, this matter stops!” Gu Dongchen spoke finally, he said: Madame Peach Blossom, if other your Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's people want to feel embarrassed you taking advantage of this matter, your start to talk that's it, my Extreme Martial Sect will help your!” „Didn't this matter keep secret that's alright?” Demon Empress and Shen Xiang is looking at each other, while said. Gu Dongchen wants to trample this Young Martial Uncle foot very much, he knows that side Shen Xiang can get so far as Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue this outstandingly beautiful, but sees others Demon Empress now, the eye has not left others bodies.

In the Demon Empress heart is also criticizing Shen Xiang, she first time runs into this man, if other people thinks so her, generally she looks in turn is diverted the attention, but Shen Xiang is not, but is thick the facial skin, is opening the eye, looks at her eye. suddenly, gloomy old sound conveys together: Security? The delusion, kills our Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Illusory Ghost Eagle, today in any event cannot let off him!” Demon Empress looks that turns the head to look is grazing red clothed old man that comes to one, she said to Shen Xiang: „Haven't you run? This is Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Great Elder!” Why can I run? Character who I know this rank not to my this small fight, Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Great Elder, if makes the matter that bully thes weak, if passes on, Peach Blossom Sacred Realm estimated that will be brought by others with class of contrast Feng Family, Flying Immortal Sect and Purple Moon Sacred Realm!” Shen Xiang loud voice was saying, like must spread over entire Heavenly Thunder Purgatory these words. Feng Family and Flying Immortal Sect's reputation truly drops fiercely, if Peach Blossom Sacred Realm the step their footsteps, the common people are also also many object who has been able to tease. That Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Great Elder thought fight, but actually can only endure now! Was you have killed Jing Xingliang?” That Great Elder asked that when sound low and deep sinister, speech the wrinkle on face trembled, was very scary. Entire Human Territory knows that Jing Xingliang is I kills, can you not know? Asked something already known, were you tired Ah? barely alive, do not waste the time!” Shen Xiang rebutted with sarcasm, lets that Great Elder immediately the violent anger, wants to hold the bang to kill Shen Xiang very much.