World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 972
Heavenly Thunder Purgatory inside person are getting more and more, Shen Xiang let the news that Long Xueyi lets out before, has spread in entire Human Territory, these big influences want to cover difficultly, comes is very safe, only if will be struck by lightning very much bad luck. Such one, these big influences are hard to enslave these loose cultivator to work for them, because also had been rescued one batch by Shen Xiang, these ancient influence evil conduct were known by the people, so long as and other people leave Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, these ancient influence will be notorious. Although loose cultivator does not have any influence, but is actually biggest community, now is so bullied by these ancient influence, they will certainly join up, if has courage and uprightness loose cultivator expert to know to these that perhaps also will be crusaded against. Shen Xiang and Duan Chong mix now in the loose cultivator agglomeration, inquired that some Purple Moon Sacred Realm's news, Purple Moon Sacred Realm has such fierce Dean, making him somewhat not be feeling well, he wants secretly to a Purple Moon Sacred Realm blade, making Purple Moon Sacred Realm lose seriously. loose cultivator is similar to the tide one emerges in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, because here has many crystal stones mineral lode, the luck good also to hunt and kill good Demon Beast or obtains some Heaven and Earth Treasure, can say that here is everywhere is the treasure, has the person of business brains also to organize a group of people, makes use of local materials, fast construction city in this, construction house! Shen Xiang and Duan Chong in a half-finished product city, although entire city, only then usually constructed, but the person were many. In original Heavenly Thunder City gathers very many people, after Heavenly Thunder City lifts a ban, many people accompany. Old Duan, what important matter do you have in this?” Shen Xiang changed a small house with a grain of pill, this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory will not close quickly, therefore he must here dull a period of time. At this time he and Duan Chong in this small house. In small garden, Duan Chong old eyebrow tight wrinkle, but sighed: Be honest with you, I could not exit temporarily, this damned place had mysterious strength, me here, I am not able to leave from that passage sleepily! Moreover every other a period of time, I by one type likely am the strength attack of Nirvana Tribulation!”

Oh? Shen Xiang has not thought unexpectedly that White Tiger said is this, no wonder he does not allow Yan Yanran they to come, here will really surround with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in the past the descendants of these loyal minister subordinates. He guessed that here some strength can induce to these bloodlines, makes the judgment, surrounds these people. Duan Chong smiled, very said optimistically: I will not have any matter, my Duan Family escape can be said as the first under heaven, reason that for many years I strength advanced by leaps and bounds, is lucky these bewildered attacks.” Shen Xiang said: This place will have strength specially specially in view of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens in the past the descendants of these loyal minister subordinates, I have not made the intestines come in luckily, that brat had discovered the clue that you leave behind, almost came.” Duan Chong hastily said: Do not let my Duan Family person come in again, we were cursed, comes in again here awfully, they are hard to resist these strength! However this brat is really good, unexpectedly dug the Flying Immortal Sect's grave!” Shen Xiang does not know whether to laugh or cry: You harmed to be miserable he, this matter was he does single-handedly, he is kicked now by Duan Family, otherwise Duan Family on trouble.” This has anything, this matter I had also encountered in the past, was kicked is the good deed, why later this brat cannot blame Duan Family! He has the skill to dig the Flying Immortal Sect's grave, has the skill to dig ancestral tomb of other rebels, Hehe!” This Duan Chong and a Huang Jintian morality moral character, but was now good, Duan Sanchang is the Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, but Subduing Dragon Sect inside fellow, can annoy the Lord of important matter, if makes others know that they gather together, definitely will have many old fellow to be hard to go to sleep. Old Duan, you thought that Heaven Slaughtering Technique does have possibility conceal here?” Shen Xiang asked that Duan Chong stayed in this inside was so long, definitely knew.

Duan Chong has been startled, he has not thought that Shen Xiang will ask such, because this also initially he came here goal, he did not fear but actually Heaven Slaughtering Technique was obtained by Shen Xiang, because must obtain these to watch the chance, he thought that Shen Xiang itself has Earth Slaughtering Technique and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, might find this inside Heaven Slaughtering Technique very much. I am look for this thing, I also obtain some clues when the grave of Flying Immortal Sect Old Ancestor master, that old fellow died, the body is bringing a book, records some trivial matters, many old fellow enter the coffin time will be bringing, why this is also we must through the reason that robbing a grave to unearth the history!” Duan Chong lowers the sound saying: Initially Great Emperor of Ten Heavens belt many people came , is almost annihilated, the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also severe wound draws back, how I am not specifically clear, but after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens severe wound, crossed for three years to come back here!” „Does he come to here to hide Heaven Slaughtering Technique? Why is this? This is his place, here can be said as the domain of his enemy, he is unlikely to come to here to lay aside such important thing!” Shen Xiang shook the head. Duan Chong nods: I just started also to think that but that Flying Immortal Sect old fellow records, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is comes here to suppose to ambush, comes appealingly by Heaven Slaughtering Technique, making then many rebels seek, causing in this to raise reign of terror once again, initially many everybody of rebel influence died here.” Was right, where your does Earth Slaughtering Technique come?” Shen Xiang grins to say with a smile: Is I wins?” Wins?” Duan Chong whole face doubts. Shen Xiang said simply matter that bets pill.

This idiot fellow, unexpectedly bets with this type of thing, but he must come to be also useless, person study this thing of boldness only will not have sought at death's door!” Duan Chong looks at Shen Xiang's both eyes, asked: „Have you gone to ten Heavenly Saint mountains? What did you have to find in inside?” Shen Xiang said: Found Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Refining Technique.” Duan Chong fierce took a deep breath: Is the good things, do not let other people know that you have Heaven Refining Technique, best usually with not giving others looks, this is the taboo, you should be clear!” Shen Xiang is stunned, thinks carefully that this truly is the taboo, can myriad things refined into pill, if were discovered person refined into pill, definitely will issue a warrant for arrest by three realms. This thing is fiercer than Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, although is divine art! divine art also has various grades and ranks, but regarding many people, most low level divine art was precious! But Heaven Refining Technique can compares high level divine art, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is lower!” The Duan Chong whole face urged Shen Xiang seriously. so that's how it is, no wonder Great Emperor of Ten Heavens said that he also learns some, have not studied entire!” Nod of Shen Xiang heavily.