World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 979
Really is a anomaly!” Zhu Rong is opening the mouth, exclaims in surprise. Truly is a small monster, unexpectedly completely is affected, sneaks below directly, I cannot achieve in the past!” Duan Chong is most surprised, because he knows that will squeeze in Lightning Lake to have anything's pain the head, but a Shen Xiang matter will not have probably. Lian Mingdong asked: Old Duan, if soaks in Lightning Lake meets is what kind of?” That is the danger(ous) matter, when your fleshly body can Lightning Lake soak continuously for three days three nights, I dare to make you carry on the submergence practice! You soak in Lightning Lake, best is tries to weaken own aura to be assigned away from the capital, in other words seals up own whole person, does not make any energy capture your bodies, does not let any aura leak, this can be lasting! When you can soak in Lightning Lake continuously for ten days, you go into hiding the energy of aura to reach very high level, I must discover that you are not easy!” As for True Qi of fleshly body and within the body, will obtain the tempering of peak! If can soak, then tempers is your Sea of Consciousness! When your foundations establish, studies my Duan Family secret technique again on twice the result with half the effort, can cause trouble with Shen Xiang this brat everywhere!” Subduing Dragon Sect that Yun Xiaodao their Shen Xiang establish is not simple, but the personal enemy who Shen Xiang annoys is also the strong presence on this earth, they as the Shen Xiang's friend, as Subduing Dragon Sect's one, must have very strong strength to be good! Duan Chong looks at the shore is lying down these six youth, in the heart has mixed emotions, because Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also has the friend who some dare to pierce the day in the past, therefore he complies to help Shen Xiang cultivate their. Zhu Rong they have rested for day, even if some body also aches, but they actually still plunge into Lightning Lake, but Shen Xiang dived for day, a news did not have. After Shen Xiang jumps down Lightning Lake, has dived, after deep place, he discovers under this Lightning Lake to be extraordinary. He gets down time, comes under very strong lightning attack, however his fleshly body is formidable, there is Jade Dragon Bloodline, moreover for many years he has experienced various painful quenching, therefore his tolerance is very strong, in his opinion, here is well below that terrifying earth core.

Was soaked head by the Lightning Lake water, Divine Sense will encounter very strong attack, but Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Soul, builds up Divine sea, this attacks to him is useless, is makes his head a little painful at most. He dived for two days, is close deep place, the lightning attack that suffers is stronger . Moreover the strength of thick lightning also turns into very big restraining by force, is extruding his body from four sides, if average person suddenly appears here, definitely will be squeezed to become dregs. I initially also dived for two days, under this deeply does not see the bottom, moreover following is very terrorist, especially arrives at a local time, will have very big resistance, I attempt repeatedly, is unable to overcome that matter resistance!” Duan Chong sits in the shore, some worries look at Lightning Lake, murmured. Yun Xiaodao they have slept soundly, tosses about in this Lightning Lake, for them difficult incomparable, the spirit and fleshly body will obtain the polish of most limit, now they are exhausted, go right to sleep, has not heard the Duan Chong words. Night, Duan Chong looks at the glittering stars in sky, sighed: The place that this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory can explore I looked everywhere, but had not found that thing, now Heavenly Thunder Purgatory barrier is getting more and more weak, many people can come, Spirit Qi precipitates for many years, turns into crystal stones mineral lode, finally can be delivered from oppression! However in the past great war remains where? Does Great Emperor of Ten Heavens have to leave behind that thing? These are Heavenly Devil from where, what that Ghost Saint?” Then he looks at Lightning Lake: What is this Lightning Lake deep place hiding? I was really wasted in this was so long, unexpectedly knew nothing about these things!” Shen Xiang arrived at the resistance that Duan Chong said that there truly very unusual strength prevent him to dive, making him feel that probably was the same, words that but careful looks, that is only transparent barrier, but is very difficult to eradicate. This barrier is very special, water can pass freely, that lightning strength, but person actually not! Very familiar feeling! Is that?” The Shen Xiang doubts said.

Right, so long as passes through, will go to a counter chaotic space, you had met under that Demon and Devil heavenly pit! Here presents the counter chaotic space, mostly is because the energy is extremely formidable, long-time does not fade, self- formation, if you passed, must be ready that does not come back!” Long Xueyi said. In the past Shen Xiang under Demon and Devil heavenly pit, had encountered this situation, that below was bundling that Poisonous Beast Devil God, but afterward he came out. Is certain has a look, Duan Chong looked in this inside was so long, had not found Heaven Slaughtering Technique! He has also said that he is unable to dive the deep place, perhaps under this is hiding Heaven Slaughtering Technique!” Shen Xiang such suspected when the Tyrannical principle, he cannot look for other Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique that scatters, the unusual feeling that cultivates Earth Slaughtering Technique that has through him to distinguish, let alone under this counter chaotic space type of thing. In the past under Demon and Devil heavenly pit presented this type of thing, very big factor thought. Shen Xiang puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, puts out Space Elemental Bead again, pours into very formidable space strength toward Heaven's Crown Gate, in the Lightning Lake deep place of this lightning terror, opens together Space Gate, can pass that [say / way] transparent barrier. When leaves same place, he has laid aside a grain of very big illumination stone, he across that barrier, swims away to that stone, but more is proceeds to swim, distance that luminous stones is farther, then really will be a counter chaotic space! Walks forward is backward, but may be backward toward left or toward right, words toward right can be another direction, but will not have a direction to let return to the actually place! Now Shen Xiang can only continue to explore toward deep place, only then he can discover to make the counter chaotic space like this energy storage, where so long as destroys, he can exit. The previous time in Demon and Devil heavenly pit is also this. The counter chaotic space is special, here was possible, only then more than 100 steps roads, but you actually must step onto 1000 steps 10,000 to walk.

Was too strong, is good with Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, otherwise I am unable to continue to stay here.” Shen Xiang only was unable to support with fleshly body now, has to emit Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, this can make him continue. Shen Xiang several days have not come up, this Duan Chong worry, then he has dived, lets Yun Xiaodao they above practice. Duan Chong has used almost two days, arrives position that barrier is, only sees together the luminous stones person, above also inscribes the character. Old Duan, please should not be worried that I am all right!” Shen Xiang knows one enter in counter chaotic space to be stranded is very long, Duan Chong comes certainly back, therefore he leaves behind this thing.