World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 975
Purple Moon Dean covers that blood hole of oneself abdomen with the hand, but actually cannot stop the blood crazy class, does not have Heaven Dan him, receives the severe wound, the casual person can massacre him! A moment ago what happened?” That ray what's the matter?” This Purple Moon did Dean such defeat?” This naturally, that is his Heaven Dan, it is said after crossing Nirvana Tribulation, becomes this Heaven Dan own energy condense, once were won, cultivation base will not have, let alone was grasped by this arbitrary method, it is estimated that he is very instantaneously painful in that!” Shen Xiang coldly smiled, receives that grain of Heaven Dan, that is the good thing, although this is the behavior that forbids, but he actually does not fear some people, because this matter creates obstacles for him! Purple Moon Dean is one asked the Xiuying handsome youth, but actually turns into thin old man of skin and bones at this time, the whole person lost the life aura, probably momentarily meets the belch fart to be the same. He sees Shen Xiang to receive his Heaven Dan, the old body shivers suddenly, on the face full is angry, he raises an arm difficultly, is pointing at Shen Xiang, flutters saying: Mixes...... The bastards, come my Heaven Dan, you such do, Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Purple Moon Sacred Realm will certainly not let off your, quick...... Gives back to me......” Shen Xiang under center of attention, is gripping tightly Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the instantaneous flash to Purple Moon Dean in front , a knife handle withered old man cleaves in two! Snort, brings upon oneself!” Shen Xiang disdain coldly snorted, just about to grasps that storage ring, sees only that storage ring multi-colored sunlight to dodge, turns into pile of dust.

Shen Xiang thinks somewhat was a pity that afterward emits raging fire, fires the dust this generation of Dean, blowing off in this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory. He receives Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, leaps airborne, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, 2-3 go far away, vanishes in people that surprised look. Gu Dongchen sighed: Although I know that will have astonishing matter occurrence, but has not actually thought what is such was the result, Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean unexpectedly died, moreover was massacred by Young Martial Uncle!” He looks at Demon Empress that still shaken beautiful jade face, smiled: Your luck is good, if you same want to snatch his blade with before, perhaps now is you turns into pile of powder!” Yao Shumei said solemnly: Then has troubled, the Purple Moon Dean that he kills comes Zitian, it is said in Heaven World's Purple Moon Sacred Realm is also an important personage, does not know that what character Heaven World's Purple Moon Sacred Realm will send to get down again?” Demon Empress slow air/Qi, said: I may not be killed by him, my toxin arranges first in Heaven Demon World, to restrain my gambling, in Heaven World, only then a few, even if some strengths to strong old fellow, must withdraw three points to my toxin. If Shen Xiang and I fight, he can kill, he certainly will also be poisoned to death!” Gu Dongchen suddenly laughs, initially by that Demon and Devil heavenly pit, their this batch of expert by the corrosion of Devil Decaying Death Qi, being made them sit same place stands resists Devil Decaying Death Qi for a long time, but Shen Xiang actually walks from that Devil Decaying Death Qi source, is raising Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, cuts to kill big piece of expert, this matter he has a vivid memory, his Demon Empress toxin definitely could not cope with Shen Xiang. „Do you smile?” The Demon Empress simple and beautiful facial features reveal a trivial anger, she thought that Gu Dongchen was ridiculing her. „Do you dare to go to Demon and Devil heavenly pit to step onto? In the past this brat was infiltrated under Demon and Devil heavenly pit by Tai Yunhong, he stayed for 1-2 years below, then living walked, can you?” Gu Dongchen abandoned these words to walk.

Demon Empress changes countenance, beautiful eyes is opening slightly, she unbelievable such matter, Primordial Strange Poison, Devil Decaying Death Qi, this poisonous day later does not dare to move easily, but Shen Xiang actually stayed in that place long time! The body of Hundred Poisons Immunity, this physique is very rare, but some people can cultivate the refined into merit, Demon Empress she is, but these hundred poisonous and excluding that Devil Decaying Death Qi, therefore many can resist hundred poisonous people, actually could not resist Devil Decaying Death Qi! It seems like Tai Yunhong dies in his hands!” Demon Empress has also heard Tai Yunhong, Tai Yunhong is Suppressing Devil Temple inside quite important character, afterward betrayed Suppressing Devil Temple, was collaborated to wound by the Suppressing Devil Temple's elder, vanished. Shen Xiang is far away from the crowd, being foul-mouthed: Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean is really a bastard, wastes father together Primal Chaos Fire Token, if uses in Heaven World, can kill old undying all of a sudden! But was compelled a moment ago actually me to use up the same place, old dog of drop dead, died has also carried off storage ring, only left behind broken Heaven Dan, real his mother was not a thing, [say / way] early did not make him die such with ease!” If dead Purple Moon Dean knows after one Shen Xiang massacred, but also by Shen Xiang is so despised, resembled Shen Xiang to kill the chicken with oxen knife such, he will definitely die with injustice unredressed. Shen Xiang fused three Primal Chaos Fire Token now, he had not felt that anything changes, can simultaneously control three Primal Chaos Fire Token to attack, this is his trump card, when is used to deal with the Primal Chaos Mountain person has the effect. He has been very contradictory, he wants to fuse seven Primal Chaos Fire Token very much completely, but protecting of Primal Chaos Fire Token when owner recognition Lord divine light to be fierce, before for example, made him tide over a big crisis, he will not use unless it is absolutely essential, in order to is lived by himself is longer, he has to bear the curiosity, had not let these Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition! Now had four Primal Chaos Fire Token, for him especially precious! little rascal, where do you want to go to now?” Long Xueyi asked: When makes a grain of that pill to eat to me again?”

I met good strange beast to say again! Let alone you, I also very much want to eat several grains now!” Shen Xiang is running in the ground, has forgiven a great-circle road, arrives in a canyon: Is quick you to know where I must go.” In the canyon, wears the handsome youth of white clothing to see Shen Xiang to arrive, walked hastily, said with a face all smiles: Young Martial Uncle, you sufficed the power and prestige a moment ago, but then you thoroughly annoy the wool Purple Moon Sacred Realm, it is estimated that they sent expert from Heaven World quickly!” Shen Xiang currently also really has a Martial Uncle appearance, although the person is young, cultivation base is low, but the ability is not small, makes the shocking matter. Before Shen Xiang was about good to meet with Gu Dongchen here. Little Featherhead, your become stronger were also many!” Shen Xiang smiled, then lowers the sound: Told me the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's domain, then they brought to look for me Yun Xiaodao, issued a statement while convenient outward, said that they violated the Extreme Martial Sect's sect rule, therefore was expelled Extreme Martial Sect.” Gu Dongchen frowned, quick has thought of anything, the face wrinkles is the same with the balsam pear: Young Martial Uncle, you are insincere, you in digging corner! You dig quietly also consider as finished, but your present unexpectedly makes me help you dig my corner together, this......” Shen Xiang white his eyes: Resulted, you think that I do not know you did wish one could to throw these hot potatoes earlier throw to me? I guess that you at heart are calculating now are asking for anything pills as the compensation.”