World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 974
Before Duan Chong walked, urging Shen Xiang do not provoke this Purple Moon Dean! After the Shen Xiang severe wound and kills Purple Moon Sacred Realm's old man, this Purple Moon Dean suddenly braves, obviously is not the coincidence! People suddenly understands that Purple Moon Sacred Realm sends for coming to here intentionally, who if they dare to hit back, this fierce Dean will present that person cuts to kill, by this Purple Moon Dean strength, strongest loose cultivator on the scene is unmatchable! This Purple Moon Dean unexpectedly wants to subside this matter with the strong bloody method, the people think to be afraid, this Purple Moon Dean is very strong, lifts in the hands to destroy completely this city, can kill here loose cultivator completely, is when the time comes difficult some people able to crusade against him. On Purple Moon Dean was being covered by light purple Qi mist, others see his appearance, but Shen Xiang actually knows that this is a delicate white and tender man. The Shen Xiang forehead has seeped out some sweat, this Purple Moon Dean is not very simple, but he can also be calm now, makes that Purple Moon Dean admire. Dean, is about to have killed him, wins his Divine Blade!” A Purple Moon disciple points at Shen Xiang, the look was saying fiercely. Snort!” Shen Xiang stares that Purple Moon disciple who spoke a moment ago, in eyes projects two flames suddenly, passes through that person of head, is killed violently at the scene. Purple Moon Dean frowned, fist fierce grips tightly, Shen Xiang this attack makes him feel very familiar, thinks Legend Penetrating Heart Devil Eye looks like with Heavenly Devil World in very much, but that is actually not, if Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, that will be more terrorist. But is not, he is unable to stop Shen Xiang, because that is only flash's matter. You......” Purple Moon Dean are angry, some unexpectedly people are in front of his to kill his Purple Moon Sacred Realm's disciple, this without doubt was maliciously the fan his palm of the hand. The people swallow the saliva, everyone knows that Purple Moon Dean expert that gets down from Heaven World, just crossed Nirvana Tribulation Immortal not to be different from these, is powerful, endures compared with Demon Empress, Shen Xiang at is not his match, but Shen Xiang actually makes such bold matter to enrage him.

The Purple Moon Dean double fist shakes, Purple Qi is steaming, the sky of ten thousand li (0.5km) non- cloud, among suddenly was covered by the dark clouds, round Purple Moon hanging above the Purple Moon Dean top of the head, braves a sinister terror murderous aura, the purple moonlight shines in this city, making this city as if be covered by the light of death generally, the entire city shivered slightly, the people heard that appalling low and deep beast roar! The cold sweat of Shen Xiang forehead were more, this Purple Moon Dean uses this move, can cause fierce huge strange beast, if impacts this city, here person ten have ** will die. „Can you destroy completely this city?” Airborne old man exclaimed. Right, are you only one flock of low status insects, unexpectedly want to revolt against us? Also dares to slander us is evil faction, today I must conquer by killing here, later who dares such to call our Purple Moon Sacred Realm again, I extinguished who!” The Purple Moon Dean words make all person startled anger, then in abundance flee. Is cloudy, Purple Lightning glittering, the purple full moon as if caught blood energy, appears very terrifying, the cheer up city by a leader such as ominous beast surrounding of mountain-like, this flock of ominous beasts step by step was being approached, destroys many just to construct the good house. I must think the appearance that you died slowly, Ha Ha......” Purple Moon Dean that mean wicked laughter makes the people back send coolly, nobody is his match, but he to Shen Xiang fight, has not stood in front of Shen Xiang. „Don't you have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? I now am Evil Devil, you cut to kill me!” The Purple Moon Dean sound is full of the incomparable taunt: I now will make you look that I kill these people little, I will make them die a tragic death am very miserable, but you are actually not able to save them! You have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but you are actually not able to cut the monster slaughter demon with this blade, I must let entire day under know that you do not match to use this blade!” The muscle on Shen Xiang face is twitching, but the look actually very tranquilly looks at that Purple Moon Dean, a leader giant ominous beast of approached the crowd, the people are given to prevent by together the purple light screen, inescapable , to continue again, is only killed by the ominous beast that these purple fire will turn into. In upper air, Gu Dongchen is roaring, while attacks that purple light cover crazily: Purple Moon Sacred Realm, you if today has done, you will know the consequence seriously!” „Didn't Demon Empress, have the means really?” Yao Shumei sees the Demon Empress whole face to be helpless, hastily asked. This barrier is called blood sacrifice barrier, was this fellow uses very big price to put, only if his blood stream light, otherwise my short time can unable to break through!” Demon Empress in secret is also trying attack.

