World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 980
After Duan Chong comes up, told Yun Xiaodao them this matter. Has not thought that Big Brother Shen enters can pass through that barrier, so long as he came up, we know that the following secret was anything!” Yun Xiaodao said. Duan Chong nods, he also very much wants to know that Shen Xiang will have any major discovery, he thought that in this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, this Lightning Lake is most mystical one, is the place that he is unable thoroughly to explore. In the counter chaotic space, Shen Xiang must elect to go forward to a direction, if elects wrong, he swims for 1-2 years below, perhaps will return to the actually position, he has formidable Divine Power luckily, can carry on the subtle observation of spatial variation, thus seeks for the correct direction, but this still needs to try to find out for a long time. Suddenly, Yun Xiaodao they on Lightning Lake practice one month, the time that they insist now were more lasting, the progress is amazingly quick, making Duan Chong very surprised, but this also indicated that their potential are very big. Has been able to insist that a day, continued to try hard, best before you said that three territories that discussed started can achieve my anticipated goal.” Duan Chong and Yun Xiaodao their together, listening to them to say the matter that outside had, currently he also has many understanding to Shen Xiang, these important matters that also made to Shen Xiang praised without cease. Is the day Devil Monarch king who Old Duan, Shen Xiang kills what thing? Here this type of thing?” Yun Xiaodao had heard Devil Monarch Wang Keyi of that day deters the outstanding heroes, the character of Demon Empress this rank does not dare with it contending, but actually cutting to kill by Shen Xiang. I do not know that is any thing! This type of thing are not here many, but is only the Sovereign quantity are also few, if small Heavenly Devil is many, because these days comes to know that human more and more people, these Heavenly Devil hide, waits for the opportunity to move!” Duan Chong said: These Heavenly Devil do not need too to be worried that it is noteworthy that called the Ghost Saint fellow, when I initially with Purple Moon Dean great war, this bastard suddenly ran, was collaborated to attack by us is all right!” This damned place is really hiding many secrets, but here resources are very rich!” Zhu Rong said: He looks up Lan Tian, whole face worried that he worried meets suddenly to emit Ghost Saint to come.” You do not use forever stay here, what do you fear? I have not known how long must be stranded here, now this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory barrier becomes the weak reason I have not clarified! According to the way of this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory revolution, at least must ten thousand years weaken, I came in the past does not have the feeble sign!” Duan Chong is also heavyhearted: I worried that here will breed some fearful things, but here past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens led all subordinates to carry on final great war, was a war that finished the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens imperial undertaking!”

Teng Ying said: But here is not has had that great war appearance likely, One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain in the past was the Human, Devil and Demon great war location, there has left the trace that was hard to wipe to extinguish!” Lian Mingdong said: Right, here looks like rich resources the fairyland, although also some strange beast what, what we have not actually met thing awfully, is this gentle dangerous situation?” Does not know that Shen Xiang under, only has been how able to wait for him to come up, has a look to have any clue!” Xu Weilong said. „Can Master have the matter?” Xiao Chou was worried. Duan Chong said with a smile: You felt relieved that Shen Xiang will not have the matter, this little rascal skill imagined mostly compared with us, you were not do not know that he killed the Purple Moon Dean matter, I must kill that fellow very not to be easy.” Shen Xiang will really not have any matter, but actually loses in that counter chaotic space, this counter chaotic space his previous time fearfully is much more complex than in that Demon and Devil heavenly pit meets, in this space, the direction changes carelessly, without any rule, therefore he does not know now one in which position of this space, he also by far leaves that shining stone. What awfully is, he must be filled suffering of rich lightning strength under this by these, this strength has been able to seep such as his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, although the influence is not big, but makes him very uncomfortable. The deep blue sky, suddenly floats dark clouds, the dark clouds seethes, explodes is welling up the intermittent tyrannical evil aura, however also at this time, formidable strength shook entire Heavenly Thunder Purgatory! The Duan Chong fierce leap to the upper air, stares at the distant place solemn.

This what's the matter? This evil aura was too terrorist, One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain and here compares radically anything is not, perhaps also only then that Demon and Devil heavenly pit Devil Decaying Death Qi can crush these evil auras!” Zhu Rong said with amazement. Endless evil aura that in the sky suddenly fills, is strange and formidable, uneasy whether sitting or standing, moreover that the strength aura that surged to come is made the person whole body tremble a moment ago. Duan Chong from airborne descends, frowns saying: That hole that you come in safely has closed, a moment ago when that strength was the closure the space that erupted shook, it seems like you must be stranded in this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory many years!” Ah? Heavenly Thunder Purgatory can Purgatory open?” Yun Xiaodao was startled to call out. „Haven't we studied Devil Subduing martial arts? Is just useful, comes!” Xu Weilong said: Should be evidently these Heavenly Devil armies comes.” practice had now finished, although only then short one month, but you progress are very big, now should go to the actual combat, I will teach your Duan Family secret technique in the actual combat!” Duan Chong said that this makes Xiao Chou excited. Thinks is used to punch Purple Moon Sacred Realm's, but can punch some Heavenly Devil anything now also good.” Zhu Rong smiled, they were worried actually very much. Walks!” Duan Chong takes the lead, is getting these young people, flies in the evil strength strongest direction. On the other hand, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Lian Yingxiao and other Chenwu Mainland's Dean also gather together.

Lian Yingxiao sees Gu Dongchen, hastily asked: Brother Gu, there me?” Gave Shen Xiang, where I did not know them!” Gu Dongchen said. What?” Lian Yingxiao somewhat worries: Then had been finished, Mingdong definitely had a bad effect on.” Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue here, they have not asked the Shen Xiang's matter, but in the heart somewhat was worried, because Shen Xiang cut to kill Purple Moon Dean, they also received the message, Purple Moon Sacred Realm send the next several very strong fellows to get down, to crusade against Shen Xiang's. Gu Dongchen looks that the airborne black demon said that said: Left the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory exit / to speak to be sealed up, now the thing should be that Heavenly Devil army, we were not these ancient influence, the strength and they are many compared with the incoming messenger, we must join up now, I suggested that everybody immediately gave up mining crystal stones, gathered at the place that may attack to defend completely, the matter that coped with these Heavenly Devil armies called to give these exceptional ancient influence!” Lian Mingdong, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er they nod assent, they want against stubbornly, the Heavenly Devil army is unable to capture, will choose these ancient influence. That present everybody quickly moves, the place I have chosen......” Gu Dongchen to say.