World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 981
Outside evil aura is dreadful, myriad Heavenly Devil suddenly drop from the clouds, is gathering together, sends out intermittent panic-stricken roaring, is frightening entire Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, each influence was stranded here, them can only cope with Demon and Devil now first, then finds the way to leave this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory. Heavenly Thunder Purgatory had revealed truly actually appearance, becomes Purgatory, in this these rich resources are tempt these people to come, but before these ancient influence, has ambush Great Emperor of Ten Heavens the person in this, they think that they not by this inside strength curse, who knows that now they also same meet with a disaster. Shen Xiang does not know one just had rushed to that barrier, outside clouded over, otherwise he suspected certainly matter that outside has with here related. Loses in the counter chaotic space is not the good deed, if could not find the advance the direction, perhaps will be stranded here many years, he can support long time luckily, if others is stranded here, how long did not need dead. I did not have the means.” Long Xueyi sighed that she tried many means not to inquire about a correct direction. Looks now only then means that cultivated Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Earth Slaughtering Technique, can perhaps be helpful, can make your Divine Power not come under the influence of counter chaotic space, Earth Slaughtering Technique or can help you better seeing clearly naturally this mysterious counter chaotic space.” Shen Xiang sighed the one breath, has not wandered about aimlessly in the counter chaotic space, but stayed in same place, closed the eye, was sensing Earth Slaughtering Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique. The counter chaotic space that he is unusual, in this is flooding the massive water in all directions, but these water are containing very wild lightning strength, in lightning also has one spirit to attack strength, he is also only because has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to be able in this deep place stay for a long time, otherwise he already by lightning strength of this deep place killing.

lightning is strength that one type primitively changes has much, since ancient times is regarded as strength that ascends the sky, in many Nirvana Tribulation, this is also a very strong great tribulation strength shape, although many people can practice lightning attribute True Qi through absorption world Spirit Qi, but might actually by far good inferior and true Heavenly Thunder! lightning is strength of Heaven, therefore Long Xueyi thinks that this Lightning Lake should with Heaven Slaughtering Technique, but Shen Xiang has Earth Slaughtering Technique, can perhaps from sensing Earth Slaughtering Technique obtains anything to help. Shen Xiang entered Selfless State, simultaneously comprehend Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Earth Slaughtering Technique, unknowingly, on the past several days, in this darkness fills various types of lightning liquids under the deep deep pool, his body was being extruded by various strength, but his body revolves at this moment slowly, his body while slow revolving, releases a gentle pure and holy white light, produces strength, is resisting these strength that comes mysteriously from the barometric pressure in all directions. His posture is also very special, his whole person lies low, hands and feet natural swinging, although looks like very strange, when revolves along with him slowly, looks like is actually that natural, is passing one charm that makes people be hard to stress touches. Shen Xiang's forehead suddenly glistens, projects blue lightning glow, during lightning glow vanishes, his forehead presents a lightning brand mark, blue light glow slowly glittering bit by bit. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang suddenly wakes up, he only thought one as if just awoke, in the sleep above the earth, then sees sky suddenly to divide the next lightning smoothly, hits on his forehead, then he woke up. Your suddenly transfers same place, shortly after your that's alright, you sense certainly anything!” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang nodded: I truly sense from Earth Slaughtering Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique to something, for example in Earth Slaughtering Technique, can make me concise very strong Earth Force, but Spirit Slaughtering Technique can actually to practice Divine Soul to come, finally ferments Divine Power, this I have been able to achieve! In addition, Spirit Slaughtering Technique not only with the Divine Power murder and invisible, but can also coordinate other Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to use, can display similar and psychedelic searches for the soul and so on method, but these I met. Naturally, these are simple, is more profound I now to be unuseful.” Then you can find a direction to go to Lightning Lake the place of core now?” Su Meiyao asked that she was worried to stay here for a long time not being able to exit. Ok, a moment ago I possibly was because cultivated Earth Force, therefore has had the induction with here something, I think that there should have the means to make me exit.” Shen Xiang swims away in a direction. That can Spirit Slaughtering Technique most strong?” Long Xueyi is very curious to this, because Imperial Dragon Clan utilizes the Divine Power expert. „A thought changes may kill people, only needs to think casually that can gather the strength of world to use for oneself.” Shen Xiang said: This should be similar to your Heavenly Dragon Seal, but is the condense strength speed is quick, but I must arrive at this level also to be very long.” Naturally, words of sole use are not very strong, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique must use together is fierce.” The lightning mark of Shen Xiang forehead flicks, directing him to go forward, making him have an explicit direction in this counter chaotic space.

Lightning Lake these liquids are lightning condense, after a strange energy influence, will not let these liquid crystals, this place should be artificial, as for the counter chaotic space possibly is the coincidence formation.” Shen Xiang guessed, before he came in that barrier some people that met arranged, to prevent some people entered a deeper place. Is less than day, Shen Xiang sees to have white light screen under the jet black deep deep pool, inside is releasing strange strength, that strength aura is very weak, is very difficult to induce obtains, but that lets strength that Lightning Lake forms. Shen Xiang enters in the light screen, falls in a light and bright giant stone chamber. Be careful!” As Long Xueyi is startled to shout one, smuggles the wild lightning astral wind to blow, is involved in which Shen Xiang, forms a momentum, pushes Shen Xiang to hit on rock wall. Collision of Shen Xiang heavily on rock wall, rock wall glittering has purple lightning glow, the electricity results in Shen Xiang to send out a pitiful yell, then falls from rock wall. He lies in the ground, looks up, sees only a hair to be dishevelled, a whole body jet black robust man correct use deep green eye visits him, the whole person is very vigorous and healthy, looks like looks like the wild animal turns into, on that towering fierce muscle, overflows lightning glow once for a while, this person is opening the mouth to Shen Xiang rave one, that sharp tooth is similar to the beast of prey is common, making the person look at the heart to tremble.