Gu Dongchen they, as soon as receives the message, dares to come on hastily, but was late one step. Purple Moon Dean, if you kill this inside person, your Purple Moon Sacred Realm lives does not grow.” Demon Empress said. Snort, in Emperor Heaven, except for you, who can fight with me? Even if Demon Empress you, does not have the perfect assurance to kill me. What do I fear?” Purple Moon Dean disdains very much, then continues to look at Shen Xiang, said with a smile ferociously: Shen Xiang, you know that now you didn't match to use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade? Hands over Divine Blade, I can circle these person of lives, otherwise I will make them be buried along with the dead to you!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, then calmly said: You are ruthless enough!” Demon Empress one startled, is nipping the jade tooth tightly, if Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade falls into this Purple Moon Dean, their Bewitching Sound Paradise has troubled, depending on this Purple Moon Dean disposition, will not look like Shen Xiang to be so good to speak absolutely. This is several thousand human lives, didn't you save some of their people before? Now aren't you for a blade, willing to save them again?” Purple Moon Dean is laughing wildly. At this moment, everyone knows that Shen Xiang was compelled a very difficult situation, the people to think, if face such condition, what choice will make? Those who let the people compare to admire, Shen Xiang is much calmer, but on the face reveals the scowl slightly! That crowd of ominous beast suddenly raves get up, deafening ten thousand beast simultaneously roar, making the people tremble, they must kill these purple fire ominous beasts immediately! Today here truly meeting deceased person, what death is you and you behind that several small mixed wool!” In Shen Xiang suddenly presented a token, token above has been carving many ancient spirit pattern. This is really that Primal Chaos Fire Token! Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition time, will release to protect to advocate divine light, by the person of divine light illumination, could not be moved in a short time, Shen Xiang used two before, five have not used, he after leaving when goes to Heaven World, was besieged by numerous expert uses!

In his opinion, has used Primal Chaos Fire Token, only kills expert to be unworthy very much! Snort, do I think you to have what method?” Purple Moon Dean thinks otherwise. The Shen Xiang brow selected, sees only his suddenly to put out a blood, spurted on that token, the people in great surprise, they suspected Shen Xiang must commit suicide, or from exploding! But when various people guesses, Primal Chaos Fire Token has emitted a silver-white multi-colored sunlight, by person who this multi-colored sunlight covers, instantaneously completely is similar to the stone carving in that is unable to move! I have said that here only then you and your behind small mixed wool!” The Shen Xiang sound sinks coldly, God Slaughtering Hand overflows white cloud, making his palm turn into a sharp tiger claw, afterward fierce insertion that Purple Moon Sacred Realm's dantian, has grasped inside grain of purple Heaven Dan! Silver-white light glow that Primal Chaos Fire Token sends out diverges, Purple Moon Dean sat down exhausted in the place, on the abdomen left a blood hole, was braving the blood, old man who white and tender he, turned into last years of life immediately, pair of old eyes full was panic-stricken and frightened, he cannot believe that looks at Heaven Dan that in the Shen Xiang hand that grain of purple light exploded dodges, that was his Heaven Dan! between Heaven and Earth restored the actually appearance, but Heaven Dan in Shen Xiang especially is dazzling, the world becomes very peaceful, the people are unbelievable, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has grasped Purple Moon Dean Heaven Dan, under the hot hot sun, the people hit one to tremble, at this time Shen Xiang was in their eyes more fearful than that Purple Moon Dean!