World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 970
Shen Xiang is to know Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade now is how and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is separated, but he is curious, Four Beast's Divine Weapons on Chenwu Mainland, this obviously is not the coincidence, under Netherworld Abyss that leads to the earth core road, as well as that Ancient Fire Beast, he thought that this has certainly been connected with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens! Senior, do not boast with him, a bit faster fight!” Shen Xiang urged, he urgently was asking some Duan Chong matters. I must ferment!” Duan Chong continues to say to Huo Caiyong: I know that you possibly do not believe that what I said is the truth, before you, wants to snatch the people of blade to waste the plans, especially these but therefore the death fellow, really died in vain, but this is they gets what one deserves, is not their things, in any event they cannot obtain.” Homicide my two apprentices, have robbed our Immortal Sword, I must hold him.” Huo Caiyong thinks of these matters, the whole face is angry. Oh? you must kill them, must snatch his Divine Blade, now instead comes back by the homicide, but also snatched Immortal Sword, showing is one flock of pigs, this also insulted the pig.” Duan Chong happily said with a smile. Courts death!” Huo Caiyong roars, to has been pushing a palm in Duan Chong of his body side not far away, starts astral wind, flash vanish from sight that but Duan Chong actually takes control in him. What is this?” Why other Huo Caiyong and nine old man do not know, the both feet fell into the soil, probably steps in the swale, is sinking slowly, how regardless of they make an effort, is unable to be separated, so long as they as soon as releases strength, these strength will be absorbed immediately, the body drops quickly. In an instant, they sank to the place of knee, Shen Xiang also stopped at this time, in this position, can feel that that region was being covered by very strange very formidable strength, causing that place to fall!

Duan Chong arrives at side Shen Xiang, said while loudly laughing: This group of idiots, but also thinks really I quite do bully?” Hell falls...... Your wasn't Duan Family already lost? Hurries to withdraw, otherwise my Peach Blossom Sacred Realm exterminates certainly your Duan Family.” Huo Caiyong panic-strickenly shouted. Performed to speak the bullshit, you should beg for mercy to this time, like this you could die comfortably!” Shen Xiang walked, takes up a stone, pounds maliciously toward the head of Huo Caiyong. little bastard, I must dig up your skin!” Huo Caiyong was pounded full crushed stone, was roaring to Shen Xiang. You closed up are too long, you do not know that fell into the person in father hand, I will not make them have any opportunity of retaliation.” Shen Xiang takes up a quite big stone, pounds to the Huo Caiyong forehead. The speed very rapidness of stone, but also was poured into Dragon Force by Shen Xiang, such as the arrow one flies to shoot, hits becomes the smashing at the Huo Caiyong head current events, but Huo Caiyong forehead also inflamed, now can determine that they lost counter-attack strength, falling of this Hell is really fierce, Shen Xiang does not know one will fall into this type of thing to be what kind. little brat, is casual you to be what kind of! These fellows are not worth sympathizing, is so rampant, earlier dies to be better.” Duan Chong says with a smile, is studying Shen Xiang, that stone pounds these half-length to fall into the person in ground, pounds very happily, like a mischievous child. Huo Caiyong gets angry anxiously, no matter but he is what kind, cannot display strength to come, now he starts to be terrified.

Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the surface sinks like the water, walked toward Huo Caiyong, he stands in that Purgatory side, just held up Divine Blade, distant place suddenly shoots purple glow, illuminates the dim sky. Purple Moon Dean, saves us quickly! Must have thanks again!” Huo Caiyong sees this purple light, immediately excited exclaiming. Saves your younger sister!” Shen Xiang drinks coldly, Divine Blade chops quickly, invisible Qi Energy shoots together from the knife edge wind, sweeps away to go toward the front, sees only that ten inserting in old man of ground, is similar to bamboos is swept by a blade, separates from the waist, the black pudding crash-bang wells up, but they had not died! Stop!” Purple Moon Dean catches up, a huge purple palm from airborne pounds to fall, giant palm has one to restrain by force, but just appeared, the ground presents being in charge of getting sucked, Shen Xiang is shaken the corners of the mouth overflowing blood. Is the chief of rebel, cultivation base so is worthily high, unexpectedly bullies little rascal!” Duan Chong appears side Shen Xiang's suddenly, meets the approaching enemy a fist to purple giant palm that pressure is falling, that looks like ordinary, does not have the skinny experience and skill of slight strength fluctuation, unexpectedly has terrifying strength, the fist may break the day to be ordinary, the bang has dispersed that purple giant palm. Purple True Qi wells up crazily, turns into purple astral wind, ascends the upper air, forms purple light screens, pours is also very charming. Duan Chong, your unexpectedly has not died!” The Purple Moon Dean startled sound track, descends afterward slowly, but Peach Blossom Sacred Realm old man that Shen Xiang also at this time to that ten around the middle broken off lays out a palm, releases giant palm that Dragon Force turns into, is similar to pats the bean curd to be ordinary, which racket horrible to look. Purple Moon Dean whole body purple light winds around, seeing Shen Xiang to insist on killing that ten people before him, this makes him feel is not feeling well, because he had planned that must preserve that ten people, after all just had them saying that must have thanks again, Huo Caiyong is Great Elder, again when will put out very precious thing surely.

Others could not govern, but I can!” Purple Moon Dean purple brilliance diverges, reveals one such as such as the jade pendant adorning a hat pretty face, a pair such as the stars pupil is very profound, glows is killing off intermittently, his pale purple hair dance gets up, anger and killing intent come out by the look lasing, making Shen Xiang cannot help but panic-stricken. I must capture you!” Purple Moon drinks one lightly, world was covered immediately dark, hangs in the air along with it round purple bright moonlight, under Purple Moon is one purple sea of fire, sea of fire inside flame turns into leader purple fire beast, displays air/Qi to roar, shakes the earth to tremble, dashes about wildly toward Shen Xiang along with it. Ten thousand beasts gallop, the imposing manner shocks, making the will of the people tremble, this Purple Moon Dean use the move and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique looks like very much. Purple Moon Beast Slaughtering Technique, the rebel to obtain this in the past killed the technique, did not hesitate to betray Great Emperor, I looked also not much!” Duan Chong mentioned Shen Xiang, after fierce ending, flung, his unexpectedly took one person to resist ten thousand beast attacks. Over ten thousand strange beast that purple flame turns into, dash about wildly, but, each brings very wild strength to attack, is similar to crazy fierce tidal waves is seething. Duan Chong clenches teeth, in the abdomen transmits a deafening sound, the double sword falls into the ground, does not have the knees, sees only that to anchor like rough sea wave purple fire beast tide suddenly completely, is undercutting little! This is Duan Chong Purgatory Flame, even if flies in the upper air, will be attracted, falls into the ground, short several instantaneous, the giant beast that this troop purple fire turns into sinks to the ground!