World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 973
Duan Chong knows that has the secret about Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, he has been Duan Family Patriarch, Duan Family for many years the acquired matter he knows. Old Duan, where do you know Emperor's Tomb? Ten Heavenly Saint mountains are not.” Shen Xiang wants to observe and emulate very much, ten Heavenly Saint mountains so shock, but also is only the thing of covering their ears and eyes, for many years has been stranded many people in inside. I do not know, but according to my Duan Family ancient book, to certain time, then the present world, should hide in very fierce Mysterious Realm, I thought that at least Emperor Heaven regained the past status, dominated above Nine Heavens and Ten Earths!” Duan Chong is also only the guess, but Shen Xiang thought that this has the possibility very much. Enters Emperor's Tomb to need Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to be good really?” This is a view that many ancient influence spread, otherwise initially will not have a troop person to come Pill City to catch him. Right, how we are not specifically clear, but Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique must collect, it is said wants safe and sound through the Emperor's Tomb front door, must grasp Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Shen Xiang sighed one lightly: I now only then Earth Slaughtering Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique, and has not grasped many, if Heaven Slaughtering Technique were here good!” I came to be so long, a feature did not have, if there is a news, I will come to this house to leave behind the news.” Duan Chong said. Duan Chong will not stay in a place is too long, he urged Shen Xiang: Do not go to look for Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean, this fellow comes back from Heaven World, he also thought probably here has Heaven Slaughtering Technique.” Knows person who Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique analyzed how many does have?” Are not many, possibly only then five person this, but they will not pass on, in order to avoid will be competed by others! That Purple Moon Dean of present in Heaven World above Purple Moon Sacred Realm is also not strongest, I dare saying that he has not said that otherwise now the fellow will be more.” Duan Chong urged the matter that Shen Xiang must pay attention to over and over, then left this city, he thought that this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory changed, was very likely comes under the influences of some strength, he will continue to explore here secret.

In Duan Chong just walked shortly, hears to have People to exclaim: „The Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person entered a city, everybody encircles quickly them, they come many, must die many, making them have a look at our loose cultivator strength!” Was deceived the person who is the slave to be too many by Purple Moon Sacred Realm, moreover died, this provokes the popular indignation, under the person who now Purple Moon Sacred Realm comforts these deceive, is hard to be even numerous loose cultivator anger, these loose cultivator believe that if they do not give a Purple Moon Sacred Realm lesson now, perhaps later which day Purple Moon Sacred Realm again just had such matter to come, bullies loose cultivator once more, in which that they possibly bullied. This lively Shen Xiang naturally must collect, who he wants to have a look at this Purple Moon Sacred Realm's hero is, unexpectedly also dares to come to here at this time. Many people spin in the direction that sound conveyed a moment ago, which encircles watertight, Shen Xiang as float looks at the following that as the upper air by several thousand people of surround flake open areas, in this Space-Time also gathers the full many people, everyone gathers to fill True Qi in the arm, so long as under that several Purple Moon Sacred Realm's people fly, they will attack. The Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person is three young and two old men, their bodies put on Purple Moon Sacred Realm's to take care, that is on the purple Chinese-style gown is hanging round bright moonlight, is conspicuous, does not want to recognize them to come is very difficult. These fellow such high-sounding talk come to here, should be intentionally, otherwise they so will not be stupid!” A guy said. They think that we did say?” old man sneers. A strength quite strong full beard middle age, float in the air, to below shouted: „The Purple Moon Sacred Realm's fellow, from breaking two arms departs, otherwise we have cut you, the corpse hangs in the city gate, is used to offer a sacrifice to these by the brothers and sisters who you kill!” This saying enables the public sentiment to be roused to action, deceives the loose cultivator influence is not only Purple Moon Sacred Realm, many ancient influence, now these ancient influence are the foes in numerous loose cultivator eye, was hostile by many people. „Did one group of motley crew, depend on you also to want us to kill? Perhaps the wishful thinking, the overestimate one's capabilities fellow, you do not know our strengths!” A youth is looks at all around person who disdains very much, is grasping long sword cold light sparkles, releases intermittent murderous aura, making all around person not dare to approach. Makes way to us, otherwise we are impolite!” A old man expression is ice-cold, obviously did not fear that these people besiege, moreover there is a meaning of getting rid.

Everybody makes way, these fellows give us! They do not know to repent, but also flees to come to here to provoke, today cannot make them leave here.” in the air old man, said slowly. This old man just said that Shen Xiang dives, on his arm glittering leaves a golden red multi-colored sunlight, transforms huge dragon claw, Dragon Force attacks on this arm turbulently, surges the intermittent terror air wave, sees only the following floor to disrupt completely. Is Shen Xiang!” A Purple Moon Sacred Realm's old man rave gets up, hastily puts out a broadsword, Shen Xiang that toward diving cuts. Flies in circles a claw to pat, that sharp dragon claw in cutting the space, leaves behind five space crack people, huge dragon claw, Dragon Qi is steaming, might is dreadful, covers to that old man top of the head, but that old man thinks can a blade cut the broken Shen Xiang's attack, but checks in flickering that dragon claw gets down, his was grasped the treasured sword instantaneously crushes, his dry old body was pressed by dragon claw in the ground, Dragon Force dashes his body, shakes his physique cuns (2.5cm) rupturing, the whole body blood crossflow. Snort, the father initially was deceived by Purple Moon Sacred Realm, these nonsense ancient influence, are stranded us in Heavenly Thunder City, we to exit, do not hesitate to pay crystal stones to come here, but arrived here, they actually must force us to be their slaves, but must capture our storage equipment!” The Shen Xiang's words make in the people heart anger upwell. You...... You made false accusations!” A Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elder sees the Shen Xiang so strong appearance, struck the severe wound their old man, in the heart lacks self-confidence. He said real, we are the victims, if not he, we are still helping you dig crystal stones now.” Right, was he has saved us, your Purple Moon Sacred Realm speaks the bullshit, your evil factions!” Evil faction, Purple Moon Sacred Realm is the evil faction!” Feng Family, Flying Immortal Sect and Dry Profound Mountain...... they are the evil factions.” Extinguished has bullied our evil factions!”

„......” People filled with fury, exudes an intermittent roaring sound. Young Hero Shen, has cut them with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Right, has cut them!” Shen Xiang calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Divine Blade, might is boundless, deters the audience, all people did not speak, retreat looked like, approached the Shen Xiang's person, can feel that this in the blade was seething with excitement strength. Gave up any idea of that cuts us!” That old man puts out a hand to grasp, unexpectedly wants to rob Divine Blade, but Shen Xiang has not made him prevail, Earth Shrinking Step treads, such as the ghosts and demons avoid this old man, circles to him behind, a blade cuts to fall his head! little bastard, comes with the life!” All day roared to transmit, hears this sound, Shen Xiang has gawked, came person unexpectedly is Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean!