World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 968
Huo Caiyong full hand blood, that skinny body is shaking, both eyes cover entirely the blood thread, is looking at the blood in hand, he cannot believe that his unexpectedly bang has killed own apprentice personally, but also makes that not win Immortal Sword! Then is one great person who gets down from Heaven World grants Immortal Sword to Yang Yi, because Yang Yi has that shuttle nihility space strange technique, at that time made that Heaven World's great person acclaim unceasingly, one excited gives Yang Yi Immortal Sword, this links this Master to envy to envy, but now...... Pursues!” The Huo Caiyong roaring sound starts strong winds, making the thunder clouds in sky diverge, Shen Xiang after displaying Form Displacement Shadow, treads Earth Shrinking Step to dash about wildly, vanished in the line of sight of people. Huo Caiyong both eyes are red, leading more than ten elders to dash about wildly in the direction that Shen Xiang vanishes, Yao Shumei wants to stop, but suddenly, this group of people disappear in the distant place disappear. That is Purple Dragon Immortal Sword, it is said with a purple dragon bone refinement, is known in Heaven World, unexpectedly such was robbed by here little rascal!” Demon Empress implored the one breath gently, although the Shen Xiang's strength and she misses the thousand li(500 km), but all sorts of conduct are astonishing. Hehe, I was used to it, my Young Martial Uncle was such fierce, you and he formed an alliance right! If not because many people keep thinking about Young Martial Uncle Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, Young Martial Uncle definitely will be revered by many big influences for the honored guest.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile. Yao Shumei and Demon Empress nodded, Gu Dongchen said well, Shen Xiang is outstandingly able person in young generation, has the Great Emperor style, because just his present strength is too weak, but grasps the astonishing and precious thing, will therefore be chased down by in every way the big influence. Madame Peach Blossom, how you prepared to deal with your Great Elder dead the later matter, I thought that they chased down Young Martial Uncle, ten had ** cannot live!” The Gu Dongchen words let Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan tender body tremble slightly, luster of the skin fragrant along with rippling, in the hearsay, many chases down Shen Xiang's expert, little can live, previous Shen Xiang by the Li Renshan status after Pill City obtains Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, brings in numerous ancient influence, at that time one night died many expert, that is Shen Xiang does!

But has not actually known that Shen Xiang has used any method, this strange matter some people once for a while discuss until now. This matter, if keeps secret, perhaps, I will not have that tremendous pressure!” Yao Shumei looks at a direction, that is large-scale mineral lode that their Peach Blossom Sacred Realm seizes, two people ran a moment ago in that direction. Demon Empress looked at all around, whispered: This you do not need to be worried that you can first and Shen Xiang reach an agreement, in the surface you are strong to him, chase down him, posts a reward him, but you are actually and he are secretly on good terms.” This does not have the issue, the Young Martial Uncle escape skill wants to come first-class, let alone are many Peach Blossom Sacred Realm to chase down him not to have anything, even if Demon Empress sends entire Bewitching Sound Paradise, perhaps is hard to hold him.” Gu Dongchen Hehe said with a smile, the Shen Xiang's strength was for example he, but, perhaps, let alone he to his Master and Huang Jintian respected, Shen Xiang can practice Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, explained that Shen Xiang also had Huang Jintian to be the same with his Master, was a lunatic. Shen Xiang just arrived at Heavenly Thunder Purgatory shortly, causes these many matters, first is cuts to kill Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Son of Heaven, lets go a troop person, then kills the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's many elders, eliminates the day Devil Monarch king, now cuts to kill to have strange technique, obtains the Heaven World great person to grant Immortal Sword Peach Blossom new Son of Heaven, although was not Shen Xiang killed at that time personally, but Peach Blossom Sacred Realm depended toward him on. That Great Elder will not acknowledge that racket breaks to pieces the matter of head, otherwise the Heaven World's great person knew, will think him? Although Gu Dongchen and Demon Empress , the words that but they said definitely by Peach Blossom Sacred Realm will be denied, but that Great Elder Huo Caiyong is still chasing down Shen Xiang now, several days had not returned to Peach Blossom Sacred Realm. This group of fellows owed in a big way, not only died a good seedling, Immortal Sword fell into my hand, Ha Ha!” In the Shen Xiang heart is darkly crisp, dashes, the big laughter is unceasing, making that chase down his old fellow to stamp with rage in behind.

Huo Caiyong does not dare to attack Shen Xiang now, he is worried to destroy here too many things, will present a day Devil Monarch king type of thing. old fellow, you rest, if compared with the strength, your palm of the hand can hit to lie I, but round speed, you compared with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens Earth Shrinking Step, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang runs swiftly, while is stimulating following these old man: Continues again, your old bones must disperse put up!” Right Great Elder, does your palm racket break to pieces the feeling of apprentice head to be what kind of? Is very crisp?” Shen Xiang was not one time poked the Huo Caiyong sore spot for serveral days twice, now Huo Caiyong is driven beyond the limits of forbearance, roars. However is also only yelling of going crazy, hasn't done, his chest is stopping up the one breath, if did not shout that certainly will explode with rage! Behind Shen Xiang must get rid of the person who chases not to be difficult, but he does not want to make them so easy, if, he must kill these fellows, in order to avoid their strength, will threaten him in the future. Ten days pass by, Shen Xiang is treading Earth Shrinking Step, has not stopped, the person who behind chases is also so, they pursued these many days, Shen Xiang at present, can they give up? Naturally, they have to suspect Shen Xiang plays them to play intentionally, but they thought that this was the Shen Xiang's limiting velocity, otherwise already cast off them, because these ten days was laborious they to have profound understanding, they think that regarding Shen Xiang this young people, this fleeing ran away the consumption to be huge crazily, they believe that continued to pursue, can take Shen Xiang. If they know that Shen Xiang fleshly body cultivates Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment Realm, body pills are innumerable, return that they already did not return, because this does not know that must pursue to anything lord knows.

Shen Xiang two goals, to find a good place now to start, adds on Devil Decaying Death Qi to kill this person with Demanding Life Devil Bow, moreover brings this crowd of old bones to stroll Heavenly Thunder Purgatory Mei and Jing, why he wants to have a look at White Tiger to urge Duan Sanchang they do not come, he wants to know that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory is hiding any secret, found the Duan Sanchang grandfather while convenient! Shen Xiang led this group of people to run continuously for 13 days, in evening of this day, his suddenly thought that some were not right: Population suddenly are many? 12,345......” 11!” Shen Xiang one startled: „Doesn't actually have ten old fellow? Now how has suddenly emitted one?” I had not realized when this fellow does brave? He follows probably in that crowd of old fellow!” Long Xueyi also thinks inconceivable. I depend, this sloppy does old fellow look like and Duan Sanchang a little looks like? Is his grandfather!” Shen Xiang has gawked, Duan Family person really rarely seen, the Duan Sanchang grandfather now unexpectedly with a laugh with is pursuing behind them tightly, probably a mischievous old man is all right to join in the fun to play to be the same.