World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 977
Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they from the dialog, can know that this Duan Chong is very fierce, therefore they do not have the multi- receptacles now. Old Duan, these are the friend of mine, I hope that you can direct them 12, had better be able let them like your Duan Family Tomb Raider, does not have the trace not to have the shade.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. unexpectedly is the Duan Family person, this makes Zhu Rong they surprised, Duan Family old undying is very formidable, how otherwise many big influences do not dare to move their few several people. „It is not good, my Duan Family secret technique cannot the to divulge to an outsider!” Duan Chong shakes the head saying: Because this Great Emperor of Ten Heavens passed to us in the past, he has told us, cannot the to divulge to an outsider!” A Shen Xiang intention revolution, asked: Old Duan, have you heard Iron Lion Divine Army?” Naturally has listened, almost in every ancient influence old book records this Divine Army, in the past their Old Ancestor and our Old Ancestor became sworn brothers the sworn brother, but they did not have us to be so lucky, was cursed terroristly, should die a tragic death completely.” Duan Chong long sighed. They have not died, they are working for me, their curses have not eliminated!” Shen Xiang said immediately that Duan Family Earth's Core Clan relationship is really not general good. Duan Chong is excited immediately: What you said is real? They where?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: They under Evil Dragon Burial Ground, Evil Dragon Burial Ground are Dragon Vein, I had found them there!” What?” Duan Chong both eyes open the eyes, the body shivered fiercely, the shock. Yun Xiaodao their Jing Jing (quietly) is also listening, their also very curious Shen Xiang obtains the Dragon Vein process, initially they heard in that Evil Dragon Burial Ground to have Subduing Dragon Sect, is excited, after they can meet Subduing Dragon Sect, will become very fierce sect, therefore they will practice vigorous.

How do you obtain Dragon Vein?” Duan Chong cannot determine now that he wants to listen to pass through. Emperor Crystal!” Shen Xiang said: I went at that time, because there is Emperor Crystal, when fuses that Dragon Pearl is very relaxed......” Afterward Shen Xiang also narrated that Dragon Vein in underground condition, the grand big dragon that under however formed on that day, as well as Earth's Core Clan the work of the Gods, this makes Yun Xiaodao they hear the exclamation again and again. Duan Chong determined Shen Xiang said is not false, because these matters are his Duan Family collect for many years to know that but Shen Xiang knows is more detailed than him. „, Iron Lion Divine Army followed you! Good, I will instruct these little rascal well.” The Duan Chong complexion is serious, was saying to Shen Xiang: My Duan Family was unable to follow you temporarily, because we must collect neat that phase of history, that is very important matter, otherwise our Duan Family innumerable years will not make such big sacrifice, moreover this after you helpful!” Shen Xiang nodded: Chang Zi with my.” Duan Chong sweeps Yun Xiaodao their several people, then narrowed the eye, on the face has been showing a smiling face: Is the good seedling, unexpectedly also has Qilin Thunder Hawk this rare strange species...... oh, Herculean Clan is also very good, as for these little rascal, although does not have the special bloodlines inheritance, but the root bone is good, the space that later promotes is very big!” In Yun Xiaodao their hearts is pleased with oneself, Duan Chong complexion sank, becomes somewhat sinister: Your aptitude, although is good, but representative aptitude good unable to be very fierce! I thought that your present foundations are not very solid, I must help you rectify well, otherwise you will waste this good leather bag.” The Zhu Rong eyebrow corner/horn is beating, said with a smile: When the old lunatic also said that then we had bad luck!” I told you, the Subduing Dragon Sect's elders were very strong, you words not diligently, could not work as the elder, you later at most can only become the janitor elders who that type mixed to eat to wait for death!” Shen Xiang gives them a stimulation.

Old Senior, you come freely! What suffering haven't I in Herculean Clan inside eaten?” A Xiao Chou point did not fear that gains ground to throw out the chest, glistens baldly, looks like the lofty character clank. Duan Chong Hehe said with a smile cloudy: Initially our Duan Family several fellows of being favored also said that but by me was made finally the crying father shouted mother.” Comes with me, I lead you to go to a good place, arrives there, you know one and others' disparity!” Shen Xiang they ran for three days with Duan Chong three nights, arrives by a puddle, the place that this puddle is situated is very special, in a big piece of mountain, if no Duan Chong to guide, they will meet the fierce ominous beast to besiege all the way, are hard to come here. But puddle in a short mountain top. Is here? Under the deep water what you should not be will let us obturation practice? We had already done.” Xiao Chou is somewhat disappointed. Shen Xiang carefully looks at this puddle, the puddle is not big, the width reaches ten zhang (3.33 m) this, the water is very limpid, cannot see to have any improper, at most is quite cool. This is called Lightning Lake, you got down to know, here was the good place that stronged and healthy body specially, our Duan Family secret technique needed a good body to study, but you were bad.” Duan Chong said with a smile. Yun Xiaodao takes off the coat: Fierce?” Then, he jumped, when he just bumped into these water, actually suddenly sends out a pitiful yell, was similar to a living fish falls into the hot pot to jump, whole body unexpectedly by electricity burned black! Here can exercise your fleshly body, can practice you to control True Qi, controls the aura the ability!” Duan Chong was saying, plunges into the puddle, then soaks, only reveals one, this looks at the Yun Xiaodao whole body to tremble, he bumped to suffer extreme distress, but this old fellow unexpectedly soaked in inside.

Shen Xiang has patted the skull of Xiao Chou, said with a smile: Little Bald, this you have gotten down, weren't you said to be fearless before?” But at this time, Teng Ying walked, just got down, he exudes one as if to tear the long and loud cry of sky, but he studies Duan Chong such, was soaked by oneself in the puddle, only reveals one, but actually whole face pain! Qilin Thunder Hawk fleshly body is in their this group of people are strongest, but so, this has made Zhu Rong look at creepy feeling. Yun Xiaodao looked at his fat, cannot help but has smiled. After Xiao Chou then Teng Ying, walked, but just bumped into, he painful rave gets up, but clenches teeth to soak in inside, but Teng Ying cannot say at this time, shot from the puddle. Then is Xu Weilong, his tolerance makes many people very surprised, unexpectedly did not utter a word, frowns soaks to come up below, but Lian Mingdong actually also sent out a series of low and deep sound aural understanding to come up, must be better compared with the Yun Xiaodao performance. Naturally, Yun Xiaodao is the one breath jumps, a preparation does not have, but they walk slowly, therefore does not have Yun Xiaodao to be so distressed. Dead pig, this you! You do not need to be afraid, the dead pig did not fear that the boiling water burns, this Lightning Lake should how you.” Yun Xiaodao said while loudly laughing.