World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 967
Shen Xiang understands that now this Yang Yi so was why self-confident, he grasps is really very fierce strange technique, outside this space is the nihility space, there piece of Primal Chaos, fills tyrannical space power, has mysterious Law of Space, so long as goes to be able very danger(ous). But this Yang Yi can actually enter that nihility space at all times, then lets shuttle back and forth from the nihility space, this too heaven defying! Does not allow him to think that he felt the space swings very weak fluctuation, this fluctuation is similar to a grain of very thin dust falls to the ground general, being hard makes the person realize to obtain, Demon Empress on the scene cannot feel this fluctuation, let alone Gu Dongchen and Yao Shumei they. If not Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Blade, builds up the deep sea, Divine Sense Perfection, melts the become god strength, he cannot induce this fluctuation now. Half purple sword blade suddenly appears, thorn to the Shen Xiang's throat, the people sees this heart to startle, because they only see the sharp person, has not seen person and the sword hilt! This unexpectedly punctures from another space, most makes people feel what is inconceivable, when this sharp person punctures, Shen Xiang has turned under one slightly, startled Danger Zone avoids this sword to puncture, otherwise he must be passed through the throat! Yang Yi has not stabbed, immediately takes back his purple Immortal Sword! The Shen Xiang cheeks have trace that scalds together, had been ironed by the heat iron sheet likely, is braving the smog and a meat burnt smell, he avoided his throat being pierced a moment ago, but that has slid from his cheeks the sword, thus, that sword quickly is not very only cloudy, strength is very strong. Really fierce, the ability of this turtle, your excellency grasps essence, lets admire below.” The Shen Xiang taunt said. Yang Yi punctures a sword, is regarded as responds to Shen Xiang, this sword punctures is mean, unexpectedly points to within the Shen Xiang's two legs, this was must extinguish his descendants hall, making Shen Xiang fly into a rage! Now I understand why Peach Blossom Sacred Realm can be a woman makes Dean, has not thought that the men are this goods!” Shen Xiang angrily said, the opposite party so was cruel and merciless, he cannot be lenient.

Snort, is obstinate argumentative useful? You could not bump his hair, admitted defeat!” Huo Caiyong scoffs to say with a smile. Right? Can't I bump into his hair really?” The Shen Xiang anger stared his one eyes, the foot pedal earth, time move the earth and shake mountains, violent wind howling, lightning flash thunder cry, his both arms shake, the overflow shakes the white mist, the sleeve of both arms was shaken crushes. Vast incomparable Dragon Force ferments in the Shen Xiang dantian steaming, shocks the world, making the wind and cloud change color, the earth shivers, was born general by the seal ten thousand years of anger dragons just like one, it seems like that Yang Yi has enraged him. Yang Yi depends on itself to hide in the nihility space, does not fear Shen Xiang, at this time, he a fierce thorn sword among the Shen Xiang two legs, he punctures the speed very rapidness of sword, no matter stabs, will receive at the maximum speed, avoids his Immortal Sword being attacked! But this sword does not have, because the Shen Xiang whole body covers by transparent and formidable strength, time that the purple long sword punctures, but also was shaken the jar to call. Dragon Force that good fearful strength, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art cultivates is really unusual, is really same as strength of dragon, even is more fearful than the strength of some real dragons!” Demon Empress is the first time sees Shen Xiang only to use most formidable strength, before Shen Xiang and day Devil Monarch king fought, Suppressing Devil Holy Power that used, differed from. Yang Yi and Huo Caiyong were shocked by Shen Xiang's Dragon Force, must know that Shen Xiang just stepped into Nirvana shortly, also crossed three tribulations at most about, but strength so was terrorist, in the future will adolescence to the Immortal situation, that be stronger? This lets Yang Yi and Huo Caiyong wants to strangle Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang both eyes are spraying golden light, that is Divine Power that his endless Divine sea wells up, he centralized spout in both eyes Divine Power, condense becomes two points, is taking a fast look around all around space, is locking that Yang Yi position! As his Dragon Force releases unceasingly, the earth more is shakes fiercely, his body also covers the golden red scales, making him seem looks like human form warrior that a dragon turns into, the whole body is full of the destruction strength!

Yang Yi is secure, although Shen Xiang this time strength terror, but actually cannot threaten in nihility space him, even if Shen Xiang has tearing space strength, is unable to find him, he believes this point. The nighttime sky was covered by the dark cloud completely, lightning insane alienations are dancing, is glistening the jet black world, with the strong winds of howling, making people think that is similar Evil Devil to drop from the clouds general. The people screen looks at Shen Xiang, they shunt by far, shows such strength regarding Shen Xiang, the people can accept, whenever because has the dragon presents the time, is almost this appearance. purple light suddenly flashes before together, but Shen Xiang that pair of golden pupil already saw probably, a hand swift and violent has extended, turns into phantom, welcomed to purple light, grasped suddenly, unexpectedly held that purple Immortal Sword! In his hand is binding the White Tiger gauntlet (glove), although is only half White Tiger Divine Weapon, but was fierce, copes with under the immortal tool naturally no longer words, now that is held by him purple Immortal Sword stubbornly, cannot move. You......” Bastard, get lost to me!” Shen Xiang entrains vigorously, has pulled with sword. Shen Xiang already expected this fellow to love sword like the life, so long as holds this sword, can pull him, Yang Yi is only has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has this strength, empty-handed grasps Immortal Sword, moreover grasped Immortal Sword! Master!” Yang Yi bellows, but a Shen Xiang foot flies to leap up, kicking maliciously in the hip of Yang Yi, a foot of that heavily leaps up, may be trampled the row including Tieshan, let alone is the frail fruit? The man on the scene sees, the fruit cannot help but hurts, they can imagine that the egg falls to the ground, but broken scene!

Tramples to explode your turtle egg!” Shen Xiang said maliciously that he remembers this is the words that Leng Youlan spoke often. Yang Yi was trampled crotch department by Shen Xiang again, almost discards, was incapable in that his whole body instantaneously, loosened purple Immortal Sword! Shen Xiang gave his foot with fully strength, almost consumed the Shen Xiang's three turn into dragon strength, if a ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain were trampled, will crush, therefore Yang Yi the entire lower part of the body passed out at this time! Afterward Shen Xiang forehead a golden light shoots, infiltrates in purple Immortal Sword, cancels inside brand mark instantaneously, then puts in Hidden Jade Ring! little bastard!” Huo Caiyong flies into a rage, they rob Divine Blade to be inadequate, instead had been robbed Immortal Sword by Shen Xiang, how could he can calm down, a leap, a palm condense red energy, has rumbled a palm toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang when obtains Immortal Sword, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, flies to dodge toward that Yang Yi, avoids the angry palm of Huo Caiyong at the same time, arrives at that to lie down in the ground ** side Yang Yi, a palm according to the Yang Yi dantian, the body shakes, releases thick mist, but at this time Huo Caiyong fierce dodging to his, was patting to his back of the head palm. Form Displacement Shadow! During Shen Xiang in the mist covers, immediately displayed just Divine Ability of society, and Yang Yi exchanged the position by oneself, the speed was extremely fast, but the opportunity that the mist diverged was also very appropriate, making that Yang Yi suffer that palm for him, the head is rumbled ** split open, but this all people saw! Shen Xiang treads Earth Shrinking Step to run away immediately, but also grinningly shouted: Is you kills!”