World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 976
The Gu Dongchen hollow laugh two, Shen Xiang also really said right, Yun Xiaodao their several are the violence members, and a Shen Xiang type, works reckless, let alone is getting more and more formidable along with Xiao Chou and Teng Ying these two non- humanity, they make are getting more and more ominous, they heard when Shen Xiang and on Purple Moon Sacred Realm bar, that night hit a Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elder remnantly, moreover several big masters are not concerned about face, so long as meets the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's disciple, will snatch a none remaining others. They are your friend, I know that you have the idea of quarrying a mountain vertical faction, therefore I can give you them! I cultivate their many years carefully, this compensation must!” Gu Dongchen rubs hands saying that two glittering none remaining: Gives me 1000 grains of Life Returning Pill, 1000 grains of Iron Bone Dan, 3000 grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan......,......” Do not have, ten grains of Life Returning Pill, 100 grains of Iron Bone Dan, 300 grains of Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan! Moreover gives you one from here to purchase the pills opportunity again massively.” The Shen Xiang hastily interruption, stared his one eyes ill-humoredly: Little Featherhead, you usually such stingy, but begs the thing so to be conceited now!” Also 1000 grains of Life Returning Pill? You think that Life Returning Pill can the type like growing vegetables come out! I do not have these many!” A Gu Dongchen face is depressed, said: Life Returning Pill were also too few! 300 grains!” Bah, Life Returning Pill on my hand are not many, Extreme Martial Sect these many masters who you govern, Master this old bastard support, background is abundant, I also lack Life Returning Pill compared with you, 30 grains!” On the Shen Xiang face has filled despising, this Gu Dongchen clarifies takes advantage. Good, 30 grains of 30 grains, feel better not to have, brings!” Gu Dongchen said. Fights!” Shen Xiang both hands hold the chest, by a giant stone: I wait for you here, you a bit faster bring them!” Which several do you want?” Gu Dongchen asked. Xiaodao, dead fatty, old slanting, student, small Little Bald, Teng Ying, Haisheng and Lei brothers, Qianqian.” Shen Xiang thinks that said. Lei brothers and an elder went out informed and experienced, does not know when can come back, Haisheng he also went to the distant place to discipline, as for Qianqian...... she was the successor who Junior Sister assigned, later she must become Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean. She now and Junior Sister together. Junior Sister and Liu Meng'er here, your if wanted has a look at them.” Shen Xiang already knew Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er here, but he does not plan that he does not want to involve these two women, only if other strengths expand to the certain extent, will otherwise only harm the influence that they and they governed.

Good, brings that six bastards!” Shen Xiang nodded. Then pills will not be short!” Some Gu Dongchen worries. Must have your!” Shen Xiang has kicked his foot: A bit faster goes!” After Gu Dongchen departs, has only used more than double-hour, brought the person. Yun Xiaodao sees Shen Xiang, jumps down from that flying disc in the upper air, their several people know that Subduing Dragon Sect is the Shen Xiang foundation, but they keep one's mouth shut, has not told Gu Dongchen, Shen Xiang initially had said this matter must keep secret. Now Subduing Dragon Sect so strong rising, making them excited, has waited for Shen Xiang to lead to cross the threshold them. Ha Ha, old pig, you thin many, what painful matter recently experienced? Saying lets my Le Le!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Zhu Rong was truly thin, but looks like the body is still extremely fat, he curled the lip, whispered several. The Lian Mingdong strength is increased obviously, his father is Lotus Island's Island Master, he does not know why suddenly gains attaching great importance to of Lian Yingxiao, obtains many resources. Xu Weilong or same as usual, eye slanting, the whole person is icy, when he sees Shen Xiang, has actually shown a smiling face. Xiao Chou as always, seeing Shen Xiang always to get one with this Master, but is actually afraid of losing, because could not completely understand Shen Xiang more and more. Shortly after Teng Ying and Shen Xiang are together, but Shen Xiang has rescued Teng Ying, Teng Ying they mixes together in Extreme Martial Sect inside and Yun Xiaodao, although the words are not many, but gathers very much with this group of fellows comes, had many understanding from their mouth to Shen Xiang.

Yun Xiaodao grins to smile: Big Brother Shen, we already could not get used to seeing Purple Moon Sacred Realm that group of fellows, has not thought that your unexpectedly their eldest children killing, is really exciting!” Gu Dongchen said to Shen Xiang: Young Martial Uncle, the person I have brought, thing?” Shen Xiang puts out to prepare good pills, gives Gu Dongchen: You take inventory!” Sees such one, Zhu Rong immediately a face not to be feeling well, yelled: „Is your this does do? Dean, your did unexpectedly sell us? His mother, how can we buy and sell casually?” Yun Xiaodao is very excited, hastily asked: Has sold any price!” Gu Dongchen has swept their one eyes: Do not count on one can sell very high, your six person only value 30 grains of Life Returning Pill!” Junior Brother Shen, you are insincere! Average, our only value five grains of Life Returning Pill? My value should go far beyond this number to be right!” A Zhu Rong face refuses to accept: Little said also hundred Life Returning Pill!” Yun Xiaodao nod approval: We were also unworthy, a little!” Xu Weilong, Lian Mingdong and Teng Ying have not said anything. Xiao Chou is buckling the nostril: Master, my in your eyes only value five Life Returning Pill!” Shen Xiang visits them speechless: This fellow originally initial price 1000 grains of Life Returning Pill, but I do not have, therefore has given him 30 grains, in addition has hundred Iron Bone Dan, three hundred Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan! However, Little Featherhead already wants to trample their foot to me, he just wants some compensations to me now!”

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they are looking angrily at Gu Dongchen immediately, Gu Dongchen said with a smile dry: Was good, we cooperate happily, you have been careful, this is Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, many danger(ous), have not died!” Then, Gu Dongchen in Yun Xiaodao their is full in the look that despises to leave. After Gu Dongchen walked, Yun Xiaodao they just wanted start to talk to ask about the Subduing Dragon Sect's matter, Shen Xiang hastily prevents them, then to airborne shouted: Old Duan, do not hide, I know you here!” Only hears Duan Chong to exude a frank laughter, when he appears, on the face some startled colors, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can discover him. Naturally, what he is most surprised is Shen Xiang cuts to kill the Purple Moon Dean matter, because this he is hard to achieve! Good brat, to be fierce enough, it seems like my beforehand worry is unnecessary!” Duan Sanchang did not ask that Shen Xiang that token is anything, he knows that this is Shen Xiang's trump card, definitely will not speak irresponsibly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: If I did not get rid at that time, Old Duan will come out to save me?” Duan Chong shakes the head: I and Demon Empress collaborate, at least takes half double-hour to rumble to break that fellow blood sacrifice barrier, I only then the means can make you not be killed, could not attend to as for other person of me.”