World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 978
Person who gets down Lightning Lake to come up, has the shadow at heart, now they are looking at the Zhu Rong joke in high grade. Old Zhu, gets down, cannot die, is lives to might as well die at most.” Xiao Chou happily said with a smile, but he remembers himself to soak that short moment in Lightning Lake, has the incomparable fear at heart. Zhu Rong coldly snorted: You underestimated the person, or we compared, got down together, looked that who stayed for a long time below, who came up finally who calculated to win, then you must to me hundred million crystal stones, if anyone of you last came up, I will also give you hundred million crystal stones!” Zhu Rong looked at Shen Xiang one: „It is not counted Shen Xiang, this fellow variable were too many.” Yo, the stingy pig, your unexpectedly dares to start out a hundred million crystal stones gambling stake, were you brain go bad?” On the Yun Xiaodao face is bringing surprisedly: You are usually timid and stingy, now very not like you!” Zhu Rong said: That is only you believes that with your together, has that time me not to get rid? Do not pull these, now do you dare to play? You have gotten down, you know that fierce of this deep pond, can be ready in advance, has very big superiority to you!” Shen Xiang is looking at the same time interestings, he said with a smile: „Should you not fear Old Zhu?” Fears a wool, 100 million 100 million!” Yun Xiaodao refuses to accept. Come, how I want to take a look at you to win but actually my!” Xiao Chou also complied. Zhu Rong looks at Xu Weilong, Lian Mingdong and Teng Ying, said with a smile: Important person many are amusing, moreover your how many performance were good, don't you want to bet? If there is won, gains is five hundred million crystal stones, helping Wu Qianqian sought for herbs more cost-effective than!” Lian Mingdong shakes the head to say with a smile: Good, why I also want to take a look at you such to have the self-confidence!”

Um!” Xu Weilong nods, expressed that also participates. „The my first gambling, I must win, do not repudiate a debt.” The Teng Ying corners of the mouth go up slightly, very said self-confidently. Soaks thinks in Lightning Pond inside Duan Chong very interesting, said with a smile: I am the notary public, if who dares to act shamelessly, I press his even/including Tou, sinks under this Lightning Lake!” Sinks? What feeling can that be? These people think that is afraid. One, two and three...... Gets down!” Duan Chong shouted. Zhu Rong several people of hastily go down Lightning Lake, just got down, Xiaodao shouts wildly, Teng Ying sends out intermittently such as hawk general wild cry, the Xiao Chou whole body shivers, the rave gets up loudly, Xu Weilong and Lian Mingdong closely close one's eyes, the muscle on face twitches crazily, they are bearing the huge pain. Only Zhu Rong this bastard, on face an expression does not have, probably usually soaks the hot water to be the same, Yun Xiaodao they saw Zhu Rong to be so relaxed, call fiercely. „Couldn't you support? Ha Ha...... crystal stones was my.” Zhu Rong has exuded very formidable laughter. Shen Xiang is spying on the body of Zhu Rong with Divine Power, had not discovered that on Zhu Rong has anything exceptionally, this makes him very surprised but actually, looks like Zhu Rong is affected by Lightning Lake, this makes him unreadable. Yun Xiaodao and Xiao Chou think crack cursed, because they by Zhu Rong cloudy, but they cannot admit defeat now, has to continue dead to support, their words could not say, can only bore the pain, while sent out the pitiful yell.

Duan Chong is also the whole face doubts, this Lightning Lake some were fearful he to be clearest, initially his first time time, was similar to Yun Xiaodao their responses, but at present this whole body is the bubble that the death fatty unexpectedly whole face of meat smiled there, but also was scrubbing his these fat, what was most exasperating was his snort|hum very lively small song. More than double-hour pass by, shore is lying down five whole body burned black hot people, Teng Ying, but Qilin Thunder Hawk, but by Lightning Lake the strength of mysterious lightning was made now turns into together the carbon, but his result is good, had almost insisted a double-hour, but Yun Xiaodao and Lian Mingdong are quickest, half double-hour could not support, what making Shen Xiang accidental is, Xu Weilong unexpectedly must support for a long time compared with Xiao Chou this Herculean Clan, similar double-hour, but Xiao Chou be earlier than Xu Weilong comes up! But Zhu Rong rarely seen, unexpectedly also soaks in the water, but before he now not, was so relaxed, before half double-hour, his whole body trembles, but now is the whole face pain, the complexion is very ugly. Little fatty, your physique is very special, do you practice? unexpectedly cultivates an energy protector in the body, now the energy protector should to be broken through by Lightning Lake strength!” Duan Chong observed was very long, discovered this point. Because he is too fat, the meat is thick, therefore there is an enough space to hold very formidable energy protective film, it seems like he also cultivates after many disciplining, this can make up for the flaw on his fleshly body, he is fatter than others, but fleshly body defensive power actually not compared with other person of weakness!” Shen Xiang said that the observation of more than double-hour, he also saw many things. This dead pig, unexpectedly is hiding such one!” Yun Xiaodao is not feeling well very much, he comes up first, now restored much, but at least in two days he does not dare to get down again. How long Zhu Rong has not supported, when oneself have not sent out kills the pig pitiful yell, he on own initiative walked, to is lying down in several people of ground says with a smile: I have won, Ha Ha......” Yun Xiaodao fierce shoots from the ground, a foot tramples to the belly of Zhu Rong, he wants Zhu Rong trampling Thunder Tang, who knows that Zhu Rong responded quickly, held his ankle, turned around to fling into under Lightning Lake him, afterward was Yun Xiaodao shouts wildly. little rascal Yun, do not despise fatty, I am very strong!” Zhu Rong said with a smile very sinisterly. Dead pig, your unexpectedly hides such deeply!” The Xiao Chou whisper said.

Does not hide such deeply, crazily all day what to do does your this fight entangle me to contend in martial arts? Exhausting, said again I am not fight, I am wisdom, with brain that's alright!” Shen Xiang arrives by Lightning Lake, at this time all people visit him, in this Lightning Lake very much how they want to know the performance of Shen Xiang. Duan Chong said: I most can soak here for one month, moreover this Lightning Lake is very deep, I dived, but not.” Shen Xiang suddenly curious this Lightning Lake, this Lightning Lake has so fearful lightning strength, explained that definitely has any thing to affect in the deep place. I guess that Big Brother Shen should be able to insist three double-hour!” Yun Xiaodao said that Shen Xiang's fleshly body is fearful, moreover their many years have not seen the appearance that Shen Xiang and others contend in martial arts, therefore they cannot exactly estimate the Shen Xiang's strength now. Then I get down to have a look!” Shen Xiang takes off the clothes, only wears shorts, in fierce plunging into Lightning Lake, has dived directly, then...... Again has not floated, probably is plunges into the ordinary puddle to be the same.